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Project Proposal To produce a 3d model in the shortest time possible prior to the presentation , which is incorporated in a final design,and quantity take off that would complete the project.

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  • Thesis proposal |Curtain Wall Program

  • Kawneer, Efco, US Aluminum, YKK, Vistawall

  • Trutec Building , Barkow Leibinger Architects'

  • North ElevationSTN = Starter North ElevationTPN = Typical Panel North ElevationPPN = Parapet North ElevationWest ElevationSTW = Starter West ElevationTPW = Typical West ElevationPPW = Parapet East Elevation

    PP =Parapet

    ST = Starter

    TP = Typical Panel

    East ElevationSTE = Starter East ElevationTPE = Typical Panel East ElevationPPE = Parapet East ElevationSouth ElevationSTS = Starter East ElevationTPS = Typical Panel East ElevationPPS = Parapet East Elevation