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  • Current Affair 2015

    The new chief of ECP is? (Justice Abraham Anwar ail justice Raza

    The tallest building of the world is? (Efal tower Burj al khalifa china wall

    The most speaking language of the world is? (Arabic English chins

    Ideas 2014 is a? (Idea club army weapons defiance exhibition

    The Nobel Prize winner Pakistan? (Qadir khan Eedhi malala

    Chairman of Pakistan awami league? (Dr.Qadri SheikhRashid Ijaz-ul haqs

    Chairman of wapda is? ( Azhar mehmood, zafar mehmood, abid sher ali)

    Khalid somro belongs to? (PTI PAT JUI-F

    Hassan Rohani is president of? (Iraq Iran Syria

    Pak-Ist solar park is launched at? (LHR Bahawalpur Sabhar

    Minimum age for MNP, MPA is? (30year 25year 18yaer

    Cigarate Business is bane for the age of? 20 (30 18 none

    The most T-20matches winner teams? (India Australia Pakistan Arabia

    The slogan of idea is? (Arm for peace stable Pakistan power is safety

    Tahir rafique but is chief of? (Army Navy PAF Lavy

    Isi chief of Pakistan is? ( General Rizwan, General Mosa, General kiani)

    The new emerging terrorist organization is? Al-Qaida TTP DISIS

    Pak new agreement with central Asian countries is? Wasa KASA Kabul

    It will provide how much electricity? 500MW 1000MW 2000M

    The Pakistan youngest Microsoft certified professional ? ( Malala, Asifa, Arfa Kreem)

    Arfa kareem IT park is established at? ( Karachi, Lahore, Mulatan)

  • Osama bin Laden was killed on? ( 2may 2012, 2may 2011, 2may 2010)

    15 June 2014 which operation launched by Pak army? ( rahe nijat, zarbe azb, kamyabi)

    Azab name is associated with? ( Prophets Sword, Prophets Stick)

    Ebola virus First Discover in? (1976, 1980, 2012)

    PTI founded in Lahore on? ( 25 aprl 96, 25aprl 1997 25aprl 2000)

    Imran Khan born on? ( 25 nov 1950, 25nov 1952, 25nov 1960)

    Only Pakistani became chancellor of Breadford University? ( Malala, Abdusslam, Imran


    Indus journey: A personal view of Pakistan, Warrior Race: A journey through the land of

    Tribal Pathans, are written by: ( hasan riaz, imran khan, Sultan khan)

    Pakistan: A personal History is the autobiography of ? ( Imran khan, Malala, Qadri)

    PAT founded in Lahore on ? ( 25 may 1990, 25may 1989, 25may 2000)

    17 june 2014 which tragedy happen? ( Model town, novelty pul, Peshawar)

    Inqlab Dharna Ended after how many days? ( 70day, 69day, 77day)

    Seats in loock Sabha are ? ( 540. 542, 541)

    Which party is in government at india? ( congress, Bharti janta party, Hindu party)

    Who made fastest Test century in 56 balls? ( brain lara, tendulkar, misbahul haq)

    Which country ranked no 1 in FIFA ranking? ( Holland, brazil Germany)

    Last country joined E,U in 2013? ( turkey, Croatia, Holland)

    Maximum nobel prize winner country? ( UK USA INIDA FRANCE)

    Founder of Wikipedia? ( jimmy carter, jimmy wales, jonson Robert)

    Boko haram Terrost group found in? ( south Africa, Nigeria, malay)

    How many member in NATO? ( 27 28 29 22)

    How may member in E.U? (22 25 27 28)

    President of world band ? ( jim yonk kim, Robert zoleek, amar mosa)

  • Which country decided to launch plastic currency? ( USA UK RUSSIA)

    The new rifle to hit the ambush militants prepare by pak army is? (Nishan Azab waleed, A5)

    Name the Australian batsman died due to a bouncer ? (P.HUGHES P.HUES P.JANSON)

    Nobel peace prize winner with mala is ? (Suraish Kailash Ramaish)

    The Nobel physics prize 2014 is awarded to? (Isamu Akasaki Hiroshi Amano Shuji

    Nakamura All)

    Kathmando is the capital of (Maldieve Nepal Sri lanka)

    Capital of Sudan is (Bairot Khartom Amman)

    Currency of Egypt is (Dinar Ryal Pound)

    The interior minister of pak is (Saad rafique Ahsan iqbal Ch nisar All)

    The army chief of Pakistan is (Nabeel sharif Raheel sharif Shabir sharif)

    The prime minister of AJK (Ch wahid Ch sikandar Ch abdumajed)

    Minister of pak railway is (Ahsan iqbal Saad rafiqu Perviz rashed)

    Captain of Pakistani women team (Sana jafri Sana mir Sana iqbal Sna ch)

    1. Nou Roz Celebrations are associated with ( Shia sect, advent of spring, Turkish festival)

    2 World water day being observed on. ( 21march, 23march, 22march, 19march)

    3. The biggest gathering of Nou roz are held at ( Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Syria)

    4. New American Ambassidor in Pakistan is (R.Olson, David Hell, Jimmi cartor)

    5. Pakistani High Commissioner to CANADA is (wajid Shamsulhasan, tariq azeem, syed ahmad

    jeilani) New Air Chief of Pakistan is ( SlamanAmman, Tahir rafiqu, sadiq


    6. Governor Gilgit bitistan is (tahir but, barjees tahir, Peer karam shah)

    7. PTI and PMLN are agreed on (JIT, Judicial Commission, NAP)

    8. Austrailian High Commissioner in Pakistan (Mr Heyward, Mr,jean, Mr.jeffery

    guilt)9. Buraq is a new Pakistani ( Missile, Drone, Space Craft)

  • 10. Berq is a new Pakistani ( Missile, Drone, Space Craft)

    11. Chairman of ICC is (N.Sirinivasan, Bill Geats, Brain Lara)

    12. Chairman of Senate IN PAK IS (Nayyar Bukhari, Raza Rabbanin, Ghafoor haidri)

    13. Who was the First Chairman of senate of Pak ( Nasir khan, Abdurrashed, Habibullah kahn)

    14. 23rd March 2015 Celebration Parade will be held at (National stadium, Constitutional Avenue, D


    15. Shandoor pass Connects (gilgit &chitral, Chitral &Kashmirm, Chitral & Khybor)

    16. Nasirulmuk is___th CJ of Pakista (21th, 22th, 24th)

    17. The co Partner of Malala in Nobel prize (Ramish, Kailash, Patel)

    18. The fastest Century Maker in Cricket is (Andreson, AB Deviliar, Afridi)

    19. The Biggest Sea in the world (Amazon, South China Sea, Pacific)

    20. The Smallest Sea (Baltic sea, Red Sea, None)

    21. After how many year March Parade is going to be held ( 7year, 8year, 9year)

    22. Who made Highest Score in World Cup (Guptal, Andreson, Criss Gale)

    23. Longest organ in the body ( Kidney Liver, Heart)

    24. How many bones in human body at birth (206, 270, 306)

    25. Light of sun reached at earth in ----Minutes ( 8.20 6 10)

    26. Which vitamin we get from Sunshine ( A, D, K, B)

    27. Most abundant element in the Earth (Oxygen, Silicon, Hydrogen )

    28. most abundant element in earth's atmosphere 78.1% (Niterogen, Oxygen, Argon )

    29. what is Solar Impulse ( Aircraft, Missile, Robote)

    30. 23rd march is ( Pakistan day, Republic day, Azadi day)

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