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1.1988 noble peace prize has been awarded to:a.Diego Cordovezb.Anwar Sadatc.United Nations2.Dan Quayle is:a.Mexican footballerb.American Politicianc.Prime Minister of Brazil3.Gen. Augusto Pinochet is:a.Leader of Contrast in Nicaraguab.Military Dictator of el-Salvadorc.President of Chile4.Robert Mugabe is:a.President of Zimbabweb.President of Kenyac.Prime Minister of Angola5.Sakharov is:a.Anti-Soviet Polish Leaderb.Secretary General of the Hungarian Communist Partyc.Soviet Nuclear Scientist6.The last day of the Quaid-e-Azam was written by:a.M. A. H. Isphanib.Fatima Jinnahc.Col. Illahi Bukhsh (probably, iam not sure)7.The new Olympic Champion in Hockey is:a.Australiab.West Germanyc.England (during the year 1988)8.The process of European integration is scheduled to be completed by:a.1990b.1992c.1994(Do you haveany idea about that? Wild guess is option c)9.The BoforsScandaloccurred in:a.Italyb.Indiac.Japan16.What is the actual name of F-16:a.Fighting Falconb.Atomic Bomberc.Concordd.Jumbo Jet17.Daughter of the East is an autobiography of:a.Fatima Jinnahb.Nusrat Bhuttoc.Rana Liaquat Alid.Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto18.The Headquarters ofAsian Development Bankis in:a.Tokyob.Bangkokc.Manilad.Jakarta19.Pakistan left CENTO in:a.1971b.1975c.1979 (when it was dissolved)d.198120.Gorbachevs Peredyshka is:a.Free Tradeb.Breathing space (I think, please comment)c.TerroristMovementd.Non-Alignment21.Premadasa is:a.President of Chileb.European Comedianc.TerroristMovementd.President Sri Lanka22.Sunsuke Uno is:a.Maker of Micro-Computersb.Prime Minister of Singaporec.Chinese Townd.Prime Minister of Japan23.India launched its first Missile with the name of:a.Indirab.Vermac.Agnid.Monica24.Who has been named as the first recipient of Gaddafi International Prize for HumanRights:a.Hosni Mubarakb.Nelson Mandelac.Rajiv Gandhi, d.Mrs. Margaret Thatcher32The constitution of European Union has not been ratified by:a.Italyb.Netherlandsc.Franced.None of these33.After United States, the largest contributor in theUnited NationsBudget is:a.Germanyb.Francec.U.K.d.None of these (Japan is and was in 2005 as well)34.Ariana is an Airlines of:a.Australiab.Egyptc.Irand.None of these36.Chinas fastest growing economy is facing a major challenge of:a.Population Explosion (not sure, major problem facing Chinese economy, as Ifound on the internet, was income inequalities, so I related it with population)b.Shortage of Energyc.Challenges of WTO regimed.None of these37.U.S. president George Bush has created Millennium Challenge Account to:a.Improve national security networkb.Provide financial aid to Iraq and Afghanistanc.Help poor countries pursuing democratic idealsd.None of these38.38th parallel is a boundary line between:a.Canada and Americab.North and SouthVietnamc.Greek and Turkish Port of Cyprusd.None of these (its boundary line betweenNorth and SouthKoreas)39.In which month does the U.N. General Assembly usually meet every year:a.Januaryb.Marchc.Septemberd.None of these46.The largest Agency of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) by area is:a.North Waziristanb.South Waziristanc.Khyber Agencyd.None of these47.Reuter is the news agency of:a.USAb.Germanyc.UKd.None of these48.SAARCHuman Resource DevelopmentCenter is located at:a.Delhib.Colomboc.Karachid.None of these (it is in Islamabad)49.Under Vision 2025 WAPDA will construct SATPARA Dam on Indus river in:a.Balochistanb.NWFPc.Northern Areasd.None of these200650.How many medals were won by Pakistan in the 18th Commonwealth games:a.3b.5c.7d.None of these51.The currency of China is:a.Roubleb.Yenc.Yuand.None of these52.In the absence of President, who becomes the acting President of Pakistan:a.Speaker of the National Assemblyb.Chairman of the Senatec.Chief Justice of Pakistand.None of these53.Han Myung has become the First Woman Prime Minister of:a.South Koreab.North Koreac.Vietnam d.None of these69.George Washington was the First President of USA. Who is the incumbent Vice Presidentof America:a.Georgen Bushb.Gerlad Fordc.Dick Cheney (in 2006)d.None of these70.Petronas towers are located in:a.Singaporeb.Chicagoc.Kuala Lumpurd.None of these71.Name of the present UN Secretary General is:a.Kofi Annanb.Bon Ki Moonc.Batrus Ghalid.None of these72.The length of common border between India and Pakistan is:a.900 milesb.1000 milesc.1100 milesd.None of these (its 1809 miles)73. SAARC conference was held in 2004 at:a.Islamabadb.Kathmanduc.Colombod.None of these74.China became the member of World Trade Organization in:a.1998b.2002c.2004d.None of these (China officially became member of WTO on 11-12-2001)75.The number of players in each team of basketball game is:a.5b.7c.9d.None of these76.Which is the largest Surah ofthe Holy Quran:a.Surah Al-Imranb.Surah Al-Baqarahc.Surah Yaseend.None of these77.The Olympic games in 2004 were held in:a.Athensb.Sydneyc.California78.Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2006 was awarded toa.Dr. Mahatir Mohammadb.Dr. Mohammad Yunusc.Dr. Abdul Kalamd.None of these79.Denzil Washington is renowned as:a.USA army generalb.British Naval Commanderc.Hollywood Actord.None of these80.The number of OIC member states is:a.55b.57c.59d.None of these81.Mahbub-ul-Haq Human Development Center is located at:a.Karachib.Lahorec.Islamabadd.None of these82.Hugo Chaves is the president of:a.Venezuelab.Brazilc.Boliviad.None of these83.What is the nameof the only Pakistani who won a Nobel Prize:a.Dr. Ashfaq Ahmedb.Dr. Abdus-Salamc.Dr. Abdul Qadeerd.None of these84.Maple leaf is the National emblem of:a.Germanyb.Chinac.Canadad.None of these85.Name of Bangladesh Parliament is:a.People National Assemblyb.Majlis-i-Shoorac.Jatia Sangsadd.None of these94.Former US Vice-President Al Gore has won Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for his campaignagainst:a.Child Labourb.Human Rights Violationsc.Global Warmingd.None of these95.May 3, each year is Internationally observed as:a.World Environment Dayb.Human Rights Dayc.Global Warmingd.None of these (its knows globally as World Press Freedom Day)96.The worlds largest producer of uranium is:a.Australiab.Canadac.South Africad.None of these97.The district of the country having lowest population density is:a.Khuzdarb.Kalatc.Kharan (with a population density of only 4 ppl/km2, Awaran and Chagai sharethe same with Kharan.)d.None of these98.Qantas is an airlines of:a.USAb.Australiac.Singapored.None of these99.The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was:a.Anwar Sadaat of Egyptb.Yasser Arafat of Palestinec.Abdul Salam of Pakistand.None of these100.Darfur conflict is in:a.Somaliab.Sudanc.Liberia d.None of these101.Parachinar is the main town of:a.Khyber Agencyb.North Waziristanc.South Waziristand.None of these (its capital town of Kurram agency)110.What position Hu Jantao holds:a.General Secretary of Communist Partyb.President of the Countryc.Both a and bd.None of these111.Who is the president of World Bank:a.Robert Brace Zoellickb.Robert Bruce Gatec.Robert Bruce Lohafd.Bill Gates112.Where is the headquarter of the Amnesty International located:a.Genevab.Londonc.Parisd.New York113.Asian Development Bank(ADB) was established in:a.1964b.1966c.1968d.None of these114.Who were the three statesmen who formulated Non-AlignedMovement(NAM):a.Gandhi, Nasser, Titob.Nehru, Nasser, Titoc.Chou-en-Lai, Bhutto, Nehrud.Soe Karno, Nasser, Tito115.ThepermanentSecretariat of SAARC is established at:a.Khatmandub.Dhakac.Dehlid.Islamabad116.Who was the founder of HAMAS in 1987:a.Sheikh Ahmed Yasinb.Yasser Arafatc.Abu Nidald.None of these117.How many official working languages are recognized by UNO:a.8b.6c.4d.None of these125.After Pushtuns, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is:a.Uzbeksb.Hazarasc.Tajiksd.None of these126.The capital of Argentina is:a.Columbiab.Barcelonac.Buenos Airesd.Peru127.Which is the largest country in Africa:a.Sudanb.Nigeriac.Libyad.None of these128.Name the currency of Sri Lanka:a.Rupiyahb.Lekc.Ringgitd.None of these129: Which of the following countries is the world's largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere?a)Chinab) America c) Russia d) India130) Who is Stanley McChrystal?a)Commander US forces in Afghanistanb) Head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM)c) NATO Commander in Afghanistan d) None of these131) The headquarters of Green Peace International is located at:a) Vancouver b)Amsterdamc) London d) Paris132) The oldeest internet search engine among the following is:a) Google b) MSN Search c)Yahood) Ask.com133) The power generating capacity of Diamer-Basha Dam would be:a) 3450 MW b) 3800 MW c)4500 MWd) None of these134) ANTARA is the news agency of:a) Indonesiab) Malaysia c) Turkey d) None of the these135) The largest opium producer province in Afghanistan is:a)Helmandb) Nangarhar c) Badakhshan d) None of these10.The Black Sea and the Mediterranean are connected by:a.Shattal Arabb.Dardanellesc.Strait of Gibraltar198911.Which country makes the Entac Missiles:a.U.S.A.b.Englandc.Franced.U.S.S.R.12.How many Radio Stations are in Pakistan:a.Twelveb.Sixteenc.Twenty (probably, I dont know how many were there in 1989)d.Twenty five13.What is Cathay Pacific:a.Islandb.Revolutionary leaderc.Air lined.Newspaper14.President of U.S.A. is:a.George Hubert Norman Bushb.George Hurbert Walker Bushc.George Thomas Ross Bushd.George Paul James Bush15.The Great Leap Forward was:a.American Policy towards Latin Americab.Chinese Economic Programmec.Russian Diplomatic moved.Cuban Military Strategy25.Literacy rate in Pakistan is:a.15%b.20%c.30% (probably, I am not sure)d.50%26.How many people were stampeded in Football Match at Sheffield Hill Borough Stadium:a.38b.67c.95d.11027.Venezuela President is:a.Paul Alfonsinb.Daniel Ortegac.Carlos Andrez Perezd.Augusto Pinochet28.Jabar-bin-Hayyan was a:a.Mathematicianb.Astronomerc.Chemistd.Philosopher(actually he was an astronomer and philosopher as well, but more famous forchemistry, so does that mean all the 3 are correct options but option C is moresuitable.)29.Battle of Ohad was fought in:a.625 A.D.b.626 A.D.c.628 A.D.d.629 A.D.30.How many times has Martina Navtatilova won the