Cum Functioneaza Universul Si Cum Sa Iti Schimbi Aparentele Fizice

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Transcript of Cum Functioneaza Universul Si Cum Sa Iti Schimbi Aparentele Fizice

CUM FUNCTIONEAZA UNIVERSUL SI CUM SA ITI SCHIMBI APARENTELE FIZICEBody image is the most complicated thing to work on, because people know what they want, but they get stuck on how and when. The point is any kind of manifestation is to feel it, you tell the universe you want it, youvisualize it, affirm it and still no result, because you are not feeling it.You have to feel the feeling of you being in perfect form. Ask yourself how will you feel when you will be in your perfect shoes, and feel that feeling now. If you will feel happy and relaxed, feel happy andrelaxednow, if you will feel happy and confident, feel happy and confident now.One of my client lost 20 kgs of weight in 15 days and got her skin tight just be feeling the feeling of perfection. I have worked with several men and women on body image, every body got what they wanted but the result was depending on the feeling and how much you can feel it in a day.You should not visualize without feeling, visualization is done so that you feel better, but you need to feel better and hence when you visualize with happiness make sure you feel happy doing it.

See visualizing is important, but if you cannotvisualizeyou cannot push yourself into it. And you do not visualize to feel bad orpressurizeyourself, you visualize to feel good.Understand one thing, universe does not go on the words, or actions or images you see. This is a vibrational universe, it goes on the way you feel. Now for example you want blue eyes, now you have been affirming that "I have blue eyes, I have blue eyes, I have blue eyes" but nothing is happening, it is because you are not feeling it. You want blue eyes, get a picture of blue eyes, think that how people are complimenting you for your eyes, feel the feeling of happiness. And then let go of the thought and just stay happy, now you are in your vortex, the vortex that will allow you to manifest whatever you want, but you need to feel good to get into thevortexand to stay there you need to feel love and happy. Trust me its not impossible, it is just that we are obssessed with our physical self, you need to love yourself, your inner being to see the change in outer self.Remember "everything is an inside job,outeris just an effect." Ok so what you can do is, get up in the morning and say,"Thank you Universe, I love you, I know you are there by my side rooting for me, and I know whatever I desire is take care of. I have a prolonged desire of having the skin of my dream, the skin which is soft and young and clear, its evenly toned, at this moment it is hard for me to visualize it, but I know I'd feel good once I have it, I'd feel amazing and relaxed, so this moment on I choose to feel happy, confident and relaxed. I do not care what people have to say, I do not have to see in the mirror to see results everyday, I just know I am aligning with you and my desire and as I do so, I allow it to appear in my life, and I am cool about it. I know you are taking care of me and whatever is for my highest good shall be given to me, now and forever. Thanks you so much Universe, you are the perfect manager I can have because I know, I trust in you, I believe in you. I have faith in you blindly, and all is going well in my world."

Say this script first thing in the morning, once in afternoon and last thing in the bed. If you cant visualize don't push yourself, just visualize, slowly and gradually you will start feeling better and may be you will be able to see the ideal self. :)

If you have read "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne, she states in the chapter, The Power and Creation, "When using Cration Process, imagine and feel that you have what you want already, and never deviate from that state of being. Because the law of attraction copies whatever you give and so you must imagine and feel having it now."But as you have a problem is visualizing, take the pictures of the hair color you want, the body you want, the skin color you want and keep in your cell phone or on a visualization board. Changing skin color is not a problem and nor does hair, its just the shift of melanin produced under your skin and in hair. The fair people and light hair colored people have less melanin in their skin, but melanin is not our target, our target in the perfect skin, hair, etc.Now Abraham Hicks says, that this is a vibrational universe, so it does not care what you visualize, but if you do not feel it, you can not manifest, so your first step is to sit down and write what you want, and why you want it and how will you feel once you have it, and feel that feeling now. Feel you already have it, your desire has manifested.If you see yourself in the mirror, though I will tell you try not to, but if you follow the process, you will stop looking in the mirror on your own, because then you willconsciouslyandsubconsciouslybe happy knowing that you are what you wanted to be.So dont say that this is no longer my body, say the following (smile before saying it) "I love and accept myself where ever I am right now, I am at peace with my body, I am here because I have manifested this in the past, and I made it so dominant in my vibration field that I became that right now. But now I choose peace with myself and my body. I am a deliberate creator, and whatever I want, I have it, mymanifestationindone99.9999% and now all I need to allow it, so my target is not my perfect weight or skin, my target is to maintain peace with my body because as I let my body know that I love it and relax it, everything I desire shall be given to me. I just know my body is intelligent, it started as a blob of cells, and look here I am in a full grown body, loving and respecting each and every part of it, as I look at my body, all I need to say is (take a deep breath, blow out from mouth) I LOVE YOU and I THANK YOU."Say this first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

And if you have resistance then just try EFT :)

Hope this helps,

Well I am not saying to not to look in to the mirror at all. See you need to understand that everything is mind over matter. Every disease is mental first. Everything is about thought. Everything is about vibration. Everything is about the way you feel. You have to practice to feel good and never mind reality. Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating. So start small, start feeling good about what you have appreciate it, appreciate that you have a body, legs you can walk, skin that is protecting you and this skin and rough patches is just a wake up call to tell you that you skin and body needs more love.So if you look in the mirror, just say, I know I am healing and smile, and look into the mirror and tell yourself that "I LOVE YOU, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE and mean it, feel the love." You need to be at peace that what I told you earlie, be peace with now and get pictures of skin you want and say, wowwouldn'tit be nice if my skin is flawless and clear like that,wouldn'tit be nice if my skin is young and tight like a teenagers.When you are at peace with your now, its easy to manifest because then you have no resistance. You have cleared your past and in the now you have accepted change by making peace with things and not fighting back, that means the stream of allowance is easy and everything you want will be given to you immediately, because in a place of no resistance, the manifestation is in moments. :)When you ask universe for a wish, the manifestation is done 99.9999%, it doesn't come easily is because, we are trying too hard to get it. You are a creator, and because we have set our emotions to auto pilot mode, we have a problem in manifesting. So now make your target for the day is to be a deliberate creator, and think of the thoughts you like and love. Now in context of your queries, you have to feel good as your wish is already granted, see once you ask for something and you get it, you just have to feel good and relax yourself, this is all you have to do, you have to find the feeling and thoughts that help you relax and feel good. Smile all the time, listen to good music, play some fun song when you are low, watch a lot of comedy movies. Take a pen and paper, and write down how you want your life to be, write down in present tense as if its already there or done. Be grateful for what you have and whats coming your way. Appreciate small thing in life, appreciate the food you are eating, the water you are drinking, don't make your target to get rid of acne or skin tone you don't like, the target for you is to have the perfect skin. So when you talking about feeling good is, to feel good in the now, where ever you are, if you follow your bliss, everything else will follow. When you doing your daily house hold activity, or any of your hobbies, just appreciate the things you are doing, appreciate yourself that how good you are in doing that work.And about the feeling that you have when you watch a movie, see I am not telling you to get rid of the feelings, specially negative one, if you have them, acknowledge them, and tell them "I RELEASE YOU, these thoughts are not mine, and are not with me, and i forgive any one and every one who have contributed in it, and I RELEASE THEM NOW." From now all you got to do is keep a track on your feeling thats all.I hope this helps.Oh the love mind movie you saw, few of my clients got really good results seeing the love movie, their marriage got better and few of them found their soul mate. :) Well if you are trying to make your own mind movie, its very easy you can make it on windows media player :) and use your affirmations with the songs you like, or you can send your affirmations to us, we will make one for you, free of charge. :)

Dear Fairytale,EFT is not necessary. If affirmations works for you then do it, do whatever works for you to release the resistance, as "no resistance = fast result."

Hi Nathalie,

You will know you have resistance when you a