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transforming 6inch cube to Pinnochio

Transcript of Cube articulation

  • Prisca Soyoung BaeDESN 280 Fall 2010

    Articulation Cube

  • Ideation


  • Steps

    all four side is attatched to the top controller.

    When you pull the top, head will come out from the cube and four sides will lean toward the center.

    arm will slide out and reconfigured on the sides.

    four corners divided and turn into legs and arms.

    Starts with the simple cube.

    top of the cube works as the controller of the puppet.

  • Everything will be holding by the top cross controller.

    the hat is comming out from the head and holded by the top as well.

    the nose is telescop-ing out from the inside of the head.


    the arms and legs is also telescoping out from the inside and create longer length.

  • Mock-up

  • Final