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Transcript of CPO Event - Paul Alexander, Learning, Leadership & Reflection

  1. 1. Learning, Leadership & Reflection All Hands Meeting Team Meeting June 2015
  2. 2. Indirect Procurement. BP Indirect Procurement Organisational Learning In Our Souls
  3. 3. Indirect Procurement. Learning In Action Black Bear Lessons
  4. 4. Indirect Procurement. Error, Mistake & Consequence Success Has Many Fathers
  5. 5. Indirect Procurement. Reflection Perhaps Life Could Be Different?
  6. 6. Indirect Procurement. The Academics Say Extensive Research Tells Us Ability to inspire is key. We can readily improve at what we are already good at The halo can be positive or negative (It will not be both). Leadership can grow through ambiguity.
  7. 7. Indirect Procurement. Here Comes The Band Still searching for their first record contract
  8. 8. Indirect Procurement. Non Business Leadership? Realism, Pragmatism & High Endeavour
  9. 9. Indirect Procurement. Reporting Never Knowingly Undersold No news is no news Good news is bad news Bad news is good news
  10. 10. Indirect Procurement. Whats To Do? A few thoughts on driving professional maturity Be realistic. Success is rarely absolute. Put yourself in unfamiliar Lead in a voluntary organisation Listen to the quietest voice in the room Speak up