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The Transitions Issue.

Transcript of COUP Boston August 2013

  • AUGUST 2013

    bringing the heat lATe-SUmmer fAShion

    eco-lUxe new enGlAnd jAUnTS beAUTy brAvUrA

  • 6leTTer from The ediTor

    8cUrATed // orange crush

    12coUP de Grce // eYe oF The BehoLDer

    For makeup artist and aesthetic visionary David Nicholas, the best approach to beauty

    is sometimes the least conventional.

    19SocieTy // The FronT roW

    Who wore what, when, and why. And more importantly, how they made the party better for it.

    32wAnderlUST // The sTaTe oF

    eco-LuXurYGreen living has traditionally been more crunchy than cushy. But these chic travel destinations in

    where else?Vermont are setting a new standard.

    40Armoire // TurnIng PoInT

    How to make the transition from easy, late-summer dressing to the more structured mood of early fall?

    With a mix of pieces that make the shift with grace.

    52coUP d'TAT // MaKIng The cuT

    With a blend of artistry and intuition, hair stylist Christa Comeau is turning heads around town.

    COntentS & DePartMentS

    On the COVer photograph by jeSSicA weiSer styling by jAnine mAGGiore, enniS inc. Hair & Makeup by KAcie corbelle,enniS inc. featuring lindSey byArd, mUSe nyc photographed on locationrevere hoTel boSTon common



  • 94 Central Street WelleSley, Ma 02482

    (781) 237-7010







    Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2013

  • alexanDra hallEditor-in-Chief

    JOSePh gOrDOn CleVelanDCreative Director

    auStyn elleSe MayfielDManaging Editor

    MiChael blanDingEditor-at-Large

    MiChael trOtManCopy Editor

    COntributing WriterS

    Katherine Bowers Amanda Hark Robin Hauck

    Jolyon Helterman Bernard Leed

    Erin Byers Murray Lisa Pierpont

    Staff PhOtOgraPher Marie Wu

    COntributing PhOtOgraPherS

    Joel BenjaminSadie Dayton

    Conor Doherty Tristan Govignon

    Christopher Huang Eric Levin

    Russ Mezikofsky Bob Packert

    Cory Stierley Matt Thoman Jessica Weiser

    art & DeSign intern Alexa Robertiello

    eDitOrial internS Diana Burmistrovich

    Christina GiannopoulosBasia Gordon

    Valeria Navarro Kelsey Prisby

    Heidi Rose

    Cheryl KaufManSenior Client Manager

    tO aDVertiSe,

    COuPbOStOn.COM20 Park Plaza, Suite 1105

    Boston, MA 02116



  • Its a heady tIme In new england, that last gasp of summer. These final weeks before Labor Day stir us into a swirl: On one hand, were now addicted to the feel of loosened ties and flowing (read: forgiving) dresses; weve embraced what it feels like not only to live more outside more often, but also to live more out loud. Bostonians as a whole only need a few months of warm-weather encouragement before weve become a more boisterous version of our regular selves. By the time August shows up and stretches out a hand, were ready to take it once around the dance floor. Of course, part of what makes this slice of time so singular is that we know itll end once September sobers us back up. So Im going to go on the record here and now and say this: We officially need to add an extra month between August and September. Thatll give us more time to relish the glory that is transition season. And more time to read this issuefilled with wardrobe ideas to take you from full-on summer straight into fall, plus eco-friendly resort getaways in places that are as stunning on a sweltering summer weekend as they are on a crisp fall one. Its all enough to leave us ready to kick back into high gear. Well, almost. First there are a few last berries to pick, and at least a few more breezy beach sunsets to savor. Enjoy!

    alexandra hall Editor-in-Chief


    >>> The editor, trying to decide which of Vermonts eco-minded resorts to escape to first.


    leTTer from The ediTor / coUP boSTon / AUGUST 2013

  • 81














  • AUGUST 2013 / coUP boSTon / cUrATed


    CurateDWHAt tHe FiNiCky eDitoriAl CoUP CreW iS DoNNiNG, DeVoUriNG,

    HoArDiNG, iMBiBiNG, iNHAliNG, AND GeNerAlly lUStiNG AFter riGHt joSePh Gordon clevelAnd, AlexAndrA hAll

    and AUSTyn elleSe mAyfield

    1. PArloUr ATomic AccenT chAirevery living room should have a chair that people fight over to sit in. CB2 hits the mark with a smart-yet-cozy riff on Danish design.$699 at cb2.comausTYn eLLese MaYFIeLD, ManagIng eDITor

    2. SAnTiAGo GonZAleZ crocodile wAlleTMade from colombian crocodile, heres a showstopping wallet that lends sartorial punch to any mans well-rounded wardrobe. $585 at neimanmarcus.comJosePh gorDon cLeVeLanD, creaTIVe DIrecTor

    3. mAKeUP foreverS roUGe ArTiST inTenSe liPSTicKone swipe of high-pigment #40 (satin Bright orange) loads lips up with a jolt of color thats equal parts bravada and bella figura.$20 at sephora.comaLeXanDra haLL, eDITor-In-chIeF

    4. SUZAnne KAlAn orAnGe chAlcedony rinGone of the latest sparklers in the starburst collection is a dizzying jolt of light, thanks to a blast of champagne diamonds in 14-carat gold. Price upon request and by special order at trustyourimpulse.comAH 5. Avril loreTi PAinTchiP rUnnera simply lovely, paint-inspired table runnerand an idea so brilliant, I wish Id thought of it first. $55 at avrilloreti.comaeM

    6. crAyo AnGleS wATchIf youre one of the few still using your watch (instead of a smart-phone) to tell time, then grab a fun timepiece like this to make happy hour anytime you happen to glance down at your wrist.$120 at crayowatches.comaeM

    7. nAnTUcKeT off-Shore drAGon rUbThe quickest way to up my late-summer grilling game: this combo is big on lemongrass, ginger, chinese garlic, cinnamon, star an-ise, and cilantro. $4 at iherb.comah

    8. joSie mArAn coconUT wATercolor cheeK GeleTaking my obsession with coco-nut water to the next level, this hybrid product gives cheeks the natural look of a cream blush with the long-lasting color of a stain. Infused with pure coconut water and argan oil, it hydrates parched skin almost instantly.$22 at josiemarancosmetics.comaeM

    9. icU lAmPMinimalist circular cutouts, traditional crafting (its glazed and bisque-fired twice), and an unapologetically bold hue make ceramicist Lawrence Mccraes fixture a bright idea in any room.$500$770 at lekkerhome.comah

    10. cAliche rUmThe one spirit perfect for adding to the best summer standardsa chilly mojito (or six), for example. $20.99 (750-ml bottle) at bevmo.comJgc 11. rAblAbS coASTerSThese Brazilian agate coastersfrom Bostons emporium of all things haute home design, hudsonare every bit as beautiful as they are durable. $68 (set of four) at hudsonboston.comJgc

    12. hermS mexiQUe ScArfWearable art meets wearable history in designer caty Lathams silk twill creation. Its intricate design pays tribute to pre-colombian Mexico via Aztec symbols and artifacts.$410 at hermes.comah

    13. veriA id in conTrol SerUmLate-summer skin is temperamental, to say the least. The new Ayurvedic wonderpacked with potent extracts of neem oil and soapnut barkbal-ances moisture, wipes out bacteria, and calms inflammation. $35 at Whole Foods legacy PlaceaeM

    hermS eAU dorAnGe verT ShAmPooupgrade your grooming routine with a signature scent rendered in a shampoo thats just short of indulgent. Not a bad way to startor endthe day. $53.50 at amazon.comJgc



    FASH ION TO BAN K ONSTARTING 6.18.13 | 7:30 P.M.



  • Seats so luxurious, youll sit through the credits.

    A Luxury Cinema & Dining Experience

    THE STREET | 55 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill | COMING THIS JUNE

  • faCe Of PrOgreSSCosmetics industry guru David Nicholas aims to expand traditional ideas of beauty.

  • 13

    AUGUST 2013 / coUP boSTon / coUP de Grce

    eye Of the behOlDer

    For makeup artist and aesthetic visionary david nicholas, the best approach to beauty

    is sometimes the least conventional.

    by AlexAndrA hAll photographed by mATT ThomAn

    I dont lIke the whole phIloso-phy behind most makeup, admits David Nicholas. Its not exactly a sentiment youd expect to fly from the mouth of a man whos dedicated 40 years to cosmetic artistry. But those decades of buffing, brushing, and blend-ing have set the 55-year-old native Bostonian on an atypical mission. This idea that if were pretty, we dont need it is just wrong, he ex-plains. Makeup isnt there to cover you up; its there as an enhancement. Its empowering. Its an accessory. And its also an art form. The living canvases hes counted among the clientele of David Nicholas Internationalfrom local style icon Marilyn Riseman and Bruins players to Bill Clinton, Michael Dukakis, transgender folk, local models, and burn victims whom he volunteers his time helpingare proof of the depth and diversity that art form can take. We all have to put our best foot forward, he says. And that boils down to one thing: We arent just attracted to beauty; were attracted to balance in the face. To symmetry. For Nicholas, that often starts with brows and spans outward, to correct imperfections across the face that create the perception of imbal