Coping with obsessive compulsive disorder, anger and

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Transcript of Coping with obsessive compulsive disorder, anger and

  1. 1. Coping With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anger and Depression
  2. 2. Anger
    Anger is a trait that everyone is born with, but some are more angrier than others.
    Anger is emotion a feeling of antagonism towards some one or something that offended you.
    If anger is let loose and is not controlled, it can control your life in the long run.
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  4. 4. Effects of Anger
    Some anger can be good to help you release some negativity.
    Excessive anger can cause increased heart rate, rise in blood pressure and other physical changes or harm.
    Some believe anger is part of the brains Fight or flight response.
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  6. 6. Solution to Anger
    There are many anger management classes offered for those who are in need to control their angers.
    You can visit a psychologist to find out the cause of your anger.
    There are some prescribed pills that help you reduce your anger and anxiety.
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  8. 8. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder that has to do with recurring unwanted thoughts and/or behavior.
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  10. 10. Effects of OCD
    The severity of the problem varies but it leads a life where it is hard to make regular employment and maintain family life.
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  12. 12. Treatment for OCD
    The most commonly practice for helping OCD patients is Behavior Therapy.
    Sometimes, the patients are prescribed pills and other forms of medicine.
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  14. 14. Depression
    Depression is when expressing an abnormal sadness and grief that exceeds the normal grief.
    Depression are sadness in great intensity and the patient usually never seeks for help.
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  16. 16. Effects of Depression
    There are many types of depression for different ages and gender. But it does have common effects such as having low energy, anger, irritability, inactiveness, less social, attempt of suicide, and sleep problems.
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  18. 18. Cure for Depression
    Most popular drug used is Antidepressant medicine.
    Most effective way is have an individual chat one on one with a psychologist.
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  20. 20. THE END