Conflicts of the Cold War

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Conflicts of the Cold War. The Eisenhower Edition. The Race is ON!!!. Soviet freak out Americans Sputnik – worlds 1 st Artificial satellite in space Soviet Americans scared of it capabilities American Satellite failed – Vanguard Space Race – 1 st man in space Soviets – Yari Gagarin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Conflicts of the Cold War

  • Conflicts of the Cold WarThe Eisenhower Edition

  • The Race is ON!!!Soviet freak out AmericansSputnik worlds 1st Artificial satellite in spaceSovietAmericans scared of it capabilities American Satellite failed VanguardSpace Race 1st man in spaceSoviets Yari Gagarin Project Mercury 1st American

  • Foreign PolicySec. of state John Foster DullesEisenhower main advisorNo more containment attack if necessaryRely on NUKES many times more powerful than A-bombIntercontinental Ballistic Missiles Fear of nuclear war

  • The Big FearIn the nuclear age, a minor crisis badly managed could lead to all out war

  • Crisis in the Middle EastArabs vs. IsraelEgyptian President takes control of Suez CanalFighting between Egypt and IsraelUN stepped in

  • Crisis in HungaryRebel revolt for new govtNew govt ordered all Soviet troops outSoviet take overEisenhower did not come in and help

  • Conflict in Southeast AsiaFormer French colony - VietnamCommunist leader Ho Chi MinhVietminh rebel groupFighting broke out French vs. VietminhNo US helpCountry SplitNorth Communist South French friendly

  • Conflict in Southeast Asia Cont....Domino Theory one country falls others will followEisenhowerUS gives aide to South VietnamSEATO Southeast Asian Treaty Organization

  • Troubles in Latin AmericaCIA (Central Intelligence Agency) overthrew possible communist govt in GuatemalaAnti-American feelings in Lat. Am.Fidel Castro rebel leader in CubaSupported by USTurned out to be communistUS cuts all ties with Cuba

  • Cold War ThawsJoseph Stalin dies, replaced by Nikita Khrushchev Geneva Summit a meeting of govt leadersDiscussed unifying GermanyPeaceful Coexistence compete with each other but avoid warFriendship ended when US spy plane (U-2) was shot down over Russia

  • 1950s ProsperityChapter 28 Section 3

  • Booming EconomyGovt SpendingHousing, schools, welfare, roads, etcMore Technology=Higher ProductivityProduce more goods with the same amount of laborComputers fill whole rooms, IBM

  • ThenandNow

  • Higher IncomesStandard of Living peoples over all quality of lifePer Capita Income average individual income1,500 to 2,200 in 15 yearsIncreased affluence - wealth

  • Baby Boom!!!Baby Boom quick population increasePopulation rises 20% (150 million to 179 mill.)Factors for Baby BoomMoneyNo WarBetter Health CareStay at home momsSchool enrollment UP!!!

  • Medical AdvancementsAntibiotics and VaccinesDr. Jonas Salk Polio Vaccine, totally wiped out polio


  • Expanding Suburbs85% of homes are being build in the suburbs on the edge of big citiesMass produced housingWilliam LevittAffordable, Safe, Sense of belongingMostly white

  • A Nation on WheelsCars made suburban life possibleA necessityInterstates HighwaysCar CultureDrive Ins, Drive Ups, Drive Thrus

  • Air TravelEarly 1950s Jet engine perfectedThe 1st airline was replacing the railroad

  • Television1940 17,000 TVs in America, 1960 90% of all homes had a TVEntertainment, Information and AdvertisingTV dinners

  • Rock N RollMixture of Blues, Country, Gospel and JazzFaster PacedElectric GuitarsAimed at younger generationChuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis The KingGeneration Gap differing attitudes towards music

  • Problems in Times of PlentyChapter 28 Section 4

  • Rural PovertyLarge crop surplusesIndustrial farmingNew machines replacing peopleSmall farms forced out of businessAfrican American workers forced northHIGH demand for synthetic productsNot natural or produced in a lab

  • Urban PovertyWhite Flight white people leaving citiesAutomation producing goods with machinesLess workers neededSome parts of cities turned into ghettosLarge population of minorities

  • People Fight BackThe problem of materialism focus on getting money and other stuffThe Beats writers who spoke out against American societyBeatniks followers of the beatsBetty Friedan The Feminine MystiqueAfrican Americans begin to fight for the CIVIL RIGHTS that they deserve

  • Writing AssignmentThe 1950s was a decade of ups and downs. In two paragraphs please describe 3 positive and three negative things that occurred during this great decade.

    Please use complete sentences and proper spelling and grammar.