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Thank you for attending the presentation style course called "Price it Right - Tempo CMA". This is the slide show I ran very quickly at the beginning of the class. Thank you again for attending and let me know if you need anything else! "This presentation is **lecture style** and covers the fundamentals of choosing comps for a CMA as well as TEMPO Reports, Statistics, the CMA Wizard, Property Archives, Months Inventory, Mapping and other tools to supplement your CMA. Learn the latest updates on Tempo and lots of tips and tricks in making the system work for you. Free 2 hours of MCE credit"

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  • 1. CMA - Price It Right Presented by Marilyn Maxwell The Houston Association of Realtors

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  • Some Common Tempo MLS Terms and Potential Fines
  • geocode : the characterization of a neighborhood, locality, etc., according to such demographic features as ethnic composition or the average income or educational level of its inhabitants, esp. as used in marketing.
  • Invalid Photograph and Photograph Descriptions $250 fine Photos previously submitted by a Participant may not be used by other Participants on subsequent listings.
  • Insufficient Number of Photos$25 fine Single-family, Townhouse/Condo, Multi-family, High Rise Condo and Residential leases are required to maintain at least 6 unique images of each property listed in MLS. Lots and Acreage listings are required to maintain at least 1photo of each listing. The required photo(s) must be added to the listing within 10 days of the list date unless written documentation, requesting a photo not be submitted, is signed by the Seller and submitted to MLS via fax at 713-335-4222.
  • Inaccurate Room Dimensions $100 fine Agents should provide as accurately as possible, room dimensions for each specified room dimension field. Entering inaccurate room dimensions such as 1x1 or 0x0, etc. is not allowed. The bedroom dimensions are required fields, even though they are not marked in blue on the Tempo edit form. Bedroom dimensions are dependent on the number of bedrooms entered. For example, a 2-bedroom house would require dimensions for 2 bedrooms
    • Terminated (T) listings are deleted from the system 1 year after the termination date.
    • Expired (X) listings are deleted from the system 1 year after the expiration date.
    • Pending (P) listings are deleted from the system 2 years after the pending date if the estimated closed date is in the past. Note: If you have a valid listing that is in Pending status for more than 2 years, make sure the Estimated Closed Date is a future date to avoid having the listing deleted. Note: Although the listing detail is deleted per the above rules, the Property Archive Record remains indefinitely. Sold listings date back to 1997 and are currently being kept indefinitely.