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  • 1. Price It Right Or Pay The Price!

2. Most news is national and doesnt reflect localtrends. While houses may not be selling in otherparts, they are definitely selling here 3. Bottom line: local home sales are not dead.Heed some basic advice and you stand a very goodchance of selling your home. As has been mentionedin countless blogs, home preparation is critical forselling quickly and for topdollar. Additionally,professional home staginghas proven to increase yourchances of a sale. 4. Price.No matter how much time,effort and finances youinvest in your home (the 20%),if its not priced correctly(the 80%) it wont sell. In thisenlightened Internet age, savvybuyers are attuned to a homes truemarket value like never before. As Realtors putincreasing amounts of information and pictures onthe web, buyers are visiting virtual open housesand making effective buying decisions withoutviewing a home in person. 5. As a result, they will usually not even darkenyour door.Its the harsh reality of the current market. Ifpriced too high, your home becomes invisibleto buyers. And it does so from the very start.Buyers will go on to look at other homes insteadof yours. 6. So how do you price your home to sell? 7. 1.Have your Realtor prepare a REALISTIC CMA.(Comparative Market Analysis) Look atEVERYTHING on the market in your area, notjust "the chosen few" that you want to see. 8. 2.Run the trends from your area. Usually yourlocal MLS will provide your Realtor withextensive data. Market trends and sold pricesare available at 9. 3.Price AHEAD of the market. In a decreasingmarket, it must be priced BELOW the previouscomparable sale or active listing. In an increasingmarket price. Above the last group of sales. 10. Are prices increasing or decreasing in yourmarket? 11. Randy BettInvestment Realtor/Author/InvestorReal Estate Professionals Inc.Better Group Real Estate202-5403 Crowchild Trail NWCalgary, AB T3B 4Z1Phone:403-774-7464 Ext:1Fax:403-208-0082Toll Free fax:888-711-6801 12. Randy