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    Peoplesource at a glance

    Our Recruitment services

    Our Recruitment process

    Introducing our ITC Services

    Clients' feedback

    Candidates' feedback

    Why Choose Peoplesource

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    eoplesource ConsultingP is a leading independent recruitment company providing recruitment solutions across a wide range of industries in Nigeria and abroad. We work in partnership with our clients to tailor the best solution so that their recruitment needs are comprehensively met. Our team consists of experienced human resource and business development specialists. Our focus is on increasing the value of your human capital, we believe that they are your most valuable asset and ultimately what make your business successful. Combining years of recruitment experience with a portfolio of unrivalled service delivery to our clients, our services are provided at competitive market rates as a result of the focused approach we place on our executive recruitment.

    We HR!

    Peoplesource Consulting T +234 08098216501 [email protected]

  • Peoplesource at a glance

    eople are the most valuable asset in any business and they are what makes Pany enterprise successful. The way

    people are led, managed, developed and motivated can make the winning difference. We assist our clients to enhance their ability to do this, ensuring that they have the right blend of skills and capabilities to achieve their business goals over the long term through the following services;

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  • Our Recruitment Services

    he first phase of our process is the most important: we candidates to enhance the overall performance of their only accept assignments we believe we are qualified to organisation.Tundertake successfully. After the short-listing process,

    we meet each candidate to ascertain their knowledge, skills and abilities. Our objective for every assignment we handle is to put forward

    the candidates with the best overall combination of these attributes

    Our experience shows that a candidate’ s worth is best measured by a value added factor. This is the amount by which a good candidate can contribute to increased sales, improved efficiency, profitability, decreased overheads, productivity or reduced wastage. A combination of these including specialist skills, personality, experience and the right attitude equip good

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  • Deliverables

    üRecruitment requirementsüRole descriptions


    üShortlist schedule


    üTest reportsüShortlist of successful candidatesüInterview and assessment results

    üClient feedback report


    Establish recruitment requirementsDetermine role descriptions and performance

    targetsCandidate sourcing

    Sorting and short listing candidates Schedule candidates for assessment and contact


    Conduct structured performance based interviews

    Collate assessments results and shortlist of successful candidates

    Present final candidates per position to your organisation

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    Our Recruitment Process

  • n recognition of the high deployment shortlisting of suitable candidates, of resources by companies in the testing and subsequent interviews. Iexecution of recruitment processes, These will be done on location at our

    Peoplesource Consulting is pleased to Interview and Test Center Facility. The introduce to you our Interview and Test facility is top class by any standards, Centre (ITC), for a more cost effective very conducive for assessment and is and efficient execution of your located at a prime area within Lagos recrui tment process . Here at State. Peoplesource we work in partnership

    We also offer the full range of SHL tests with our clients to recruit top class

    and assessments which offer a unique candidates into existing and new roles.

    combination of tests, security measures Our ITC services involve handling the and a scientific verification process to entire recruitment process, from the ensure a secure, effective and quick advertisement of available roles to the online testing.

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    Introducing our ITCServices

    (Interview and Test Center)

  • My experience with Peoplesource Consulting has been simply Since successfully filling our vacant Company Secretary position a outstanding! As a recruiter, it is absolutely important that our few years ago, we have developed a very beneficial relationship consulting partner not only understands our business objectives with the team at Peoplesource Consulting. They have always been and internal context but also, they need to be highly flexible and very professional in the way they handle every recruitment brief commited to working to achieve our resourcing goals. I have found we ask them to execute. Not only do they take on the process in a Bode and his colleagues every bit an epitome of this description. highly competent way, we have also found them to be highly They are highly professional and they do what they say. They are responsive, very friendly and accessible. They are also very also extremely careful to protect our employer brand all through accountable and the constant feedback we receive on the the process. Thanks guys, you are a joy to work with! progress made with each brief is commendable. They just really

    "get it" and there aren't many vendors in the market today that I can describe in this way. Without any reservations, I would recommend them as a recruitment partner to any organisation large or small.

    Elo Ogodo - HR Specialist, Tetra Pak West Africa Limited.

    Phil Maduagwu - Head Corporate Servcices, AIICO Insurance Plc.

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    What our clients have to say

  • And our candidates ...

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    My experience with Peoplesource has been a seamless one. I got I have used a number of agencies over the years and there are not constant feedback as well as great service before and after many that I would recommend but I have to say that Peoplesource interviews. stood out for me. I have found all of the staff at Peoplesource very

    helpful and I have been able to talk freely with them about any issues and i have always been extremely satisfied with the response they give.

    I find it very unique that Peoplesource always called on the morning of the interviews and they also offered advice/suggestions for all forthcoming interviews.

    Chidilim Menakaya - Communications Manager, Tetra Pak West Africa

    Kene Nwanegbo - HR Manager, BCN Plc.

    Environment Manager, Tetra Pak West Africa.

  • Why Choose Peoplesource?

    eoplesource Nigeria Limited is a highly professional firm and we offer you a value proposition you

    can’t ignore. We’ll be keen to receive an indication of your interest in our recruitment services by Pcalling us on any of the numbers below. Alternatively, a member of our team will call or visit you to follow up this brochure, if requested for.

    We also offer the full range of SHL tests and assessments which offer a unique combination of tests, security measures and a scientific verification process to ensure a secure, effective and quick online testing.

    We are the Recruitment Experts!

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  • To find out more about Peoplesource Consulting please visit

    call +234 818 775 6829; +234 809 821 6501

    We would like to hear from you

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