Clarinda A's Dugout News, June 2012

Clarinda A's Dugout News, June 2012
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Clarinda A's Dugout News, June 2012

Transcript of Clarinda A's Dugout News, June 2012

  • Houseparents key to keeping program going

    Clarinda As will dedicate bust Friday night

    As season going into the final weeksDugout News

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    Were Cheering for aHome-Run Season!

    Good Luck to theClarinda As

    We know you have the talent andthe heart, so now were wishing

    you the luck for a season that hitsit out of the park. Go, team!

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    3BThursday, June 28, 2012 Clarinda Herald-Journal

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    With July just around the corner, the ClarindaAs will be heading into the final twelve homegames of the regular season. As of June 19 the teamwas 15-10 and one game out of first place in theNorth Division of the MINK League. League playso far has been very balanced in both the North andSouth so the final 20 league games become veryimportant. In order to qualify for the NBC WorldSeries in Wichita we must win our division or qual-ify through a regional tournament, Manager RyanEberly stated. A playoff for the league champi-onship is scheduled for July 20-22 on the fields ofthe two division leaders.

    There has been good support from the commu-nity and Eberly encourages attendance for thesefinal games, We have some exciting players thisyear with speed on the bases Dominick Franciaand DeMarco Poindexter are 19 of 23 and 13 of 18in stolen bases respectively which is always fun towatch, and the team is playing pretty good defenseand showing better focus and consistency on themound as well as at the plate.

    Clarinda Chamber of Commerce free nightwas a great success with many drawings, activ-ities for the kids and good baseball. As Execu-tive Director Elaine Farwell said that evening,Even the weather cooperated and gave us aChamber evening that was really nice to enjoythe festivities. Coming up is the Clarinda Acad-emy free night on July 3 which will feature fire-works following the game with Omaha Dia-mond Spirit. Also the week of July 1 5 is des-ignated as Parents Week with what looks to bea good turnout of player parents planning to at-tend. July 11 the As will travel to Shenandoahfor the Optimists sponsored game. Bill Ludwigwho is a former As pitcher in the mid 60s hasspearheaded this event for several years.

    At the annual Hall of Fame banquet held earlier this year, for-mer As player Ozzie Smith presented a bronze bust of the lateMerl Eberly to his family, the As and the community. It hasbeen on display in the window of the Chamber of Commerce tilla permanent place could be done at the ballpark.

    Friday, June 29 it will be placed on the west side of the con-cession stand/clubhouse south of the Memorial Rock. Thanks goto Jay Eickemeyer for his assistance in selecting and preparing abase for this piece and to the City, particularly Randy Pullen,Park and Recreation Director, for aiding in the logistics of theproject.

    There will be a ceremony prior to the game at which timeSmith and others will speak briefly. Fans and especially formerAs players are encouraged to attend this event.

    While there are many phases that have kept the As a part of our community for 58 seasonsthere is one aspect that has been crucial to that longevity since 1976 and that is our houseparents.When the program went from town team to the collegiate format, housing had to be found forthose players coming in. Ralph and Audrey Bond were one of the first to help out with the juniorcollege players who played when their son Terry was at the college here and a member of the As(he has been a houseparent also and his son JJ continues the tradition this year). Merl and PatEberly opened their home in the early 70s, for a couple of summers having seven players and fiveof their own children at home during those years While those summers have added many sto-ries to our family history, it is not something I would necessarily recommend, Mrs. E laughed.One year the city gave use of a house in the park for the team and in 1975 the college dorm wasused. This was not a good solution to housing the players so the houseparent program was bornand for 36 years has allowed many strong bonds to be formed between the players, their familiesand the host parents.

    Opening their homes this summer are Alan and Rebecca Ascherl, Noel and Pat Bogdanski,Brian and Lori Brockman, Jeff and Kristi Clark, Mike and Jill DeVoe, Jay Eickemeyer, Craig andSandy Hindman, Dave and Renee Kettwick, Arlen and Ann Meyer, Jay and Karmen Moses, An-nette Nelson, Brian and Beth Rarick, Greg and Brenda Samuelson, Scott and Jill Sunderman,Brooke and Pallin Turner, J.J. and Nola Bond and Travis and Heather Hunter.

    Herald-Journal photo by Joe Moore

    Special events continue in July

    Smith to return June 29 for the placement of the bustat Clarinda Municipal Stadium. (Herald-Journal filephoto)

    DID YOU KNOW???That Michael Sanchez who played baseball for IWCC and the

    Clarinda As has been a State Senator in the New Mexico Leg-islature since 1993.

    *****That Patrick Dobsons who played for the As in 2001 is the

    son of actor Kevin Dobson. The senior Dobson was a regular onthe TV series Kojak and Knots Landing as well as in manymovies, both big screen and made for TV, as well as some soapoperas.

    *****That Buddy Blacks father, Harry, was a professional hockey


    That former middle school art teacher and high school coachGreg Wellman is the person who designed the Gumbie Aslogo

    *****That in the early 20s there was a professional baseball team

    in Clarinda *****

    That the As were named the Merchants when the team wasformed in 1954

    *****That the As is a shortened version of Athletics which became

    the name of the team when the Clarinda Athletic Club wasformedthey sponsored not only baseball, but football andbasketball

    *****That the Clarinda As summer collegiate team is a non-prof-

    it program*****

    That all those involved with the As program are volun-teersthere are no salaried personnel

    *****Funds for the program come from donations, fund raisers, ad-

    vertising revenue and gate receipts*****

    That in 2007 the As put over $20,000 into improvements atMunicipal Stadiumthese monies came from As alumnus

    Collage of some of the earlier houseparents - they were the beginning of the many who continue the tradition.

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