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Bobby A's is a small diner at the Corona Manicuple airport in California.

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  • The Essence of Bobby As

    Bobby As American Eatery Corona Airport AJO, Corona California. Contact Bobby A at 949-212-1043 or for further details, job opportunities or any other questions or concerns.

    Hope to see you soon. Bobby A

    The DreamEverything in life has an origin and Bobby As is no different. The Dream started almost 40 years ago at a bowling center located in Pomona California near the corner of Garey and Foothill. The coffee shop there became a home away from home for locals and travelers alike. Growing up in the bowling center I witnessed what a comfortable atmosphere and a personal touch did for the moral of the patrons, as well as the service staff. During the late 50s through the 70s this slice of Americana served breakfast, lunch and dinner 24/7 to all who came through the doors. Everyone was welcomed and everyone enjoyed the great food, service and especially the warm and comfortable atmosphere that was consistently provided. Bobby As is all about recreating life as it was at the Garey Center Bowl Coffee Shop those many years ago.

    What to ExpectThe essence of Bobby As is to bring all kinds of people together with food and fun. Our American fare is as diverse as America itself. Here at Bobby As families and friends will enjoy a wide variety of items that will delight. Seniors can relax and reminisce, while sports teams gather after the big game. Travelers can stop and have a great meal while passing through, students are able to study while they enjoy our fare, as well as young lovers share French fries on their f irst date. Life and fun happens here at Bobby As always. With the insistence on quality, freshness, consistency and fun, Bobby As American Eatery will offer you a multitude of one of a kind daily specials along with your favorite classics. For your pleasure we are opened for breakfast lunch and dinner, 7 days a week with breakfast served all day. Along with our great food and friendly service we will be offering our Signature Soda Fountain, a Classic Coffee Counter along with Bobby As General Store and timeless merchandise, Table Side Salad Cart, freshly baked goods and mouth watering desserts. Ask about our To Go Picnic Baskets and delivery service. Last but not least, our Carside Dinning and Patio Seating. No making out in the back seat though. Come and join your friends at Bobby As.

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  • No making out in the back seat!

    We gladly substitute.

    Sharing is permitted in fact it is encouraged.

    If we have the ingredients we will try to make it for you. Just ask nicely.

    We love large groups, families, young seniors, teenagers, bikers, pilots, tourists, cowboys and cowgirls, students, surfers, and even people from the OC.

    Any problems questions or concerns please ask for Bobby A.

    We promise...

    To use the freshest ingredients

    The highest qualityThe friendliest servers With A dash of fun All to bring happiness to your stomach and your soul

    Good food happens here always!

    For ages 0-80 and their parents or lite eaters Traditional restaurant size Largest size (Great for hungry appetites and especially good for sharing)

    All food touching, food piled high, tossedand poured on top

    No food touching everything on the side

    Kidz SizeNice Size

    Bobby As Size

    Bobby As StyleNeat

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  • Served all day, every day, and as long as we are opened. Get the picture?

    Only at Bobby As, Eggs, Cakes and More!

    No making out in the back seat!

    Pocket Scrambles Bobby As freshly baked pocket bread stuffed with scrambled eggs cheese onions mushrooms potatoes and your choice of sausage, bacon, or ham. Kidz $4.25, Nice $5.25, Bobby As $6.95

    Pastrami Potato HashLean sliced and chopped pastrami grilled with rose bud potatoes and red onion till crisp topped with poached eggs. Kidz $6.95, Nice $8.95, Bobby As $11.00

    Chili Size Chili Omelet with ChiliGround beef patty enveloped in a fluffy omelet then engulfed with our 3 day chili, cheeses chopped green onion and sliced tomato. No potatoes with this dish! See you back for dinner, you will miss lunch today! Kidz $5.75, Nice $8.00, Bobby As $10.75

    Grilled Pasta and Marinara OmeletGrilled angel hair pasta with melted parmesan and romano cheeses. Served in an omelet with marinara and sausage then covered with garlick portabella mushrooms and fresh basil marinara! This is a lot of fun! Kidz $5.25, Nice $6.95, Bobby As $9.95 Red Eye! OmeletFor our traveling friends or those that played a bit hard last night. We have developed our own creation. This will put the POP back in your step! Chalula hot sauce cooked into the omelet along with ham, bacon & sausage. Plenty of cheddar and jack, diced green onion and sweet grilled yellow and red peppers. Now you have the sweet/ heat your body craves, the protein it needs and along with the bottom-less cup of coffee or a can of full throttle energy drink we help clear your mind as well. Kidz $5.25, Nice $7.25, Bobby As $9.95

    Ham and Mushroom Omelet Omelet with torn grilled ham and portabella mushrooms with jack and cheddar cheeses stuffed into a huge omelet laced with fresh spinach. Served with fried potatoes and your choice of toast.Kidz $5.75, Nice $8.25, Bobby As $10.95

    How Hungry are You? Kidz Size / Nice Size / Bobby As Size

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  • Eggs and Cakes

    and More!

    Farm Fresh Eggs Your style! Plus: magic bacon, hamburger patty, grilled ham or sausage patty, choice of hash browns or grilled red potatoes and served with your choice of bread. Kidz $5.95, Nice $8.25, Bobby As $10.95

    Omelets and Scrambles(Choose your stuffing pick three) Sausage, magic bacon, chili, tomato, fresh spinach, grilled ham, burger, green onion, peppers, olives, cheddar, jack, mozzarella, and swiss cheese. *Substitute egg whites Kidz $5.95, Nice $8.25, Bobby As $10.95

    Pancakes All griddle cakes served with whipped butter and warm maple syrup.Kidz $2.95, Nice $3.95, Bobby As $5.25

    Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes with Fruit With fresh strawberries, blueberries or bananastopped with our real whipped cream.Kidz $4.75, Nice $5.25, Bobby As $6.25

    Waffles With our fresh strawberries, blueberries or bananas topped with our real whipped cream.Kidz $4.75, Nice $5.25, Bobby As $6.25

    Chocolate Chip Pancakes or WafflesTopped with real whipped cream, whipped butter and chocolate gravy.Kidz $4.95, Nice $5.95, Bobby As $6.95

    French ToastThick egg bread dipped and grilled. Ask for a side of our chocolate gravy and enjoy the Bobby As way or with our fresh strawberries, blueberries or bananas. Topped with real whipped cream.Kidz $3.25, Nice $5.25, Bobby As $6.75

    Make it a Bobby As ComboAdd eggs, your choice of meat, and potatoes with your cakes. (Select your size!)Kidz $6.95, Nice $8.95, Bobby As $12.95

    Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs Your Way!Served with hash browns and Bobby As buttermilk biscuits and oklahoma gravy.Kidz $6.65, Nice $9.75, Bobby As $12.95

    California BreakfastBobby As house granola, assorted fresh california fruit and yogurt.Kidz $2.95, Nice $3.95, Bobby As $4.95

    Breakfast Burrito Sausage, scrambled eggs, potatoes, monterey jack, cheddar, green onions, sour cream & salsa and fresh black beans. Kidz $4.95, Nice $6.95, Bobby As $8.95

    Oklahoma Breakfast Eggs, (your style) grilled potatoes, country sausage, buttermilk biscuits & oklahoma gravy. Kidz $5.95, Nice $8.95, Bobby As $10.95

    No making out in the back seat!

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  • No making out in the back seat!

    Egg and Sausage Melt!Fried eggs and grilled sausage with shaved red onion, plump tomato on grilled old country rye with melted cheddar. If you prefer we can change to sourdough and bacon or ham in place of sausage. Kidz $4.95, Nice $7.95, Bobby As $9.95 Breakfast BurgerFried eggs, hash browns, hamburger patty, onion, cheese, ham slice, and a beef steak tomato slice. Served on a slightly toasted hamburger bun with savory dressing and shredded lettuce.Kidz $5.95, Nice $8.95, Bobby As $10.95

    Breads: Sour dough, dark wheat, white, rye, bagel, buttermilk biscuits, croissant, tortillas, texas toast $1.95

    2 Eggs any style: Scrambled, sunny side up, basted, over (easy medium hard), poached $2.25

    Meats: Magic bacon, ham, sausage patties, hamburger patty $2.95

    Potatoes: Hash browns, grilled red potatoes $1.95

    Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Berries $2.95

    Your Choice of Cereal, (Raisin Bran, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Special K) Add sliced banana House Granola, Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat $1.95

    Yogurt, (vanilla, low fat) $1.95

    Freshly Brewed Coffee: Our special kona blend, regular or decaf $1.95

    Selection of Hot Tea: $1.95

    Milk: Low fat, whipped hot chocolate $1.50

    Bottled Water: Still, $2.00 or bubbly $2.50

    Juices: (Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Pineapple, Apple, Tomato, V8,) $2.75 (small), $3.25 (large)

    on the Side at Bobby As


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  • Chili friesPasta bowl filled with chili, topped with shoestring or steak fries and melted Cheddar! Plus a dollop of sour cream with pico de gallo. Kidz $3.25, Nice $3.95, Bobby As $5.95

    Sweet and Spicy Chicken DrumettsTossed in our sweet and spicy thai sauce or with cool buttermilk cilantro ranch.Kidz $3.00, Nice $5.00, Bobby As $8.00

    Beer Battered Onion RingsBasket of thick-cut sweet onions with hous