Christchurch Boys' High School

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High School

Transcript of Christchurch Boys' High School

  • Christchurch Boys High SchoolProspectus


  • CBHS Prospectus 1

    Headmasters welcome

    Our vision is to be a community educating each boy to be a fine young man. Welcome to that

    community. We have 130 years experience in supporting the boys who enrol here to become fine

    young men. They excel across a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. We honour

    tradition, we value excellence, we teach values and we celebrate success in a school environment that

    cares for student welfare, recognises cultural diversity and meets the learning needs of a wide range

    of students.

    We have a long record of scholarship that has been enhanced in the last few years by top Scholarships

    results and excellent results in the Cambridge examinations. NCEA results are on average 5-10%

    above the normal mean for boys at similar schools. We have in place very successful programmes

    that support the learning of all our young men no matter what their abilities.

    Personal development is an emphasis of the school. Students are encouraged to develop the personal

    qualities necessary to participate in society. Good dress, good presentation, good attitude, good

    manners, good communication skills and a good balance to life are constantly reinforced.

    Many leadership opportunities and team activities develop self-esteem and confidence in working

    with, and reacting to, others. Respect for others is expected.

    Our school is a very energetic place with staff, students, parents and Old Boys committing an

    enormous amount of time to ensure that the students have the opportunity, teaching and guidance to

    make them active and valuable members of the Global Society.

    Trevor McIntyre


    Christchurch Boys High School Prospectus

  • CBHS Prospectus2

    Members Mr M. Jordan Mr B. Keen Mr H. Matthews Mrs R. Williams Mr T. McIntyre BAgSci DipTchg (Headmaster) Mr R.J. Taylor BPhEd DegSocSci DipTchg (Staff Trustee) Mr J. Miller (Student Trustee) Secretary Mrs A. Johnston

    Mr S. L. W. Aldhamland BA DipTchg Mr J. Andersen MEd (Admin) BSc DipTchg MNZIC HOD Chemistry, TimetablerMiss S. Andrew BEd Grad DipTchgMr R. Archibald BA DipTchg PR GeographyMr W. G. Armstrong BSc DipPhysEd DipEd PR MathematicsMrs S. Bailey BSc PGDipEd DipTchg part timeMrs J. Bellamy BA LTCL DipTchg Mr A. C. Bennett BSc DipEd DipTchg part timeMr G. J. Bird ATC NZCB DipSS PR Materials TechnologyMr D. J. Blee TC ATC TechCert DipSS Mr D. Bone BEd DipTchg Dean Year 10Mr M. Boomer BA(Hist) DipTchg HOD EnglishMr C. J. Borg BBusSt DipCom DipTchg PR Junior CommerceMr S. Brouwer BSc DipTchg Arts Coordinator Mrs D. A. Burrowes BA DipTchg Dean Year 9Mr M. M. Burtt BSc(Hons) DipTchg HOD Science, Biology, AgricultureMr T. Chang MCom Mrs S. Chaplin BNur DipTchg on leaveMr P. Comery MA(Hons) DipTchg Mr A. W. Cox BSc DipTchg Mrs R. Cox B Ag PGDip BusAdmin DipTchgMr S. H. D. Dacre MA(Hons) DipTchg ICT CoordinatorMr M. K. Drury BA DipTchg HOD Social StudiesMr C. Dunnett BPhEd DipTchg Mr G. D. Ellis AdvTC AdvDipTchg DipTecEd PR Materials TechnologyMiss E.P. Ellison BSc(Hons) DipTchg Grad Dip Mr M. Fairhurst MusB DipTchg Ms H. Feng BTL MTchLrng DipTchg Mr J. Fowler BA DipTchg on leaveMr K. Giles BSc MSc(Hons) DipTchgMrs A. L. A. Gooding BSc on leaveMiss E. J. Gormack BA DipTchg PR EnglishMr R. Gower BSc HDE DipTchgMs T. A. Hames BA DipTchg DipSLT CertSM(Sydney) Director of International StudentsMr Q Hamilton BA BEdDr B. E. Harding PhD MA(Hons) DipTchg part timeMrs B. Higgins BA DipTchgLrng Mr W. Hutchings BSc DipTchg Mr M. Kahukuranui Te ReoMr T. K. Kato BA DipTchg Ms S. M. Kirk MA(Hons) DipTchg GATE Coordinator, Dean Year 11Mr S. J. Lamb BA BPhEd DipTchg DipBS PR AccountingMrs M. R. Lanyon DipFA DipTchg BA TIC Art HistoryMr A. T. McCarthy BA(Hons) DipTchg Mrs A. H. McConnochie DipTchg SLDDip PGCEDS PR Learning SupportMs M. J. McCormack BEd DipViscom DipTchg HOD Art and Art HistoryMr L. R. McEntee BA DipTchg PR Computer StudiesMr D. R. McLauchlan MSc DipTchg HOD CommerceMr S. McLeod MSc(Hons) DipTchg TTCMr G. McNaughton BPR&T DipTchg Assistant Dean Yr 9 Dr J. W. L. Martin PhD MSc(Hons) DipTchg MNZIC Mr T. Matthews MEd BSc PGDipBus PGDipTchg CertCounselling Guidance CounsellorMr G. T. Mehrtens BSc MCom(Hons) TTC PR MathematicsDr N. W. Mehrtens BSc MSc(Hons) PhD GDipT&L MNZIP HOD PhysicsMr R. Meikle BSocSci DipTchgMr I. Millar BEd DipTchgMrs A. Milner SRD. HCIMA FRSH(UK) RD(NZ)Mr E. Mouhica BA (English Lit) part time

    Board and Staff

    Board Of Trustees

    Academic Staff

    Headmaster Mr T. McIntyre BAgSci DipTchg Second master Mr P.R. McWilliam BSc DipEd DipTchg Senior Master Mr S.R. Fraser BA PGDipArts DipTchg Senior Master Mr C. Philpott BA PGDipEdLead DipTchg

  • CBHS Prospectus 3

    Mrs S. Mowat BSC DipTchg on leaveMr E. J. Murphy BPhEd DipTchg HOD Physical EducationMrs K. A. OConnell BA DipTchg Mr M. Parr BPhEd Grad Dip Ed (Sec) Asst. Dean Year 9Miss L. Pears BSc DipTchg CertGiftEd(NSW) Specialist Classroom TeacherMs J. L. Pearson BA DipTchg Teacher LibrarianMr G. Pickering BSc BA(Hons) MBA DipTchg part timeMs L. E. Price BDesign DipTchg TIC Photography & DesignMr C. Quinn BA DipTchgMr D. A. Ralston BPhEd BSc DipTchg PR Outdoor EducationMr P. D. Robson BA DipTchg Gateways ProgrammeMs C. Sandford MEd GradDipArts DipSpecEd HigherDipTchg part time Guidance CounsellorMs M. Satterthwaite MBS BSc BA DipTchgMs J. M. Sharman BSc(Hons) DipTchg ATCL PR MathematicsMr O. Shrimpton BA(Hons) PGCE PR LanguagesMr I. A. Simson MA(Hons) Mr R. J. Taylor BPhEd AssDegSocSci DipTchg Hostel ManagerMr B. D. Thomas BSc DipTchg HOD Mathematics, NZQA LiaisonMr K. Thomson JP MA(Hons) DipTchg CPANZ Careers and Transition EducationMs V. Timperley BFA DipTchg part time, Arts AssistantMiss C. M. Todd BSc(Hons) MEd DipTchg DipSP&M PR Sports DirectorMr J. C. J. Van Oyen DipTchg ATC DipSS HOD TechnologyMr W. Waller BA BSW DipTchg HOD Languages, Dean Year 13Mr N. Walsh BPhEd BCom DipTchLng PR Health & Physical EducationMr N. Ward BEng(Hons) PGCE Mr P. Watson BEd DipTchg Ms M. Webb BA DipTchg Mr R. Webster BSc DipTchgMr P. Weggery BA BSc BCom DipTchgMrs C. Welsh BTchLrn Mr D. Whelan MNZM MA(Hons) MusB DipMus, DipTchg FTCL LRSM LMusTCL HOD MusicDr H. J. E. Williamson PhD BSc(Hons) DipTchg PR Yr11 ScienceMr C. Woolley BMus(Hons) BSc GradDipTchgLrngMs E. E. Wright BA DipTchg PR French, SpanishMr P. Wyatt BA(Hons) MA DipTchg PR History, Classical Studies

    Mrs D. M. Arnold LibCert LibrarianMr K. Beckett Technology TechnicianMr M. Coom Assistant Sports DirectorMr J. A. Davison BSc Network DirectorMr S. Dods Rugby, Cricket CoordinatorMrs S. Eustace Gateway CoordinatorMrs R. Fussey BSc (Hons) Learning supportMrs R. George School SecretaryMr B. J. Green IT TechnicianMrs L. Griffith Food Technician, StaffroomMrs H. M. Haggitt Personal Assistant to the HeadmasterMr C. Harris Asst. CaretakerMr T.C. Harris Asst. GroundsmanMr T.W. Harris Hall TechnicianMr W. J. Hutt Book TechnicianMrs J. T. Larter Computer OperatorMrs L. E. Lochhead BA LLB(Hons) MSc PhD Learning SupportMr S. McFarlane Senior GroundsmanMr R. McLean Archives AssistantMr M. McMillan PilatesMrs L. J. Mears Transition AssistantMr K. Newlands CaretakerMrs C. S. Nicholas Desktop PublishingMrs J. C. Parsons Bursar. NurseMr K. G. Ryan MSc Science TechnicianMrs A. L. Sellars Library AssistantMr J. R. Sinton MA DipTchg Database ManagerMrs W. K. Somerville on leaveMr M. C. Stokes Fitness Cert. Fitness CentreMr B. Tichborne Library AssistantMrs A. S. Uren Executive OfficerMr R. Vignaud Language AssistantMr M. Warr ArchivistMr S. Wilson Workshop Technician

    Support Staff

    Mr C. Henderson, Mrs E. Schwanen-Lilley, Mr G. de Lacey, Mr S. Nichols, Ms K St.Guillaume, Mr I. Thorpe, Mr G. Oliver, Mr R. Chandler, Mr C. Hiku, Ms A. Harrold, Mr J Thin

    Itinerant Music Teachers

  • CBHS Prospectus4

    Christchurch Boys High School, founded in 1881, has a number

    of distinctive features which taken together give the School its

    particular character. It is an all-boys state school with 1337 pupils,

    and it has fine buildings and grounds. Through the years its

    pupils and former pupils have established strong traditions and a

    reputation for high achievement.

    In its facilities and in the learning opportunities it offers, Christchurch

    Boys' High School is a modern school with a rich past. It aims to

    provide education of quality for boys of today in an environment

    which preserves the best traditions and values of the past.

    The School believes that individuals are important and values each

    pupil whatever his abilities and his interests. While the School

    continues to expect the highest of academic standards from the

    able, it works to increase the efforts and lift the attainment of all

    its students.

    The School believes that its main function is academic (in the

    broadest sense of classroom learning), but it also believes that a

    boy should be involved in and exposed to a range of sporting and

    cultural activities. These the School positively encourages. It also

    accepts the responsibility to help each boy to grow in self-respect

    and in concern for others.

    The School believes in high standards and in the pursuit of

    excellence - in academic work, in sport and culture, in discipline

    and behaviour and in service to others. It has strong links with the

    community, particularly through the many active groups of Old

    Boys. The School is aware that its pupils are going to live their

    lives in a world that is rapidly changing. For Christchurch Boys

    High School, t