Chapter breakup

Chapter breakup V 1-3 – summary V 4-6 – 1 st resurrection V 7-10 – serpents head bruised V 11-15 – 2 nd death


Chapter breakup. V 1-3 – summary V 4-6 – 1 st resurrection V 7-10 – serpents head bruised V 11-15 – 2 nd death. Mega things. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter breakup

• V 1-3 – summary• V 4-6 – 1st resurrection• V 7-10 – serpents head bruised• V 11-15 – 2nd death

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Mega things

Great …voice 1:10; 5:2,12, tribulation 2:22, sword 6:4, earthquake 6:12; 11:13; 16:18, wind

6:13, day 6:14,17, mountain 8:8; 21:10 star 8:10, furnace 9:2, river 9:14; 16:2, city 11:8; 14:8;16:19; 17:18; 18:10,16,18,19, fear 11:11, voices 11:15,

power 11:17; 18:1, small & Great 11:18, hail 11:19; 16:21, wonder/s 12:1; 13:3, red dragon 12:3, wrath 12:12, eagle 12:14, authority 13:2, thunder 14:2, cry 14:18, winepress 14:19, heat

16:9, whore 17:1; 19:2, admiration 17:6, millstone 18:21. white throne 20:11, wall 21:11.

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Christ and the Saints

• Rev 10:1 – the rainbowed angel• Rev 18:1 – Angel who lightens the

earth with his glory.• Rev 21:2,10 - Bride

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The power of sin

• “…who will bind the dragon or sin-power for a thousand years”.

The Christadelphian : Volume 6. 2001, p.360

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The power of sin• The first part of the work is to restrain sin,

apocalyptically styled binding the Dragon, the Old Serpent; who is designated also by the words diabolos and satanas; the former being rendered devil, and the latter left untranslated.

The Christadelphian : Volume 10, 2001, p.485

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The power of sin

• We see from these hints that diabolos, or ‘that having the power of death,’ appears in divers parts of Scripture in a sort of personal manifestation. The personality, however, is not that of a single individual; but the personification of a power in man, and in society antagonist to God and His people. .

The Christadelphian : Volume 10. 1873. p.486.

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Devil‘Diabolo’ = to cut or throw across

God says “thou shalt surely die”

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DeceiveMarch against God

Surround the holy cityGathered for battle

Travel the world against GodKilled saints

Summary of rebellion

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“Little season”

II Cor 4:17 – “for our light affliction, which is but for a moment”

Heb 2:10 - described as a “few days”

I Pet 5:10 – “after you have suffered a while”

I Pet 1:6 – heaviness for a season.

Page 14: Chapter breakup

Shared Authority• John 5:27 – Given Christ authority

to execute judgment.• Rev 20:4 – judgment given to the

saints.• Dan 7:22 – judgment given to the

saints of the most high.• Psm 149:9 – execute judgment…

honour of saints.• I Cor 6:2 – saints to judge the world.

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resurrection of the


The resurrection

of the righteous who die in

the 1000yrs

The rest of the dead… correct view

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The rest of the dead… wrong view


resurrection of the


The resurrection of the wicked over the last 7000 years.

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“…They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended). This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is the one that shares in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power…”


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The First Resurrection

• Luk 20:36; Phil 3:11 – ‘The resurrection of the dead”

• Luk 14:14 – “the resurrection of the just”• Jhn 5:29 – “the resurrection of life”• Heb 11:35 – “a better resurrection”

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First resurrection summary

• Some partake of the life of the First resurrection at the beginning of the millennium and some at the end... (as the 2nd death is also meted at the beginning and end).

• Both groups are “blessed and holy”.• Only those at the beginning reign for a


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The first death• Gen 3:19 – “for dust thou art and unto dust thou

shalt return”• Ecc 3:19-20 – “what happens to the beasts is the

same…all go to one place”.• Psm 89:48 – “What man…shall not see death”• Rom 5:12 – “…and so death passed upon all

men for that all have sinned”• I Cor 15:21-22 – “for since by man came death…

for as in Adam all die”• Heb 9:27 – “it is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment”

The 1st death is God’s condemnation

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Sinners• Lke 15:18-20, 24,32 – my son was dead

but is alive• Jhn 5:21 – father raises up the (morally)

dead• Eph 2:1-6 – dead in tresspasses & sins,

dead in sins.• Col 2:13 – dead in sins

• I Tim 5:6 – she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth

Therefore all under the first death

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2nd Death called…• Jhn 5:29 – “the resurrection of

condemnation”• Dan 12:2-3 – “shame & everlasting

contempt”• Matt 25:41-46 – everlasting punishment

• Rev 20:14 – the lake of fire

The 2nd Death is Christ’s condemnation

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The throne in Revelation• Rev 4:2 …a throne was set in heaven, and one

sat on the throne. • Rev 4:9 And when those beasts give glory and

honour and thanks to him that sat on the throne…• Rev 4:10 The four and twenty elders fall down

before him that sat on the throne…• Rev 5:1 And I saw in the right hand of him that

sat on the throne a book …• Rev 19:4 And the four and twenty elders and the

four beasts fell down and worshipped God that sat on the throne, saying, Amen; Alleluia.

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The throne in Revelation

• It is the same throne in Dan 7 before whom the books were opened to judge the nations and from which proceeded the stream of fire that ignites the lake of fire.

• It is the white throne and very glorious (Mt 25:31-32,41).

• Set up at the same time as (Dan 2:35)

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“first resurrection” = the only escape from the condemnation of mortality that God

passed on all.

“second death” = the condemnation of Christ, either at the commencement or at

the end of the millennium.

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Gen 19 Rev 20

Sin unrestrained Sin loosed

Compassed house about Compassed camp of saints

From every quarter (extremity) From four quarters

Fire from Yahweh out of heaven Fire from heaven

5 cities Completely destroyed Sin completely destroyed