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Digital marketing challenge organized by L'Oreal and HEC.

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  • 1. ChallengeTristan MicheletKim-Xuan Nguyen Paul Patrier

2. LEGOsJourney2 3. Exemple de slide3Lego progress report 2012 (available here) 4. LEGO Group |Core MarketToys MarketLegos market shareMattelBarbie Fisher Price Hotwheels Hasbro TransformersMarvelLego groupMarket size 84 milliards $ Lego Market share worldwide 8,6%80% of toys revenue stem from 2012 growth +1,5 pointNorth America, Europe and Asia Lego group is the 3rd biggest Toys manufacturer in the world4 5. LEGO Group |Key figures7 consecutive years of3 products spearhead the And in france growth!growth worldwide 3 04522502150 +25% 752498557 +33%2010 20112012Revenus Revenues Net profitLegos Revenues and net profits 5 6. What you need to know about LEGO Lego bricks production Lego bricks sold Connecting with lego 45.7 Lego bricks Billions bricksare owned byevery person 3.4 Million produced in Likeson earth 2012 25 MillionThe number Video viewsof lego brickssold in 2012would reach 87,000 more than 18times around 4.6 MillionBricks produced perLEGO club minute the worldmembers 6Lego progress report 2012 (available here) 7. Legos DNA We believe that all children in the world have the right to play and learn with products that are safe both online and offline. Lego 7 8. Legos digitalprojects8 9. Many universes9 10. ... That enable many interactions10 11. educational games11 12. crowd creation 12 13. For almost all ages!User interaction@ creationcommunity Lego Click DigitalmediaLego Club Channel Lego Channelage 3-12 yo13-18 yo +18 yo 13 14. What about legos competitors?User interactionage 3-12 yo 13-18 yo +18 yo 14 15. 3-12years oldEducationalGames market 15 16. Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, anddoing it through play childrens most important work.That it is how they learn, develop and find meaning inlife. It is one of the most natural and vital activities inhuman life. And it is the business we are in.LegoTablets enable the development of a more intuitive intelligence; children try more and learn by doing. Furthermore, solving small problems helps an hypotheticaland deductive intelligence. Serge Tisseron, psychologist and psychoanalyst 16 17. PadsThe biggest penetration rate increase in technology history 30% Of French households have a TouchPad In 2015, the strongest penetration rate willStrong be in France and in the Scandinavianmarkets countries Sales are decreasing, but demand for high quality online products is growing17 18. And Kids Kids under 12 use pads, 71% 30 % frequently.76% Parents think its good for their children to accustomwith new digital tools 49% Parents think educative applications prevail, 46% give value to educative games 18 19. Children educational needs and associated appsThemes Success stories Themes Success storiesmemory The Wheels on the Bus geometryPlay 123 Dr. Seuss StoriesStoriesToy Story calculationsTeam Umizumi MathSounds Little Fox Music Boxphysics Cut the RopeRead date and time Around The ClockReading / writing Endless Alphabet Monkey Word SchoolEnglish / French Kidschool : Anglais spellingAdventureGeographyBarefoot World AtlasSafetyBuildo RescueLogicKidslogic19 20. Success storiesCut the rope Toca bocaDragon boxPhysical principlesEvery day life initiationPreschool maths250 millions downloads 21 millions downloads Lego is a trustworthy and trans-generational label Our goal : gather all the family around LEGO apps20 21. OUR RECOMMENDATIONS 22. Legos DNA We believe that all children in the world have the right to play and learn with products that are safe both online and offline. Lego 22 23. Our strategyHow to allow all 3-12yo childrenin the world to be able to playand learn with products that aresafe online.Lego 23 24. Our strategyHow to allow all 3-12yo childrenin the world to be able to playand learn with products that aresafe online.LegoHow to make LEGO exist in3-12yo digital landscape? 24 25. How Lego will CONQUEER the 3-12yo educationalgames market Welcome Alexandre ! Your next mission in the adventure is to build a catapult. AdventureBuildShop 1. An application Portal2. Connect digital and reality Lego version of educational Help children understand games success storiesconnections & boundaries between digital & reality25 26. Children educational games needsThemes 3-66 - 12Success stories Solve puzzles, chose the rightgeometry shapeBuild a catapult, build a castlePlay 123calculations Feed your pets Give the change Team Umizumi Mathphysics Attack the castle with your catapults Cut the RopeLearn to read and write secretReading / writingAbcdairemessagesEndless AlphabetLearn to read and write secretMonkey Word Schoolspelling Write your name in LegomessagesAdventureThe treasures of theFind An object Where is the dog hidden? Where is the weapon hidden?Mystery Islandmemory Memory MemoryThe Wheels on the BusDr. Seuss StoriesstoriesFiremen saving petsFamous knights legendsToy StorySounds Animals sounds at the zooMedieval animals sounds Little Fox Music BoxLogicdominosDecode a crypted messageKidslogicRead date and time Lego watch Around The ClockEnglish / French Speak with the Queen Fight against the frog eaters!Kidschool : AnglaisGeography Europes medieval map Barefoot World Atlas 26 27. Welcome to lego knights!Welcome Alex!Your next mission in the adventure is to prepare theassault of Lord Nelsons castle! Adventure BuildShop27 28. Learn geometry 28 29. Learn how to countYour mission is to buy your soldiers gear. You have 1000 gold.Will it be enough? 14 14 ? 29 30. Learn LogicWe have intercepted an enemi message. Will you be able toranslate it?Bv tfdpvst ! Opvt tpnnftgbju dpnnf eft sbut !30 31. CONNECTDIGITAL ANDREALITY31 32. Digitalize your creationsShare your construction with your sandbox buddies, and Help them building it Take a picture of your Share them with your And give them the creations Lego network opportunity to buildthe same at home!Just take a picture of your creations, LEGO will do everything else 32 33. A pad cover made to play with lego 33 34. Lego 3D printerLEGOs future is more in its construction expertise than in its bricksLets anticipate the move!34 35. 35 36. Chips would make real to virtual transitioneasier36 37. KEYPERFORMANCEINDICATORS 37 38. Lego portalDigital reality# downloads# of media sharingIn app analyticsTime spent# of covers sold Frequency of use# of chip sold38 39. Take away39 40. Letslegolize theworld Thankyou!40