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CFC Cornerstone Orientation Training 72812

Transcript of CFC Cornerstone Orientation Training 72812

Building the Church of the Poor

CFC BUILDING THE CHURCH OF THE POOR (BCOP) : WAY FORWARDPRINCIPLES: One Church of the Poor umbrella ( integrating ANCOP, Cornerstone & Soc Min) CFC territorial structure implementation BCOP Programs: CFC Ancop Programs Social Development Programs ANCOP Foundation is the global fund/resourcegeneration arm of CFC supporting all of CFCs BCOP Programs

CFC BUILDING THE CHURCH OF THE POOR (BCOP)CFC-Ancop Programs Education : CSP CORNERSTONE Health (GKare) Com Dev Shelter Livelihood NOTE: Program Implementing Guidelines will continue to be followed for Cornerstone Social Development Programs Prison (Isaiah 61) Men/women in uniform (SOG) Government (STMA) Corporate/Business (Tekton) Migrants

Advocacy Environment (Oikos)

Cornerstone Components

Kids Values Formation (Leading to KFC)

HS Leadership Formation Program (Leading to YFC)

Parenting Formation (Leading to CFC, HOLD, SOLD)

Reading Tutorial for Elementary (partners/ volunteers invited to SFC CLPs)

Component 1 & 2: Lead ministries: SFC and KFC

Weekly Reading Tutorials and Values Formation Sessions to slow readers in Grades 2 and Grade 3 (30 per school) SFC volunteers to give the tutorial and values formation sessions KFC coordinators to provide initial facilitators for the VF, handhold the ROCK VF kuya, ate, monitor and evaluate the sessions during the school year KFC Coordinators to conduct ROCK training for SFC and YFC kuya, ate VF facilitators

Component 3 Lead: Couples for Christ with KFC, HOLD Ideally twice a month Parenting Formation Point of entry for CFC/ HOLD/SOLD CLPs CFC and HOLD to organize teams and provide facilitators/additional KFC coordinators to give the parenting formation trainings Facilitators to attend the parenting session trainings KFC Couple coordinators to help train facilitators, develop and evaluate parenting modules

CORNERSTONE Area Core TeamSECTOR/PROVINCIAL CORNERSTONE PROGRAM TEAM Head: CFC Cornerstone Sector/Provincial Coordinator Members: SFC Sector/Provincial CC For reading Tutorial KFC Sector/Provincial CC for Kids VF/ Trainor for Parenting HOLD Sector/Provincial Coordinator for the ang ganda mo component of parenting CFC Cluster Head in charge of the school for parenting and CLP ANCOP CSP Coordinator

Sector/Province Core TeamCFC Sector/Province





Cornerstone Sector/Provincial Coordinator Roles Promote CFC convergence and gateway evang. Ensure that all Ministries have adequate support Ensures that CFC and the CFC Ministry concerned appoints the Component Team Leaders per school Ensure program components are understood Ensures that each team member plays an oversight role for his/her CFC or ministry assignment Reports directly and coordinates with the AGT Calls for a Sector/Provincial assessment meetings

CORNERSTONE SCHOOL TEAM The CFC Cornerstone School Coordinator: Overall Cornerstone Head for the School SFC Tutorial Team Leader/s KFC Kids Values Formation Team leader CFC Parenting Formation Team Leader

School Working TeamCFC CS Coordinator

SFC Tutorial Team Leader


KFC Team Leader

Parenting Team Leader

The CFC Cornerstone School Coordinator Roles Responsible for initial coordination/school visitation Responsible for ensuring CFC support for all components Oversees the implementation of Cornerstone in the school. Conducts/Calls for a Coordination meeting among the Team Leaders for purposes of preparation for activities, reporting, feedback, provision of support (financial and volunteer) for the school. Reports to and coordinates directly to the Sector Cornerstone Coordinator for suggestions for improvement

SFC Tutorial Team Leaders Roles Takes the lead in the reading tutorial organizing in SFC Directly responsible for the tutorial implementation Ensures volunteers are trained to conduct reading tutorial Conducts pre-and post tutorial meetings Monitoring and evaluation of reading tutorial Plans and coordinates improvements on program implementation Coordinates closely with KFC for the Kids VF implementation Coordinates closely with the CFC Cornerstone School Coordinator for snacks, materials, and other needs Attends and coordinates trainings for volunteers Reports directly to the SFC Sector Couple Coordinator; submits required reports and coordinates closely with the SFC CC and the SFC FT in charge of the Sector

KFC School Team Leader Roles coordinates training for the Kids VF/Rock Training Ensures that there is an assigned volunteer to conduct Kids VF weekly Ensures that materials for Kids VF are available Provides weekly presence in the school and coordinates/build relationships with teachers/principal/ and parents evaluation of Kids VF and determines readiness for kids camp Coordinates with KFC In the chapter or cluster for integration of children who undergo camps to KFC Assist in the parenting formation as needed Reports directly and provides required reports to the CFC Cornerstone School Coordinator , the KFC Sector Coordinator and the KFC FT in charge of the Program.

CFC Parenting Formation Team Leader Invite CFC volunteers to attend training as Parenting formation facilitators Organize CFC parenting formation schedule for the school/s Coordinate closely with KFC facilitators and trainors. Coordinate with HOLD Ang ganda MO Coordinator in the Sector Facilitate in parenting formation Encourage more volunteers to participate and to conduct home visitation for parents who do not attend the parenting formation Coordinate and build relationships with the principal and teachers and how CFC can help in the school. Offer parenting also to other parents through the principal. Reports directly to the CFC Cornerstone School Coordinator and submits required reports to the KFC FT and the Cornerstone Office


Elementary Tutorial and Values Formation for 30 children Overall Tutorial Team Leader (SFC): 1 Ideal Ratio of Teacher to tutees 1:3 (minimum of 10 regular tutors per session) Rock Facilitators: 4 (minimum) (SFC with KFC CC, ROCK volunteers) Total Volunteer Requirement: at least 15 committed volunteers per weekly session

Program Basic Budget for Elementary Tutorial and Values FormationThe Cornerstone Budget for Elementary Tutorial and Values Formation: The basic minimum budget needed to sponsor an Elementary Cornerstone School for 30 children is Php60, 000 per annum. The following is the distribution of expenses: Snacks and materials for 30 weeks (P30x36px30) Christmas Activity with parents (P100x60px) Moving Up day with parents (P100x60px) Tutorial Books and Manuals (P500x10sets) Trainings of volunteers (P150x15px x2times) Program Supervision (national)

Php32,400 Php 6,000 Php 6,000 Php 5,000 Php 4,600 Php 6,000

RESOURCE GENERATION1. Partnership Development Areas of Partnerships to be developed: Individual or Corporate Volunteers for Tutorial and Values Formation who are willing to undergo the Cornerstone Training Sponsorship of a Cornerstone Tutorial class ( per child @2K each or per class (60K) School Build or Brigada Eskwela (suppliers) Feeding/Snacks (Rotary or other groups) Educational Institution (University or College) with a teacher empowerment program (where ACED is not present) Health Services (Medical and dental associations) College Scholarships for High School graduating students

RESOURCE GENERATION2. All chapters are encouraged to support and immerse in the Cornerstone school as a tool in developing love for the poor, provide opportunity for sharing their love and resources, and get to know the teachers, principal, partners, parents who are all potential invitees to CLPs (Rotate provision of snacks to chapters per week) 3. Encourage birthday celebration of members, family and friends in the schools 4. 5. Create/develop other fund raising activities to support the school. Allocate a portion of ANCOP walk proceeds for Cornerstone school

Parenting Formation Overall KFC Couple Coordinator/ PFO Coordinator: 1 CFC Facilitators and Service Team: 3 couple or 6 individuals Preferably coming from the same household or unit for every session from the Cluster/Chapter where the school is located to facilitate CLPs and CFC integration. HOLD Facilitators for the sessions on environment: 4

Weekly SnacksPreparation and Serving of Weekly Snacks (for elementary tutorial) and relating with teachers CFC volunteers from Chapter in charge for the week: 4 minimum

CORNERSTONE Mark 12: 10-11 The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes'

For more on Cornerstone : Bernie Cuevas 09175647950 Sheh de Leon -09228357434; 09166439297 Mito Tayag 09178921226 Junie Romero (SFC) - 09178586379 Emms Abayon (KFC) 09223375723 Regina Luy (YFC) 09173119633