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Now you have the power to use art to get your point across. Guerrilla Art is a presentation about how to use art to get a message out, specifically as cheap as possible. We talk about screenprinting, aerosol art, graffiti, stencil, music activism, and all sort of other stuff.

Transcript of Catalyst Guerrilla Art

  • 1.Opening Slide

2. What is Guerrilla Art? 3. Definition

  • The act of creating art that sends
  • a message encouraging social change.

4. Graffiti

  • Highly visible, bold messages meant
  • to trigger responses from the viewer.

5. Pic March Downtown 6. Pic Bobby Spray 7. Posters

  • Posters have long been one of the preferred
  • mediums for activists to express themselves
  • while informing the masses. Posters are
  • inexpensive and easily reproducible.

8. Screenin 9. Posters 10. Music

  • Music is a great way to capture the
  • attention of the masses, often time
  • without them knowing it.

11. Rappers 12. Music pics KQ 13. Pins

  • Pins - worn by everyone from punks to
  • hipsters. This is an easy way to show
  • that you support a cause, and it also
  • adds a little cool to every outfit.

14. Pins Pic 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. How the tobacco industry uses Guerrilla Art 22. Example of tobacco industrys use of Guerrilla Art

  • The tobacco industry will use anything
  • they can in order to find new smokers
  • and keep the ones they already
  • have - hooked.

23. Pic Camel Farm 24. Pic Camel Farm 25. Pic Indie Spirit 26. Pic Camel Wides 27. Pic Kool Sign. pad 28. Pic Kool Hip-Hop 29. End Lets Go Guerrilla! Posters! Buttons! Screen Printing! Spray Painting!