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Transcript of Cashflow Confirmation - Deutsche Bank Autobahn .Cashflow Confirmation 2 Introduction The Cashflow

Deutsche BankCorporate Banking & Securities

Cashflow ConfirmationUser Guide

1 Cashflow Confirmation

Autobahn is Deutsche Banks award-winning electronic distribution service.

Since 1996, Autobahn has been connecting clients to Deutsche Banks innovative Capital Markets products and services. Originally launched as an execution tool, the new Autobahn now offers an Integrated experience, and provides electronic access to Deutsche Banks wealth of sales, trading and research know-how as well as seamless access to all of our transaction banking services.

Autobahn is a simple, intuitive and consistent way for you to:

Gain unparalleled access to Markets and Liquidity Electronically trade across multiple asset classes: Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Equities,

Commodities, Credit, Rates and Emerging Markets Intuitively access Deutsche Banks powerful analytics and published content 24/7 access to all of your transaction banking services, independent of physical location

Autobahn. Experience Excellence.

ContentsIntroduction 2

Logging into Autobahn 2

Launching Cashflow Confirmation 3

Main Components of Cashflow Confirmation 4

Cashflow Records 5

Views 5

Settlements view 6

Filters 6

DB Contacts 7

Settlements Instructions and Audit Trail 7

Approving Cashflows Process 8

Reviewing a Cashflow 8

Sending Queries 9

Query Responses 10

Approving Cashflows 10

Other Actions 10

Resetting User Settings 10

Adding Client Reference ID 11

Iconography 11

Cashflow Confirmation 2

IntroductionThe Cashflow Confirmation (CFC) App allows you to review and approve the status of your open cashflows for Rates, Credit and Equity derivative trades. CFC provides a direct and secure channel of communication with your Deutsche Bank service teams, as well as a full audit trail of your open and historical trades.

Furthermore, the App enables you to:

View and filter all cashflow records including historic cashflow approvals

Approve cashflows individually or as a batch

Prioritise approvals through visual alerts (priority flags, colour coding)

Query trade details through the In-App messaging tool

View full audit trail of activities with date and time stamps

Export cashflows into Excel or PDF

Logging into AutobahnCashflow Confirmation is hosted on Deutsche Banks Autobahn platform. To launch this App, you will first need to login to Autobahn:

1. Type into your browser (see Fig. 1.0)

2. Enter your username and WebSSO password

Note: Your login credentials are provided in the welcome email upon initial registration to Autobahn. You can always change your password using the following link:

Fig. 1.0 Logging into Autobahn

3. Click Submit button

4. Click the Continue to original resource @ Autobahn Toolbar link in the centre of the page

3 Cashflow Confirmation

Launching Cashflow Confirmation 1. Select the Browse Apps section from the high-level navigation bar (see Fig.1.1)

2. Click the Post Trade link in the left -hand menu

3. Select the Add to My Apps link

4. Click Launch

Note: By selecting the Add to My Apps link, going forward, you will be able to launch the App from the My Apps section.

Fig. 1.1 Launching Cashflow Confirmation

Cashflow Confirmation 4

Main Components of Cashflow ConfirmationThe Cashflow Confirmation window contains the following main components (see Fig.2.0):

1. Cashflow Records review, approve and send queries on your cashflows

2. Views toggle cashflow views between Credit & Rates and Equities derivative trades

3. Settlements view switch between open and historical trades

4. Filters search for cashflows by Status, Legal name, Value date, Trade ID or STP

5. Settlement Instructions and Audit Trail select a cashflow to review the SSI Details, and audit trail and net cashflow information

6. DB Contacts view the name, email address and telephone number of your DB Agents

Fig.2.0 Cashflow Confirmation Window

5 Cashflow Confirmation

Cashflow RecordsThe cashflow records is the main panel you use to facilitate the cashflow review and approval process.

1. Review cashflows status and cashflow details

2. Approve cashflow button

3. Communicate with your DB Agent using Send Query button

4. Export cashflow/s to pdf

5. Export cashflow record into Excel

Figure 2.1 Cashflow Records

ViewsThe Views panel lets you toggle between Credit & Rates and Equities trades view. The numbers represent the cashflow count for each business:

1. Credit & Rates - view cashflows for Credit and Rates trades

2. Equities - view cashflows for Equities trades only

Fig. 2.2. Views: Credit & Rates view - selected

Cashflow Confirmation 6

Settlements viewYou can view cashflow records in two different ways:

1. Live view Displays open, pending and approved casflows. You can review, approve or send queries on cashflows

2. Archive view Displays all approved cashflows

Fig. 2.3 Different Views: Live view selected

The view that you select will appear in a highlighted state (See Fig. 2.3). By default, the selected view is Live view. Every three hours, the database is refreshed and you will see a listing of your current cashflows at that time.

Note: Any cashflows executed after the last four hourly refresh will not appear until the next four hour window e.g. if the last refresh was performed at 10:00 GMT and you executed the trade at 10:27 GMT, you will see the record when the next refresh is done at 14:00 GMT

You can also export trade details to PDF or Excel using icons in the top right hand corner of the application.

Fig. 2.4 Filters panel

FiltersUse the Filters panel to search for the required cashflow records (see Fig. 2.4):

1. Select the appropriate Status or search by Legal name, Value date, Trade ID or STP

Note: You may multi-select categories in the Status section, if required.

2. Click Apply to initiate the search or Clear All to reset the filters

The resulting cashflow records will now appear within the main Cashflow Records window.

7 Cashflow Confirmation

Settlements Instructions, Audit Trail and Payment NetClick on the cashflow to load the Settlement Instructions section.

1. By default, the Details tab (see Fig. 2.5) is shown allowing you to view the settlements instructions. Since the cashflow confirmation is a two way process, all DB SSIs are now visible in the same Settlement Instruction Pane as your SSIs are currently displayed. These will always be visible going forward whether it is a live cashflow, an archived cashflow, or content exported to Excel.

Fig. 2.5 Settlements Instructions

2. Select the Audit Trail tab (see Fig. 2.6) to review the history. This includes the Trade ID, the date and time the cashflow was executed and if appropriate, when it was approved or closed and any comments associated with the trade.

3. Payment Net tab (see Fig. 2.7) allows you to view details as well as the net amount of the approved netted cashflows.

Fig. 2.6 Audit Trail Fig 2.7 - Payment Net

DB ContactsClick on the DB Contacts button to view name, email and telephone number of your Deutsche Bank contact.

Fig. 2.8 DB Contacts

Click on the DB Contacts button to view name, email and telephone number of your Deutsche Bank contact.

Cashflow Confirmation 8

Approving Cashflows ProcessTo approve cashflows, you will have to first review the cashflow record. Once you have reviewed, you can either send a query (if you do not recognise the cashflow record) or you can approve the cashflow (if you do recognise the cashflow record).

Note: CFC also has the ability to net your cashflows. There is an automatic calculation provided when selecting multiple cashflows. This visibility is carried through to the approval process, ensuring management of your workload is as simple and efficient as possible.

Reviewing a CashflowIn the Cashflow Records view panel you can see cashflows with open, pending and approved status (see Fig. 3.0).

Fig. 3.0 Cashflow Status

Trade Status Description

Open A new cashflow

Pending A queried cashflow

Approved An approved cashflow

By default, all cashflows are arranged by value date/priority (see Fig. 3.1).

You can sort and arrange different columns.

You can now also see all cashflows, both STP and Non -STP, making it easier for you to enquire about your cashflows in one centralised location.

You can also track each cashflow with the corresponding MarkitWire ID associated to it, allowing you to have a Common Identifier to track or query a cashflow if needed. MarkitWire IDs are now part of the Excel export, providing you with multiple data reference points when manipulating your extracted cashflows.

Fig. 3.1 Priority Flag

Priority Description

If the value date for the cashflow is after the next business day

If the value date for the cashflow is today or the next business day

To review a cashflow:

1. Click the cashflow to load the Settlements Instructions section at the bottom of the window

Note : Click the + icon to list the different legs of the cashflow before maki