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Transcript of Care service inspection report - University of Aberdeen Rocking Horse Nursery operates from a...

  • Care service inspection report Quality themed inspection (day care for children)

    Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen Day Care of Children

    49 College Bounds Aberdeen

    Inspection report for Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen Inspection completed on 14 June 2016



  • Service provided by: Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen

    Service provider number: SP2003000341

    Care service number: CS2003001766

    Inspection Visit Type: Unannounced

    Care services in Scotland cannot operate unless they are registered with the Care Inspectorate. We inspect, award grades and set out improvements that must be made. We also investigate complaints about care services and take action when things aren't good enough.

    Please get in touch with us if you would like more information or have any concerns about a care service.

    Contact Us Care Inspectorate Compass House 11 Riverside Drive Dundee DD1 4NY

    0345 600 9527


    Inspection report

    Inspection report for Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen [DRAFT] page 2 of 16

  • 1 About the service we inspected Rocking Horse Nursery operates from a purpose-built environmentally friendly building within the campus of Aberdeen University. The nursery is registered to provide a care service to a maximum of 78 children at any one time aged from birth to those not yet attending primary school of whom no more than 21 may be under 2 years of age.

    The nursery operates between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.15 pm Monday to Friday. In addition the care service may operate for a maximum of 20 weekends in a 12-month period between the hours of 9.30 am and 5.00 pm. The age range of children attending at weekends will be:

    - A maximum of 12 children aged 0 to under 2 years. - A maximum of 10 children aged 2 to those not yet attending primary school - A maximum of 8 children aged 5 to under 8 years.

    The nursery aims and values include:

    - to use innovative approaches which meet the needs of individual children - to promote overall health and wellbeing - to respect the needs of individuals and encourage creativity - to provide regular opportunities for outdoor play - to provide challenge through play - to work in partnership with parents - to provide staff with opportunities for continual professional development.

    The Care Inspectorate is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all children receiving a care service. We want to ensure they have the best start in life, are ready to succeed and live longer, healthier lives.

    We check services are meeting the principles of Getting it Right for Every Child (also known as GIRFEC). Set up by the Scottish Government, GIRFEC is a national approach to working in a consistent way with all children and young people. It is underpinned by the principles of prevention and early intervention. The approach helps services focus on what makes a positive difference for

    Inspection report

    Inspection report for Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen [DRAFT] page 3 of 16

  • children and young people and what they can do to improve. GIRFEC is being woven into all policy, practice, strategy and legislation that affect children, young people and their families.

    There are eight wellbeing indicators at the heart of GIRFEC. They are: safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible, and included. They are often referred to as the SHANARRI indicators. We use these indicators at inspection, to assess how services are making a positive difference for children.

    The Care Inspectorate regulates care services in Scotland. Information about all care services is available on our website at

    This service was previously registered with the Care Commission and transferred its registration to the Care Inspectorate on 1 April 2011.

    What we did during the inspection We wrote this report following an unannounced inspection carried out by two inspectors. The inspection took place on 14 June 2016 between 8.15 am and 4.15 pm. Feedback was given to the head teacher, deputy head teacher and nursery staff at the end of the inspection.

    As part of the inspection we took account of the completed annual return and self assessment forms that we asked the service to complete and submit to us.

    Before the inspection we sent the service 35 Care Standards Questionnaires (CSQs) to give to parents and carers who use the nursery. Fifteen parents/ carers sent us completed questionnaires.

    During the inspection process we gathered evidence from the following sources:

    We spoke with:

    - the manager - staff - four parents

    Inspection report

    Inspection report for Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen [DRAFT] page 4 of 16

  • - the children.

    We observed:

    - staff practice - the children's experiences - the environment for the children.

    We looked at relevant documents and records:

    - aims and objectives - displays and photographs - children's records and profiles - planning - infection and control procedures - complaints policy - child protection policy and procedures - improvement plan.

    Taking the views of people using the care service into account Children appeared very happy, settled and engaged with the activities on offer. The younger children gave us lots of smiles and cuddles. Older children told us:

    "This is my wobble car."

    "Help me make a house."

    "Red and orange mixed. We can't get it back to one. I am going to make a magic potion." (play at the water tray)

    Taking carers' views into account Eighteen parents and carers returned completed care standards questionnaires and we spoke to four parents during the inspection. Responses indicated that most parents were happy with the service, commenting positively about the care and support their child was given.

    Inspection report

    Inspection report for Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen [DRAFT] page 5 of 16

  • "The nursery is absolutely brilliant. The new building is so clean and well-lit and the kids are clearly enjoying their new environment."

    "The staff are outstandingly friendly and bright, and always enthusiastic about taking the kids out and trying new activities."

    "An excellent nursery, I entirely trust the staff for taking excellent care of my children in a nurturing environment."

    "Highly competent manager."

    Comments on Self Assessment Every year all care services must complete a 'self assessment' form telling us how their service is performing. We check to make sure this assessment is accurate.

    The Care Inspectorate received a fully completed self assessment document from the provider. The provider identified pointers to what the service did well, some areas for development and any changes planned. The staff talked about how they promoted a healthy lifestyle and their ongoing improvements to outdoor learning experiences. The told us how they involve parents and staff in making improvements to the service.

    Inspection report

    Inspection report for Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen [DRAFT] page 6 of 16

  • 2 The grades we awarded We grade the quality of care and support, quality of the environment, quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership. In each case, we award a grade on a scale from 1 to 6, where 1 is unsatisfactory and 6 is excellent.

    Quality of care and support 5 - Very Good Quality of environment 5 - Very Good

    Quality of staffing 5 - Very Good Quality of management and leadership 5 - Very Good

    3 Quality of care and support Findings from the inspection We found this service was performing at a very good level in helping children achieve and keeping children safe.

    Helping children achieve their full potential

    Children were motivated and engaged in all areas of the nursery. In the green room, we observed children making potions in the water tray and volcanoes in the sand tray. Both activities promoted discussion, co-operation and supported early science skills. We noted their play had been influenced by their previous learning about volcanoes which was displayed on a wall. Their ideas were further developed in the weekly plans which were responsive to the interests of the children. The children were independent learners and were able to choose from a variety of resources stored in trolleys and clear plastic boxes.

    In the pink and yellow rooms, children had access to a range of age appropriate toys which encouraged their curiosity and creativity. Continuity of care was supported with a child's achievement book shared between home and nursery. We noted the children enjoyed taking part in yoga sessions which supported their interests and creativity.

    Inspection report

    Inspection report for Rocking Horse Nursery - Aberdeen [DRAFT] page 7 of 16

  • Keeping children safe

    Staff worked well as a team to supervise and keep the children safe whilst ensuring opportunities were given for independent investigation. Opportunities were available for older children to explore a wooded area and look for bugs and plants. This supported their understanding of the world around them. The children were supported to wash their hands after outdoor play, helping to keep them safe and well and free from infection.

    The younger children were encouraged to go outside and enjoyed splashing and jumping in the puddles and wet grass. The children wore wet weather suits which helped keep them dry, warm and safe.

    To support sleep patter