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Mission Rocking ChairBrought to you by the Recovery Room of Regina Saskatchewan2015 2016 Project for mr. Gregory Riehl

Mission Style- is a design that emphasizes simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the grain of the wood (often oak, especially quartersawn oak). People were looking for relief after the excesses of Victorian times and the influx of mass-produced furniture from the Industrial Revolution. The furniture maker Gustav Stickley produced Arts and Crafts furniture often referred to as being in the Mission Style, though Stickley dismissed the term as misleading. This was plain oak furniture that was upright, solid, and suggestive of entirely handcrafted work, though in the case of Stickley and his competitors, was constructed within a factory by both machine and handworking techniques.

This particular Rocking Chair- was rescued from a local garage sale, where the owner, Greg, was riding by on his bike, the rocker was being carried to the dumpster as no one had wanted the chair. Greg saw the bones of the chair, and locked his bike to a post, and carried the chair six blocks home. There it sat for years, too rickety to sit on, and then it sat in the basement of the Recovery Room for another couple of years, until the holidays of 2015 where the restoration began. This is where the story picks up, and where these pictures and the new life start again.

Oh, were not quite done yet, so stay tuned