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    Campion News October 2016

    Campion News

    The Newsletter of Campion Hall, Oxford University Number 8, Michaelmas Term 2016

    T he old Irish greeting, Cead Mile Failte, “a hundred thousand wel- comes”, was clearly appro- priate at Campion Hall last term, on 13th May, when for the first time the Univer- sity’s newly appointed Vice -Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson FRSE, formally graced the Hall with her company. The oc- casion was a Hall Guest Night, at which those pre- sent included members of the Campion Hall commu- nity and other guests who also hailed from Professor Richardson’s native Ireland. The Vice-Chancellor is shown above in the Hall’s garden, with the Master, the Reverend Dr James Hanvey SJ, on her left, and on her right the other major guest of the evening, His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Conner, the Emeritus Archbish- op of Westminster and an old friend of Campion Hall. Other guests on this distinguished occasion includ- ed the Dean of Christ Church, Martyn Percy, and his wife, Rev. Dr Emma Percy; Revd Professor Michael Mullaney, who is Professor of Canon Law at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth; Professor Roy Foster, Carroll Professor of Irish History at Hertford College; and Professor Seán McGrail, who is a for- mer Oxford Visiting Professor of Maritime Archae- ology and a one time sabbatarian at Campion Hall. On such social occasions the Vice-Chancellor likes to meet and chat with students and to discuss their work and their research; and her interest was greatly appreciated by those of our graduate and doctoral students whom she met during her memorable visit to the Hall.*

    A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

    Contents 1 A hundred thousand welcomes!

    2 In Memoriam

    A forthcoming Campion Lecture

    Recent Hall Publications

    3 In the News

    4 New Senior Members

    5 Our Junior Research Fellows


    6 Past Masters: Charles Plater

    9 Treasures of Campion Hall, 8:

    The Garden, a “pied beauty”

    12 Supporting Campion Hall

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    Campion News October 2016

    In Memoriam

    We grieve to record the death on 19th August after a short

    illness of our Senior Research Fellow in Music,

    Rev. T. Frank Kennedy SJ, aged 68. He also held the Canisius Chair in Humanities and Music at Boston College, New England, where he had been Rector of the Jesuit Uni- versity Community. As a musi- cologist T Frank edited, pro-

    duced and professionally recorded four baroque op- eras associated with the early Society of Jesus, and was planning to produce one in Oxford. He was re- cently recognized by Boston College for his lifetime of service to music.

    “Life is changed, not ended” (vita mutatur, non tollitur)

    Preface of the Requiem Mass.*

    Forthcoming Campion Lecture Rev Matt Malone SJ is President and Editor in Chief of America Media, which produces the influen- tial weekly Jesuit journal, America, and an alumnus of the Jesuit Heythrop College, University of London. He is the author of Catholiques Sans Etiquette, Paris, Salva- tor Press, 2014, concerning the church and the political. On Tuesday, 1st November, at 7 p.m., he will deliver a Campion Lecture in the Catholic Chaplain- cy to the University, Rose Lane, St Aldate’s. The subject of his lecture, in the light of the forthcoming November 8th American Presidential election, will be “Faith in the Public Square. On Catholic Social Teaching and American Presidential Politics.” *

    Congratulations to Rev Dr Joseph A. Munitiz SJ

    on his latest book, Ignatian Spir- ituality. A Selection of Continent- al Studies in Translation (The Way). The author was Master of Campion Hall from 1989-98 and subsequently its Librarian and Archivist. Now Emeritus Fellow at the Hall, Dr Munitiz presents here a collection of articles he has translated from Spanish and French, some of which were pre- viously published in The Way.*

    Congratulations to Professor Peter Davidson,

    Senior Research Fellow and late Professor of Renaissance Studies, Aberdeen University, on the latest publication of his book, The Idea of North. (Reaktion, 2nd ed. 2016). After meditating on Dis- tance and Memory (2013) and

    The Last of the Light – on Twi- light (2015), the author returns to contemplating the associations and implications of the idea of the North as a place of disclosure that is both enticing and evocative.*

    Congratulations to the Mas- ter, Rev Dr James Hanvey SJ, a member of the University Fac- ulty of Theology and theological consultant for the department of Christian Responsibility and Citi- zenship of the Bishops’ Confer- ence of England &Wales, on the publication of his encyclopaedic article, “Catholic Social Teach- ing”, in The Global History of Catholicism, general editor Eamon Duffy, published by the Lord Brennan Catholic Educa- tional Trust and Rowan Publish- ing, 2016.*

    Recent Hall Publications

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    Campion News October 2016

    A new library acquisition We are delighted to report the appointment of Wilma Minty to the Hall’s Library staff, and to wish her every success in her new post. After graduating from St Andrew's University and do-

    ing postgraduate work in Ox- ford, she was appointed to the University’s Theology Faculty Library, and has been more re- cently on the staff of the Bodlei- an Library as its Special Project Librarian and Curator for Spe- cial Events and Public Pro- grammes. At Campion she is engaged in the electronic con- version of the catalogue and ra- tionalisation of the library, and its full integration into the Uni- versity system. Wilma was twice awarded a blue for representing the Uni- versity at squash, and she main- tains her interest in rambling, opera and the activities of the National Trust and the Royal Horticultural Society.* Mr Travis Lacouter, from the USA, an alumnus of the Jesuit Holy Cross College in Worces-

    ter, Massa- chusetts, has completed his degree of Master of Studies (MSt) at the Hall, and is

    beginning to study for his DPhil in Theology, focusing on the role of prayer in theological an- thropology.*

    Rev Wilin Buitrago Arias SJ, from Bogota and the Colum- bian Jesuit Province, has completed his language quali- fication in Eng- lish at the Hall, and is now be-

    ginning to study for the degree of MPhil in Politics, in Compar- ative Government, aiming later to proceed to the DPhil in Politi- cal Science.*

    Rev Vijay d’Souza SJ has been engaged in fieldwork in India collect- ing data for his DPhil on documenting and preserv- ing the Hrus- so Aka lan- guage spoken

    in the remote Himalayan foot- hills of NE India. He stayed in villages and recorded stories, conversation, religious ceremo- nies and traditional songs of Hrusso Aka as part of the effort to preserve this fast disappear- ing language. The recorded data will be archived in the well-known lan- guage archive, Endangered Lan- guage Archive (ELAR), Lon- don, from whose programme Vijay had received a grant for his work. Language support ma- terial like textbooks, a diction- ary and story books will be cre- ated using the archived data. Since his return, Vijay has re- ceived Confirmation of his Sta- tus as a DPhil candidate.*

    New Arrivals Rev Dr Markus Dreher SJ was

    born in Ger- many, and gained his doc- torate in theo- retical physics at the Univer- sity of Kon- stanz, where

    he became a teaching assistant. He also published in internation- al scientific periodicals, and made presentations at interna- tional conferences. On becom- ing a Jesuit, he studied Philoso- phy in Munich and Theology in London. In Oxford he plans to begin working on an MSt in the Philosophy of Physics. Markus enjoys walking in the English countryside and be- ing surprised by our weather.*

    Rev Christopher Krall SJ, from Wisconsin, USA, graduat- ed from Boston College and the

    University of Toronto, with a later Diplo- ma in Lon- ergan Stud- ies, before becoming a Jesuit and receiving his formation at

    Boston College. After priestly ordination he worked in the Jes- uit parish in Milwaukee, particu- larly with young adult groups, and his other pastoral activities have ranged from a native Indi- an reservation to the US Mili- tary Services. In Oxford he is taking the MSt in Theology and Science, aiming to explore the dignity and value of the human person in the light of advance- ments in neuroscience. Chris enjoys marathon run- ning, cycling, swimming, squash and tennis.*

    In the News

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    Campion News October 2016

    Revd Canon Professor Graham Ward, Se