Camera Shots & Angles

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Camera shots & angles

Transcript of Camera Shots & Angles

Camera shots & angles

Camera shots & angles Lloyd Belcher & Michael KingCamera shot distanceExtreme close up ECU

Camera shot distanceMedium close up MCU

Camera shot distanceBig close up BCU

Camera shot distanceMedium shot MS

Camera shot distanceClose up CU

Camera shot distanceMedium Long Shot MLS

Camera shot distanceLong Shot LS

Camera shot distanceLow angle shot LA

Camera shot distanceEstablishing shot ES

Camera shot distanceBirds eye view BEV

Camera shot distanceHigh angle shot HA

Camera shot distanceDutch angle DA

Camera shot distanceEye shot level EL

Camera shot distanceReverse angle shot RA

Camera shot distanceReverse angle shot RA