Camera shots & angles

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Transcript of Camera shots & angles

  • 1.Close up shot Close up shows the actor's head and sometimes their shoulders. This shot directs the audience's attention to the significance of what that individual is doing, saying or feeling at that particular time. The close-up shot can also draw attention to an object which is of significance to the narrative.

2. Extreme close up shot A shot where a part of a face or body of a character fills the whole frame/dominates the frame. 3. Establishing Shot A shot that establishes a scene. Often giving viewer the information about the set. 4. Medium shot The framing of a subject waist up 5. Two Shot A shot of two characters, possible engaging in a conversation. Usually signify a relationship. 6. Low Angle A camera that looks up at a subject /object. Often used to make the subject look powerful/dominant. 7. High Angle A camera angle that looks down upon a subject or object. Often used to make the subject appear small/vulnerable. 8. Long shot which shows all or most of a fairly large subject (for example, a person) and usually much of the surroundings. 9. Wide Shot 10. Master shot 11. Canted angle 12. POV (point of view)Shot 13. The End