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Camera angles and shots.

Camera angles and shots.Daniel Shah

Extreme long shotExtreme long shot is somehow similar to an establishing shot, used to tell the audience the idea of the location where a particular event is going to be happen. Generally, this shot is taken from far away. Usually, this shot is use to show an exterior of building or a landscape. Mostly, this shot is used in War film to show the war zones and the massive destructions.

Long Shot Usually, the long shot are shown from the head to feet, it includes the head room and the background. Sometimes, used for the establishing shot. It is also known as a full shot. It is similar to Extreme Long Shot as extreme long shot establishes a scene and a Long shot gives more details.

Medium ShotA middle shot contains the character up from the knees, the feet arent shown in the shot. This type of shot is used to show a conversation or the characters interaction or reaction. Mostly, the background isnt given much importance as the audience is already aware of the location through the establishing shot in earlier scenes. If the frame contains two people then its a Two Shot, if three then its a Three Shot and if more, then its likely to be a long shot.

Two Shot -Three Shot

Close UpA close up shot includes a very little amount of the background, the backgrounds gets blurred whereas it focuses on either a person, to show the facial expression or an object, to show the importance or as much detail of an object.

Extreme Close UpExtreme close up is basically a further type of the close up shot. Extreme close up shots are taken to show what the human eye cant easily see. Its can also be defined as a magnified shot. The background mostly, is barely visible as it is extra blurred because it has no importance at that time. It is used to show extensive details of an object or if a human, then eyes or mouth.

The Birds-Eye ViewThis shot is taken to show a overhead scene, from the above the character or the object so the audience feels as if they are looking down towards the character or any actions.

High AngleHigh angles arent like the Birds-Eye View, is just taken form a higher angle not directly above the object or the character. Mostly, this shot is taken using cranes, which makes it more natural like looking down at any object or a character.

Eye LevelThis can also be called a neutral shot. Eye level shot means that the camera is placed as the same height of the character. This makes the frame more natural as its the same a person would see another person. The shot is taken exactly from the eye level neither higher nor lower.

Low Angle ShotLow angle shots are usually taken to show the character more powerful or stronger or even taller. The camera is placed below the character making the audience feel that they are looking upwards toward the character.