Camera shots and angles

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Simple camera shot and angles in film whith examples

Transcript of Camera shots and angles


2. ESTABLISHINGSHOT An establishingshot infilmmaking andtelevisionproduction setsup, or establishesthe context for ascene by showingthe relationshipbetween itsimportant figuresand objects. 3. EXTREME CLOSEUP An extreme close up isfilmmaking and televisionis used as a way to see acharacters emotions, it isnormally a shot of onlysomeone's facespecifically their eyes. 4. CLOSE-UPA close-upis used toobservereactionsandemotions,such ishappiness,elation ortension. 5. MEDIUM SHOTIn film, a mediumshot is a cameraangle shot from amedium distance.The dividing linebetween long shotand medium shotis fuzzy, as is theline betweenmedium shot andclose-up. 6. LONG SHOTA long shot can beeffective as anestablishing shot thatsets the scene forthe action and roles inthe viewer. 7. EXTREME LONGSHOT An extremelong shot is aview from aneven greaterdistance, inwhich peopleappear as smalldots in thelandscape if atall 8. AERIEL SHOTA view fromdirectly overhead toafford a clear viewsometimes used toemphasize thespectacle. 9. CANTED ANGLEA shot which istilted to oneside. This isoften used tocreate afeeling ofdisorientation. 10. DEEP FOCOUSA cameratechniquethat allowsobjects bothnear and farfrom thecamera to bein focus atthe sametime. 11. HANDHELD SHOTA shot filmed with thecamera not on a tripodbut instead held by thecamera man, oftenwhilst walking. Thismakes the shots seemquite shaky. This canmake the audience feelthe scene is morerealistic, or can make usfeel like we are part ofthe action 12. HIGH ANGLESHOTTo provide a viewfrom above thesubject(s), oftenmaking thesubjectlook vulnerable,isolated orpowerless. This issometimescombined with acraneshot into a closershot of thesubject(s). 13. LOW-ANGLE SHOT A shot where the cameraapproaches a subjectfrom below eyelevel. A Low-Angle shotcan emphasize the sizeof the object beingfilmed and add to a pointof view perspective. Itcan make the charactershown seem big andpowerful and it can makeus or the character weare seeing through, seemsmall andweak. 14. PANA camera actioninvolving gentlymoving thecamera180across thesubjectmatter in ahorizontal plane. 15. RULE OF THIRDS Describes atechniqueused tomake a shotlookinteresting.Rather thanplacing aperson orobject in themiddle ofthe frame,they areplaced atthe sides, orwhere the 16. WIDE SHOTThis can beused as anestablishingshot of a setor locationor to show alarge crowdof people.They canalsoemphasizethe isolationof a singlefigure.