Calculating LTV Using Flurry

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MOBILE APP LTV Calculation Using Flurry

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Transcript of Calculating LTV Using Flurry

  • MOBILE APP LTVCalculation Using Flurry

  • About Me

    MD @ Kontera (Blog/Text Monetization)

    Co-founder / CEO @ SOOMLA (Ad LTV as a Service)

    Co-founder / VP Sales @ Eyeview (Video Ads & Analytics)

  • About SOOMLA Traceback

    Flexible integration with your BI and Attribution via S2S APIs

    Leverages listener SDKs that require zero client side code

    Unique technology that extracts ad revenue per user from inside the ad-networks

  • LTV Calculation Steps

    Find your ARPDAU

    Your key retention rates - where to collect them

    Use online LTV calculator to get the result


  • Aggregated Daily Revenue

    Monthly Revenue

    Revenue from Google Play $6,000

    Revenue from Apple $2,000

    Ad Revenue $40,000

    Total $12,000

    Daily Revenue - the monthly revenue divided by number of days. In this case it's $400

  • DAU in Flurry - Step 1

    Go to the "Active Users" view and select "Last Week"

  • DAU in Flurry - Step 2

    Either collect the data points one by one by copying and pasting or simply download the CSV

  • Averaging DAU

    DAUSunday 2,450Monday 2,305Tuesday 2,773Wednesday 3,054Thursday 2,957Friday 2,597Saturday 2,278Average 2,631

    Tip - the DAU usually fluctuates during the week so it's important to use average of at least one week

  • ARPDAU Calculation

    ARPDAU - the daily revenue divided by the average daily active users (DAU)


    Average Daily Revenue $400

    Average DAU 2,613

    Total $0.2


  • Retention in Flurry - Step 1

    Select "Return Rate" and set the date filter to "Last Month" and the resolution to "days"

  • Retention in Flurry - Step 2

    Collect the points from the bottom row - this is the average retention rate for that day

  • Key Retention Rates

    Retention Rate

    Day1 37.90%

    Day7 8.70%

    Day14 4.10%

    Day30 1.10%

    Note - we took a slightly lower number for Day30. Flurry had only Day28 Retention


  • Feeding Retention Data In

    Use the key retention rates from step 2 in the top part of the LTV calculators

  • Feeding ARPDAU Data In

    Use the ARPDAU we calculated in step 1 in the bottom part of the calculator

  • The Result

    The result is shown in the bottom part of the calculator

  • Thank you!