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  1. 1. Madona State gymnasium Madona state gymnasium was founded 26 june 2003. It is located in Kr. Valdemra bulevard 2a.
  2. 2. Education There are 3 general secondary education programmes: general education, humanitarian and social, math, science and technical subjects.
  3. 3. Special facilities Computer class GYM Library Modern classrooms
  4. 4. School uniforms
  5. 5. Activities Latvian Folk dances School newspaper Drama Public speech Choir Sport Floristics Social Media classes Young businessman
  6. 6. Traditions, celebrations and events 1 September- Day of knowledge Teachers day Day of languages Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia Aerobics contest Christmas Music award of the year Talent show Last bell Sport and health day School graduation
  7. 7. Traditions, celebrations and events