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Mastery Journey Timeline

David BugressMastery Journey Timeline

Mastery Journey Timeline

Working on the Brainstorming activity in week 3 has helped me set clear path towards my End goal. Each course will teach me what I need to know in order to reach that goal and to become successful once I achieve it.

Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership

Goal:To understand that you can achieve any goal during your mastery journey. Learning that it is all a mental process, and reaching your goal is up to you.

Strategies & TacticsFocus on the key factors from the book Mastery Apply some of the readings to my journeyContinue to watch encouraging vides such as, The Last Lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BODHsU3hDo4)

Executive Leadership

Goal:To understand what it takes to become a leader. How to talk to people and what risks you may have to take in a leadership role.

Strategies & TacticsPractice what I have learned from this class with groups or organizations I may work with.Read articles on successful leaders in my mastery fieldWatch Lynda.com videos on Leadership Fundamentals (http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Leadership-Fundamentals/122471-2.html)

Project and Team Management

Goal: To understand how to work well with others, especially when deadlines need to be met. Doing your part, helping where help is needed, and improving your people skills.

Strategies & TacticsKeeping in touch will classmates and peersJoining clubs and helping out with events ( not just in my mastery)Reading articles on developing Team Management skills ( Team Building Skills ( Link from Ebsco) )

Business Storytelling & Brand Development

Goal:To understand how to run a business and brand your business the right way. Showing you different ways to advertise yourself and others around your business/brand.

Strategies & TacticsReflect on highlights from the book readings ( I have selected)Research Branding information from ebsco.com and other websitesRead or watch business videos on TED.com (http://www.ted.com/talks/kare_anderson_be_an_opportunity_maker )

Entertainment Business Finance

Goal:To understand how to fund your business. How to make the right financial moves and not become in debt. Showing you how make your business last and your brand make financial opportunities.

Strategies & TacticsRead Robert Kiyosaki articles and booksWatch Financial Documentaries ( Donald Trump Rich life Style)Study articles on business financials (Financial Giving of Foundations and Business article from EBSCO

Negotiating and Deal Making

Goal:To understand the business language inside of contracts. To help you make deals and write contracts for yourself or your artist. Also helping you com to a neutral agreement in deal making.

Strategies & TacticsResearch in depth what skills I have learned in this classRead contracts that are available in EBSO research database (Making Contracts Link Article from EBSCOWatch videos on different deals there are in the industry

Product and Artist Management

Goal:To understand ways of managing an artist. Showing ways that will help promote the artist. How to gain a budget and get them to a major label.

Strategies & TacticsStudy how successful people with artist achieve greatnessWatch lynda.com videos on how to help artist (http://www.lynda.com/Audio-Music-Music-Business-tutorials/Write-Think-Act-Like-Professional-Songwriter/182922-2.html )Study artist tactics from famous careers

Advance Entertainment Law

Goal:Understanding how to read contracts and follow the law. Showing you how to legally deal with the entertainment industry. What to do and what you can not do.

Strategies & TacticsTake what I learn from this class and apply it to business meetings I haveStudy different legal cases that have happened (Marvin Gaye case with Pharell ( EBSCO link)Read articles with classmates and have different opinions

Entertainment Media Publishing and Dist.

Goal:Understanding how to use social networks and other media sources, to get your artist and your brand out to the public. Gives you the skillset to distribute the product in an accurate way.

Strategies & TacticsPractice Social skills by joining different websitesResearching statistics on social media (EBSCO) Experiment by setting up an account and promoting it on a social network

Digital Marketing

Goal:Understanding the digital Market. Learning how to use digital downloading and what you can make from it.

Strategies & TacticsRead articles from EBSCO about digital marketing (Digital Marketing Link on EBSCO )Learn from industry professionals about the point systemMonitor my own download sales and apply what I have learned from this course

Business Plan Development

Goal:Understanding how to put together a professional proposal. Understanding the Dos and Donts of a professional Plan.

Strategies & TacticsLook at how other proposals are out togetherReflect upon my proposal from my Bachelors DegreeResearch different types of business plans (Business Plan from EBSCO)

Final Project: Business Plan

Goal:Understanding that this will be our last look at what we have covered for the whole program. This is where we must demonstrate what skills we have learned and how we will take this industry by storm.

Strategies & TacticsReflect upon all 12 coursesResearch a professional business plan from a successful personWatch TED videos on Business Plans (http://www.ted.com/talks/ricardo_semler_radical_wisdom_for_a_company_a_school_a_life )

Industry Leaders Contact InfoRodney Jerkins| Music Producer| http://darkchild.comAaron Rogers| Music Producer| Yathebreed@gmail.comRashad Johnson| Music Producer| Rashadthebreed@gmail.comTimbaland |Music Producer| Timbaland@universalmusicstudio.comDavid Banner| Music Business/Producer| http://bookingagentinfo.com/david-banner-contact-information/Michael Sha Money XL Clervoix |Music business/Producer| https://twitter.com/shamoneyxl

Clubs and OrganizationsLogic Tech- For logic music production usersClub Ellio- For plugins inside of your music programmingIndaba- Music opportunitiesYouth Mens on Board- Community business meetings in my neighborhood

Innovative Companies and Heroes Sony music groupEpic RecordsSean CombsCurtis Jackson ( 50 Cent)Robert GreeneBMIASCAP

Fullsail Online CommunityFullsail Alumni Network- use this to connect with my peers and get together for business ideasCareersync- Uses this for career opportunities

Mentor Characteristics HumbleProductiveWilling to teachPatientHas a positive vibeKnows their business and music stuffInspirational

My Visual