BULBS FOR PASSENGER CARS - Hella ... 1,000 1,500 2,000 Long Life Super Long Life * Compared to...

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Transcript of BULBS FOR PASSENGER CARS - Hella ... 1,000 1,500 2,000 Long Life Super Long Life * Compared to...

  • HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. Rixbecker Straße 75 59552 Lippstadt/Germany Tel.: +49 2941 38-0 Fax: +49 2941 38-7133 E-Mail: info@hella.com Internet: www.hella.com

    HELLA Asia Singapore Pte Ltd Regional Headquarters Asia Pacifi c Independent A� ermarket 2 International Business Park #02-12 The Strategy Singapore 609930 Tel: +65 6854 7300 Fax: +65 6854 7302 E-mail: singapore@hella.com Internet: www.hellaasia.com

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    BL Blue Light CT Chrome Top 2.0 HD Heavy Duty LL Long Life Amber Amber bulb Set Contains 2 units

  • Thinking foreword 03

    Light sources 04

    Comparison of light sources 06

    The right solution, every time 08

    Safety information 10

    Launch 11

    Individuality that can be seen 12

    Standard: For greater economy 14

    Lifetime: For a longer service life 15

    Performance: For more light 16

    Design: For increased demands 18

    Xenon: For more power 19

    Assortment boxes: ready for anything 20

    Overview of light sources 22

    Product list 23

    Application list 31

    CONTENTS SYMBOLS Low beam Brake lamp

    High beam Tail lamp

    Fog lamp Glove compartmentlighting

    Rear fog lamp Interior lighting

    Daytime running light Trunklighting

    Parking lamp License platelighting

    Position lamp Dashboardlighting

    Front indicator Side marker lamp

    Rear indicator Parking lamp

    Auxiliary indicator Position lamp

    Back-up light Clearance lamp

    Passenger cars and vans – 12V Voltage in volts

    Trucks and buses – 24V Power in watts

    Motorcycles – 12 V Information

    Passenger cars Packaging

    Tractors Bulb socket base

    When switching bulbs, always replace them in pairs!


    SAFETY ON BOARD – LIGHT BULBS FROM HELLA As the technological leader in smart light distribution systems, halogen, xenon and full LED headlamps, and as a partner to renowned vehicle manufacturers throughout the world, HELLA always meet the highest expectations and quality standards.

    These are the specific standards we apply to our extensive range of light bulbs: Product diversity—from traditional halogen lights all the way to stylistic (design-oriented) xenon lights, leading technology with rigorously tested high-quality without any compromises and optimum light output levels, even in the harshest weather conditions.

    This ensures that our long-lasting, robust products not only have the lowest possible failure rates, but are also significantly brighter. For your safety on the road.

    | 3


    Good visibility is the most important criterion for road safety. Various circumstances can impair this visibility, including twilight, adverse weather conditions, dirty windshields, etc. The risk of accidents is comparatively high under these kinds of driving conditions.

    Changing and continually increasing mobility and traffic density also contribute to a higher risk. To meet these challenges successfully, we are constantly working towards improving existing lighting systems as well as developing new technical lighting equipment.

  • Here is a summary of the most important basic terms in lighting technology and the respective units of measure for bulb and light evaluation.

    Luminous flux Φ Unit: lumen [lm] Luminous flux F is the term used to describe the complete luminous efficacy radiated from a light source.

    Luminous intensity I Unit: candela [cd] This is the portion of the luminous flux radiating in a specific direction.

    Illuminance E Unit: lux [lx] Illuminance E specifies the incident luminous flux per unit of illuminated area. Illuminance is 1 lx when a luminous flux of 1 lm strikes an area of 1 m².

    Luminance L Unit: candela per square meter [cd/m²] Luminance L is the amount of brightness detected by the eye from a luminous or illuminated surface.

    Luminous efficacy ŋ Unit: lumen per watt [lm/W] Luminous efficacy ŋ specifies how efficiently consumed electrical power is converted into light.

    Light sources Light sources are thermal radiators that produce light through heat energy. This means the more a light source is heated, the higher its luminous intensity will be.

    | 54

  • H4 HALOGEN LAMP Halogen lamps are actually thermal radiators that convert heat energy into light. The filament begins to glow when subjected to a voltage, generating light as a result.

    A standard halogen lamp has an efficiency of around 8 %. Approximately 92% of the energy is lost as heat radiation.

    Typical light distribution and color temperature of a headlamp with standard halogen lamps.


    Pressure chamber with gas mixture

    Dimming shield

    Glass bulb

    UV-filtering quartz glass with optical coating


    Stainless steel contact plug

    Filament for low beam

    Glare-free cap

    Filament for high beam

  • Typical light distribution and color temperature of a headlamp with HID lamps.

    D2R HID LAMP High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are also known colloquially as xenon bulbs because they are filled with xenon gas. A ballast generates a high voltage, which produces an electrical gas discharge in the discharge chamber, creating a very bright arc. An HID lamp has an efficiency around 3.5 times higher than a halogen lamp (28% light radiation).

    Due to higher luminous efficacy, HID lamps can produce more light than halogen lamps while using the same amount of energy. Thus, an HID lamp of the same size has stronger light distribution.


    Return pole with Ceramic tube

    Glass bulb Tungsten


    Discharge chamber with filling

    Dimming protection


    Contact ring

    Crown Fastening cam

    | 76




    HD +30 +50

    +90 CT




    PERFORMANCE PYRAMID FOR HELLA HALOGEN LAMPS Drivers are as varied as their cars and their requirements are just as varied. There are many ways to modify a halogen bulb to match the characteristics to individual needs. The HELLA range of halogen lamps pushes the envelope of the possible and offers the right lamp for every driver.

    STD = Standard HD = Heavy Duty LL = Long Life BL = Blue Light CT = Chrome Top 2.0 SLL* = Super Long Life +30 = Up to 30% more light +50 = Up to 50% more light +90 = Up to 90% more light +120 = Up to 120% more light

    *New in our portfolio


    ALL HELLA BULBS ARE E-TESTED AND CERTIFIED TO ECE R37 Higher wattage halogen lamps are currently not approved for use. HELLA Performance halogen lamps offer maximum luminous efficacy with ECE approval.


  • COLOR SPECTRUM SHOWING TYPICAL COLOR TEMPERATURES The color temperature of light sources is measured in kelvin (symbol K). Color temperatures over 4,000 K are called 'cold' colors (bluish white), while lower temperatures (yellowish to reddish) are considered 'warm'.

    4000 K High performance lamp

    3200 K Standard halogen lamp

    10000 K6000 K Daylight

    4200 K Xenon lamp HID lamp (High Intensity Discharge lamp)

    1800 K

    The higher the color temperature of a light source, the higher the proportion of blue in its color spectrum (see image below). An incandescent bulb has a warm white color temperature of approx. 2,700 K. The following image depicts the color temperature spectrum.

    | 98


    When inserting a new lamp, you should not touch the glass bulb, because fingerprints may burn in, leaving "clouds" on the glass.

    Standard bulbs and halogen lamps do not contain environmentally damaging substances and can be disposed of as household waste

    Check your local regulations to ensure correct disposal

    HELLA recommends replacing both lamps when one has blown


  • 550 h

    330 h



    930 h

    450 h



    1,500 h

    1,000 h




    The new Chrome Top 2.0 combines stunning optics with efficiency: The shiny, stylish silver cap provides an elegant look in the clear glass headlamps. With increased brightness* and a light beam up to 60 m longer*, the bulb provides you with up to 100% better visibility on the road. The whiter light is achieved with a special coating process.

    The ideal lamp for travelers: the new Super Long Life from HELLA. Maximum design life with an operating time up to 3x longer enables an optimum price- performance ratio, so the lamps do not need to replaced as often.

    B3 Time (in hours) after which at least 97% of tested lamps are still functioning.

    Tc Time (in hours) after which at least 36.8% of tested lamps are still functioning. The Tc is also known as the Weibull value and is a common unit for specifying and comparing the service life of bulbs.



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