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  • SMART NATION- Bangkok Beta - Government meets design

    Powered by Anix Lynchat the request of Board Committee of Digital Economy

    Sep 2015

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    Engage. Minimum Viable Product. Disrupt!

    Prototyping a new EconomyFinding Best Practices to build a Tech Ecosystem is easy. Problem comes from Localization, Prioritization and Engagement of all the right parties to really deliver on promises.

    We are in the right place and the right time to prototype Smart Thailand 3.0 (Ver.1, aka Digital Economy) Failure is part of a journey, but also a door to breakthroughs. The risk is highest if we do nothing.

    Bangkok Beta


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    IMPACT* 2025

    of Thailands GDPs contributed by tech startups (*+USD$19B) Valuation equals to 5% of current SET stock exchange value in 2015 (50B valuation)

    Startups created

    Scale-ups > $1B Valuation (Superstar)

    Jobs created

    Effect in Economy




    Economic Impact

    * Globalise LLC has created a model to assess the economic impact in the economy of tech startup While the model shows linearity and direct output based on input, this is unlikely to be the case due to the very nature of startups, where a black swan like Uber can add up to a valuation larger than all the other startups combined, so it is a numbers game that can change from one year to another. However the model helps us understand risk and reward mechanisms and help us make decisions.

    43,000 jobs

    1-2 Unicorns, 30 centaurs

    2,500 startups created

    20-50B USD, mostly from top unicorns.

    Attraction of tech multinationals. New type of foreigner. Talent

    growth for traditional enterprise. higher general productivity


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    Deep dive and test drive the key changes for Thailand

    Regula*ons Capital Open Market One lead agency Talents

    Remove obstacles Add incentives

    Early Stage accelerator and seed funding (>$20M USD) Sufficient follow-on round

    (> $250M USD)

    Capital for traditional companies R&D

    2nd time entrepreneurs angel

    investment: Smart Money

    Angels: See SEIS program in UK

    Registration/Exit market Diversity/Immigration

    FDA/FTA/IP/R&D Investor protections Private Equity Laws

    Intellectual Property Law enforcement

    Ease of doing business

    Low regulation zone (Drones, Sharing Economy, Bitcoin,

    freedom of speech)

    High transparency Lean operation

    For entrepreneur by entrepreneur Centralized authority

    No silos No redundancy

    Shared mutual goal One stop shop

    One Shared Goal: entrepreneurs first!

    Why our most successful

    entrepreneurs are setting up their holding

    companies in HK or SG? and exit in Japan?

    Homegrown. Imported (Engineer, talents)

    Call back diaspora. STEM reform

    Support Wannaprenuers Silicon Valley Ambassadors

    Entrepreneur visa Risk Taking Culture

    Maximize Research/University


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    2025 Milestones

    Plan pilot throughuser-led design,

    Bangkok Beta MVP


    DIY dream team

    >100 startups per yearHigh Volume of startups





    2025Thai lead agency is

    formedby alliance of private


    High-profile investors decide to move to Thailand

    Large companies set R&D centers in


    Over 100,000 English speaking



    High volume of high quality


    Active trade sale ofdeals over $200M

    Center of Agri TechMobile Tech

    SE Tech

    Birth of Google of Food

    Prefer AEC over China and India.

    Entrepreneurship become a desirable

    career choice

    Phase 1: Expense. InvestmentFully support until ecosystem becomes self sustained

    Phase 2: Revenue.

    Social Impact

    Futuristic and affordable co-working space

    opens right in downtown BKKFull year-round

    accelerators, events

    Thai first unicorn

    Corporate VCs/FTA are considered as alternatives to in-

    house R&D

    >$200M Fund of Funds are

    announced on TechCrunch

    Free English, STEM, Growth Hacking courses become


    World class university setup in Bangkok

    Thai unicorns become MNCs

    Diaspora /Veteran mentors /2nd time entrepreneur

    returns to be a force in the digital economy

    Thailand launchesVC-friendly matching


    Top 10 Ease of doing business index

    Top 15 Ease of starting business index

    Better ranked than Malaysia

    AirBnb acquihireThai startup. Set

    developer base in Bangkok to

    dominate tourism sector

    Visualize Thai new economy

    Thai entrepreneur visa rank high in

    Googles search

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    Game on! UKGot $300K? Love FinTech? 3 years visa!

    ChileGovernment gives away $40K

    without taking equity!

    ChinaHeavily subsidized. Tencent launched +

    100M USD Corporate VC. Alibaba is

    actively hiring female MBAs who speak

    Chinese. Business can be started in 4 days.

    Lets skip HK!

    JapanGree. Rakuten. Softbank set up offices in

    the U.S. Abe PM sent 200 representatives

    from Japanese old-fashioned companies

    to the Valley to learn and later come back

    to reform Japan.

    Secure $93K and be recognized as

    high potential startup to get 2 year visa


    SingaporeHungry for knowledge? MIT.

    General Assembly. TechStars ,

    JFDI. BASH, Plug n Play, ASTAR

    CanadaPermanent Visa granted only by

    securing $45K of grant from angel


    MalaysiaMAGIC. Stanford, Grabtaxi!

    Diasporas are welcomed!

    The Race to attract the stars

    Create 3 full time job to get 2 years

    visa. No fancy business plan is


    New Zealand

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    Top 5 Winners

    2015 USA




    UKSource: Compass, Aug 2015


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    Same as the World Cup..building an innovative country

    is about battling for superstars..

    Unicorn $1B+ in value

    Centaurs $100M+ in value

    Little Pony $10M+ in value

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    Real Madrid :Getting Googles Full Attention?


    ENISA: Debt to startups and R&D of


    1000s companies funded






    First exitsedreams, buyvip

    (amazon). Spain in the map.

    FondICO to support VCs

    2 year-old Wallapop become

    the First unicorn

    SpainStartup Manifesto

    100,000 engineers per year.

    New private universities and Hackademies

    Start to think about Startups. Request of

    law changes.

    GoogleCampus setup in Madrid

    TetuanValley, SeedRocket,

    StartupBootcamp, Telefonica Wayra


    Free co-working spaces across the


    UPM, UPC top engineering schools,

    initiate startup competitions

    IE, IESE, top MBA schools, initiate

    startup competition

    Free Legal support offices

    Entrepreneur Visa

    VCs setup in Spain, Barcelona: Kibo,


    Telefonica Amerigo 300m fund of funds

    Diaspora back from 500startups, etc.


    Barcelona Mobile World Congress

    Exodus of engineers to UK, USA, employees at top startups

    Spain Startup Summit


    Law of Entrepreneurs.Ease to start a company

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    Silicon Valley - The Storyboard


    Led by Netscape Cisco, Apple+100 firms were active






    Xerox, Apple


    Semi-conductor Boom

    +50 firms

    Subprime Crisis

    Circuit commercialized

    Stanford, Nasa, HP, US Defense

    Internet Bubble


    Cold War

    New Power Rule:+100 social media firms

    Crowd wisdom. sharing economy,

    casual T-Shirt

    Harvard/MIT rejected offers from McKinsey

    and JP Morgan to launch a start-up

    UBERISMWe are an Uber of

    Add the wordTech on everythingFinTech, InsureTech, RetailTech, AdTech

    HBOs hit show Silicon Valley

    FB - Oculus VR the future of

    Mobile and TV?

    Alibaba Biggest Ever IPO

    Obama hired +140 Silicon Valley geeks

    at White House!

    Everyone wants to work at Google

    YouTube disrupted schooling

    Just Google it!

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    Israel:The Pioneer. The Coach

    International Cooporation e.g SIIRD

    Import goods exempt from BAT and indirect tax

    Support R&D Centers of foreign companies

    Employment Grants

    Birth of technology applied by Google,

    IBM, MicrosoftLaunch of Yozma program

    Pre-competitive and long term R&D, e.g..


    Entrepreneurs and Government jointed effort in

    building economic miracles

    Tel Aviv University becomes an

    innovation machine.

    20% Investment grants. R&D and tax


    Worlds 2nd mostinnovative country

    Pre-seed and seed program (e.g.

    TNUFA, NIBN, Life Science Fund)

    Eliat Free Trade Zone

    Offer World-class Education

    Found technologies for

    earth sustainability

    (Water, FoodCyber security, medical etc )

    Inspire Entrepreneurship

    around the world

    Leader - Smart City

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