Brownian motion calculus

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For mathematics.

Transcript of Brownian motion calculus

  • 1. Brownian Motion Calculus Ubbo F Wiersema
  • 2. Brownian Motion Calculus
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  • 4. Brownian Motion Calculus Ubbo F Wiersema
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  • 8. ContentsPreface xiii1 Brownian Motion 1 1.1 Origins 1 1.2 Brownian Motion Specication 2 1.3 Use of Brownian Motion in Stock Price Dynamics 4 1.4 Construction of Brownian Motion from a Symmetric Random Walk 6 1.5 Covariance of Brownian Motion 12 1.6 Correlated Brownian Motions 14 1.7 Successive Brownian Motion Increments 16 1.7.1 Numerical Illustration 17 1.8 Features of a Brownian Motion Path 19 1.8.1 Simulation of Brownian Motion Paths 19 1.8.2 Slope of Path 20 1.8.3 Non-Differentiability of Brownian Motion Path 21 1.8.4 Measuring Variability 24 1.9 Exercises 26 1.10 Summary 292 Martingales 31 2.1 Simple Example 31 2.2 Filtration 32 2.3 Conditional Expectation 33 2.3.1 General Properties 34
  • 9. viii Contents 2.4 Martingale Description 36 2.4.1 Martingale Construction by Conditioning 36 2.5 Martingale Analysis Steps 37 2.6 Examples of Martingale Analysis 37 2.6.1 Sum of Independent Trials 37 2.6.2 Square of Sum of Independent Trials 38 2.6.3 Product of Independent Identical Trials 39 2.6.4 Random Process B(t) 39 2.6.5 Random Process exp[B(t) 1 t] 2 40 2.6.6 Frequently Used Expressions 40 2.7 Process of Independent Increments 41 2.8 Exercises 42 2.9 Summary 423 It Stochastic Integral o 45 3.1 How a Stochastic Integral Arises 45 3.2 Stochastic Integral for Non-Random Step-Functions 47 3.3 Stochastic Integral for Non-Anticipating Random Step-Functions 49 3.4 Extension to Non-Anticipating General Random Integrands 52 3.5 Properties of an It Stochastic Integral o 57 3.6 Signicance of Integrand Position 59 3.7 It integral of Non-Random Integrand o 61 3.8 Area under a Brownian Motion Path 62 3.9 Exercises 64 3.10 Summary 67 3.11 A Tribute to Kiyosi It o 68 Acknowledgment 724 It Calculus o 73 4.1 Stochastic Differential Notation 73 4.2 Taylor Expansion in Ordinary Calculus 74 4.3 It s Formula as a Set of Rules o 75 4.4 Illustrations of It s Formula o 78 4.4.1 Frequent Expressions for Functions of Two Processes 78 4.4.2 Function of Brownian Motion f [B(t)] 80 4.4.3 Function of Time and Brownian Motion f [t, B(t)] 82
  • 10. Contents ix T 4.4.4 Finding an Expression for t=0 B(t) dB(t) 83 4.4.5 Change of Numeraire 84 4.4.6 Deriving an Expectation via an ODE 85 4.5 L vy Characterization of Brownian Motion e 87 4.6 Combinations of Brownian Motions 89 4.7 Multiple Correlated Brownian Motions 92 4.8 Area under a Brownian Motion Path Revisited 95 4.9 Justication of It s Formula o 96 4.10 Exercises 100 4.11 Summary 1015 Stochastic Differential Equations 103 5.1 Structure of a Stochastic Differential Equation 103 5.2 Arithmetic Brownian Motion SDE