Broadsight Issue 2 June 2013

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It is with great pleasure to introduce our second edition of Broadsight. The corporate monthly magazine from the Broadgate Financial Group.

Transcript of Broadsight Issue 2 June 2013

  • June 2013BROADSIGHT by

    Broadgate Financial

    June 2013Issue 2


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    Dear Readers,

    Welcome to our second issue of Broadsight, the monthly corporate magazine by the Broadgate

    Financial Group. Having read through this months articles, one common theme occurred to me Trust

    and the importance of it. Upon reflection Ive concluded trust can be obtained through the following


    Trust = (Honesty + Openness) x Time = Transparency

    So what does this mean? We all have our own way to build trust so Im not saying what I have illustrated

    is necessarily correct. However, it works for us here in Broadgate. I feel, personally, you cant be truly

    honest without being open.

    Trust is something we grant to our employees automatically we trust our employees to do the right

    thing and we trust our clients to make the right decisions. If trust is broken, it can be potentially

    damaging and irreparable. As I have learnt and what I try to instill is, trust is relatively easy to achieve

    (following the above formula) however, the hardest part is to maintain it!

    If you don't have trust inside your company, then you can't transfer it to your customers. -Roger


    On behalf of everyone at Broadgate and myself, our sincerest appreciation and support for your

    continued readership.

    Simon Osborne Vice-President

  • June 2013BROADSIGHT by

    All of us at Broadgate Financial are pleased to

    present you the second issue of our Corporate

    Magazine: BROADSIGHT. We wanted to make it clear, comfortable to read

    and enjoyable. Thats why in each of the future

    issues you will find the same guidelines with:

    - The hottest news from the previous month

    along with upcoming important issues

    relating to the business world in ASEAN

    and beyond ;

    - A market report on the most important

    aspects of last months financial news

    provided by the Excelsior Worldwide Ltd


    - Industry news related to our services in

    Plantations, Construction and Advisory ;

    - A presentation of one new project running

    at Broadgate Financial ;

    - A Q&A specific to our three industries ;

    - And finally a presentation of an Individual

    Social Responsibility project run at

    Broadgate Financial ;

    We do hope you will enjoy this magazine as much

    as we did compiling it. If you have any questions

    or requests, please feel free to contact us at

    News Feed Industry News Plantations

    Industry News Advisory

    Industry News Construction

    Project News Q&A

    ISR Article on Corruption

    Contact Information

    In this issue of BROADSIGHT,

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    News Feed Laos issues bonds in the Thai market

    The Lao government will raise funds through the

    Thai capital market for the first time by issuing

    1.5 billion baht worth of bonds to institutional

    investors on Thursday.

    The three-year bonds will carry a coupon rate of


    Thailand is the most advanced capital market in

    the Mekong region and uses this strength to

    foster development of neighbouring capital


    NiwatKanjanaphoomin, president of the Thai

    Bond Market Association, believes Laos will be

    able to attract foreign investors to its

    government bonds to be issued in the Thai

    capital market.

    Checking in for growth

    Hilton Worldwide has set an ambitious target to open one new hotel a week in Asia in 2015

    and make the region the groups key player within the next few years.

    The surge in Chinese travel is pushing hotel expansion throughout Asia, says MrRinck.

    The company just celebrated the opening of its 100th property, the first DoubleTree by Hilton

    Sukhumvit in central Bangkok. It now has 170 properties under development, 90% of them

    managed by Hilton, said Martin Rinck, president for Asia Pacific of Hilton Worldwide.

    Four years ago, Hilton Worldwide had just 46 hotels in Asia Pacific. Last year, it signed 55 new

    deals to manage hotels in this region.

    We aim to open 25 hotels this year and 35 in 2014. And we target to open one hotel a week

    in 2015. That means we will have 52 hotels under our brands in a year, he said.

    Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to undergo expansion

    The expansion is aimed at accommodating increasing passenger numbers and air traffic, and is estimated to cost THB625-million ($21.1 million). The design for the Phase 2 expansion is expected to take another 10 months to complete with the construction contractor to be finalised in March 2014. An agreement has already been signed by the airport authorities with MAA 103 Group for the design of the four-storey, 216,000-square-metre terminal building which is a part of Phase 2. The building will be located next to 28 aircraft parking spots connecting the south-end tunnel with passenger-transport systems. The total cost of the project is estimated at THB72.2 billion baht ($243 million). The company also plans to incorporate smart cards and barcode technology to speed up its immigration services and reduce waiting times for passengers. Passengers will have an option of using their smart cards instead of passports which will take less time at immigration. The expansion is expected to be complete by 2016.

    China calls on North Korea to enter nuclear talks A personal envoy to North Korea's leader indicated Kim Jung Un was open to restarting nuclear disarmament talks, a move that came as China's leader delivered a blunt message to Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table, Chinese state-run media reported Friday. Kim's personal envoy, who was on a three-day visit to China, hand-delivered a letter from Kim to President Xi Jinping at a meeting in Beijing before returning to North Korea on Friday, according to state media. While the contents of the letter were not released by the government, the envoy -- ChoeRyong-hae -- told Chinese officials that his country is willing to "take positive actions to solve problems through dialogue, "the state-run China Daily reported.

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    News Feed Market


    Market Report

    Excelsior Worldwide Limited is pleased to offer the following Market Commentary by

    Sebastien Le Van, head of R&D, to share his thoughts on global economic developments,

    market insights and other factors that may influence investment opportunities and


    Equity markets reached new highs in May but also

    increased volatility as mixed comments from the US

    Fed and Bank of Japan affected investor sentiment.

    The uncertainties regarding the slowing down of US

    stimulus and sufficient stimulus in Japan sent equity

    markets lower in recent weeks. On the

    macroeconomic front, the US economy continues its

    recovery while Japan shows timid signs of

    improvement. Chinas economy is sputtering but is

    all part of a bigger picture and Europe remains

    stagnant. ASEAN economies again showed their

    resilience to the global slowdown.

    Key indicators in the US, such as housing and

    employment have continued to improve, suggesting

    the economy is gaining momentum. GDP came in

    slightly lower than forecast at 2.4% rather than 2.5%

    but it is not a major cause of concern. As stated

    above markets responded negatively at hints that

    drop from its highest point, after the Bank of

    Japan sent mixed messages about its stimulus

    intentions. For many observers the correction

    was long overdue as the markets had risen too

    high and too fast. Nevertheless, many investors

    believe Japan is still a good investment as there

    is room for more growth. On the economic data

    front the numbers are improving with a 3.5%

    growth in the first quarter.

    Elsewhere, central banks have been busy cutting

    interest rate in order to boost growth, notably

    Australia which cut interest rates to a record low

    2.75%. The Euro Zone is still not showing signs

    of improvement with no growth since 2011 and

    alarming unemployment rates. Voices have

    been raised to reduce austerity and increase

    stimulus measures. Finally, ASEAN economies

    continue their expansion. Although some

    countries like Thailand and Indonesia had lower

    than expected growth, they are well over 5%.

    Philippines posted growth of 7.8% knocking

    the Fed might be tapering its stimulus efforts as

    the economy improves and there is speculation

    that it could start by the end of the year.

    Chinese data on the other hand has been

    sluggish as a whole. The government explains

    these numbers by the fact that it is restructuring

    its economy, shifting its dependence on export

    and investment growth to a domestic

    consumption and open economy. To achieve

    this China is ready to tolerate weaker growth at

    around 7% for a decade. The IMF which cut

    Chinas outlook to 7.75% says these decisive

    reforms will put the country on a more

    sustainable path.

    In Japan, the equity markets which had shown

    signs of overheating went int