Broadsight Issue 5 September 2013

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It is with great pleasure to introduce our fifth edition of Broadsight. The corporate monthly magazine from the Broadgate Financial Group.

Transcript of Broadsight Issue 5 September 2013

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    Broadgate Financial


    September 2013Issue 5

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    Dear Readers,

    Welcome and thank you for reading the 5th edition of Broadsight, the corporate monthly magazine from the Broadgate Financial Group. As the Business Development Manager at Broadgate I am very excited to let you all know that our continued hard work in recent months is now paying off and those projects in the development stage are now moving towards implementation. This would not have been possible without a proper integration of the business and the HR strategy. Each and every individual in the company knows exactly what they are responsible for and have the necessary tools to ensure that their targets are achieved. No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. H.E. Luccock Its a pleasure to have this wonderful team around me thats always there to support whenever required, so thank you very much. As the BDM, I am responsible for looking after various ongoing projects, from our innovative building technology of Litecast and Easy Panel to installing Waste Incinerators for proper disposal of Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) in our energy sector. This leads me on to formally announce the launch of our newest subsidiary Broadgate Energy whos primary objective is to provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions for South East Asia. Subsequently, we are currently working on an important project that will directly impact on how Thailand will be looked at as a HUB for Renewable energy. Working with one of the largest LED manufacturers, we are on the verge of saving huge amounts of electricity while also meeting Thailands energy requirements by providing consultancy for Solar PV and Thermal installations all across Thailand. Do keep yourself updated with Broadgate as we have just started our engines and have a long way to go.

    Khuram Gilani

    Bussiness Development Manager

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    All of us at Broadgate Financial are pleased to

    present you the fifth issue of our Corporate

    Magazine: BROADSIGHT. We wanted to make it clear, comfortable to

    read and enjoyable. Thats why in each of the

    future issues you will find the same guidelines


    The hottest news from the previous

    month along with upcoming important

    issues relating to the business world in

    ASEAN and beyond ;

    A market report on the most important

    aspects of last months financial news

    provided by the Excelsior Worldwide Ltd


    Industry news related to our services in

    Plantations, Construction and for the

    first time Energy ;

    A presentation of one new project

    running at Broadgate Financial ;

    A Q&A specific to our three industries ;

    And finally a presentation of an

    Individual Social Responsibility project

    run at Broadgate Financial ;

    We do hope you will enjoy this magazine as

    much as we did compiling it. If you have any

    questions or requests, please feel free to

    contact us at

    In this issue of BROADSIGHT,


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    News Feed

    News Feed

    Armstrong Asset Management

    commits $30 million for SE

    Asia solar and biogas

    The company is pairing up with developer Annex Power on the projects in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. We are delighted to be expanding on our strong relationship with the Armstrong Fund whose investment objectives align very well with our own and whose experience in the renewables sector and in Southeast Asia creates many synergies we plan to build on, said Daniel Gaefke, managing director, Annex Power. Annex has 58MW of installed PV in Thailand already with a further 30MW contracted. Singapore-based Armstrong announced the first investment from its Southeast Asia Clean Energy Fund in May this year taking a 60% stake in six solar PV projects in Thailand with a total capacity of 30MW. The fund is backed by the World Bank's private sector investment arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The country recently increased its solar energy target for 2021 from 9.2GW to 13.92GW with 3GW of this to be sourced from PV installations.

    Vietnam internet restrictions

    come into effect

    A controversial law banning Vietnamese online users from discussing current affairs has come into effect. The decree, known as Decree 72, says blogs and social websites should not be used to share news articles, but only personal information. The law also requires foreign internet companies to keep their local servers inside Vietnam. It has been criticised by internet companies and human rights groups, as well as the US government. Vietnam is a one-party communist state and the authorities maintain a tight grip on the media. Dozens of activists, including bloggers, have been convicted for anti-state activity in the country this year. The new law specifies that social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook should only be used "to provide and exchange personal information". It also prohibits the online publication of material that "opposes" the Vietnamese government or "harms national security".

    China sets course for lunar landing this year

    China set a bold new course in its ambitious space program Wednesday, when it announced plans to land its first probe on the moon by the end of the year. The country's State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence told state media the Chang'e-3 lunar probe had officially entered its launch stage and by the end of the year, China would land a space probe on a celestial body for the first time.

    Rubber farmers warn of mass protest

    Rubber farmers from northern Thailand plan to stage a mass protest on Sept 3 if the government does nothing to prevent rubber prices from sliding further. Farmers had submitted a letter to the government in April, asking it to keep prices of raw rubber sheets at 92 to 98 baht per kg and cut lumps at 85 to 87 baht/kg.

    'World's largest building'

    opens in China The superlatives in China continue -- the latest symbol of China's "bigger is much, much better" ethos is open for business. Located in Chengdu (population 14 million), capital of Sichuan province in southwestern China, the New Century Global Center is the "largest freestanding building in the world," Chinese officials say. Though the words "world's largest" usually bring to mind an image of a towering skyscraper, this project actually isn't all that tall. But it's certainly big. At 500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high, the 1.7-million-square-meter mega-structure is capable of housing 20 Sydney Opera Houses and almost three times the size of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The Global Center, which opened June 28, is home to business offices, hotels, movie theaters, shopping malls []

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    Most equity markets were down in August, especially emerging markets.

    Continued speculation around possible Fed tapering worried investors and the

    possibility of foreign involvement in Syria added to the negative performance

    towards the end of the month. On the macroeconomic front news was much

    brighter as China seems to have overcome its recent decline and Europe posted

    surprisingly positive data.

    After gains in July, world stocks recorded losses on the revival of rumors that the

    US Fed will soon cut back its stimulus plans. Although it strongly hinted in its

    speeches that it would reduce its bond buying program, Fed chairman Bernanke

    remained very evasive on a timescale. This uncertainty led to volatility in the

    markets and put downward pressure on stocks. Emerging market equities and

    currencies were the hardest hit as massive amounts of capital were pulled out

    and repatriated to safer markets.

    In contrast to the negative sentiment surrounding financial markets,

    macroeconomic data was globally encouraging. The US economy proved its

    resilience once again with a better than expected GDP of 2.5% and an increase in

    most of its leading economic indicators. Despite federal tax increases and

    budget cuts, growth is picking up.

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    Market News

    Market Report

    Japan on the other hand, had mixed data. It grew slower than expected in the

    second quarter but its consumer prices rose at the fastest pace since 2008. Prime

    Minister Abe has emphasized a lot on bringing inflation back to Japan after years

    of deflation and it seems his policies are bringing results.

    The most encouraging news, however, came out of China and Europe. After

    several months of negative indicators and clear signs of slowing down, it looks as

    though Chinas economy is stabilizing. Key indicators such as manufacturing,

    industry, retail sales, exports and imports all rebounded sharply during the month

    and pointed to the end of the slowdown. Europe also had some surprisingly good

    figures. Euro zone growth hit a 26 month high while factories and services

    recovered. Economic confidence hit a 17 month high. Nevertheless,