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BRAND YOU (NEW)!Presented byTim La MarJack of all trades, master of none

Be who you want to be(Starting out)Introspect.Look inside and ask yourself why you behave, think, and act the way you do.Acknowledge.Become aware of the people, situations, and events that have shaped who you are.Reflect.Try to understand what influence you have one your own life before what influences others have on you.

PracticeDont practice what you think others want from you, practice what you want from yourself.Recognize subtle patterns in your behavior that go against reason.You may not fix the problem initially, but over time these instances become easier to recognize therefore you spot them earlier.The more you practice these techniques the easier it becomes to maintain them. Bad habits are just that, but with practice they will dissolve.

RelaxNot everything is a simple fix.Time and patience is required to reach your objective.Dont be too hard on yourself.Bad habits are hard to break, but as long as you recognize the pattern than youre on the way to correcting them.Dont expect others to make the change with you.Remember that youre the exception, not the rule. People will not take the plunge with you if theyre not aware of what you are about yourself.

TranscendStay open-minded.The things you find out about yourself may upset or disturb you, but in advantage you will now be able to understand others better.Make peace with yourself.Forgive yourself for your misdeeds, misconceptions, and biases you may have had in the past.

ProjectTake the Brand (new) you for a walk.Express your internal awareness onto the external world.Empathize.Youre the lucky one, so remain true to yourself while compassionate about the struggles of others.Spread the wealth.Help others achieve what you did for yourself. One person can make a big difference on someone else. Pay your new found awareness forward.