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Want to know who will win when Chile goes up against Australia? We can’t predict the final goal count, but we can tell you who would win when we compare two of the countries' strongest brands! Y&R has created its own Brand World Cup tournament using our BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV) data to celebrate the competing countries through culturally significant brands. BAV is the world’s longest-running quantitative study of brands— actively tracking 50,000 brands in hundreds of categories in 51 countries.

Transcript of Brand World Cup - Game 1

  • This summers World Cup promises to be the most engaging and exciting sporting event yet. Thirty-two countries will go head to head to earn footballs top honor in whats sure to be the most watched sporting event in history. And while we cant predict for sure wholl win, Y&R created its own Brand World Cup tournament using our BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) data to celebrate the competing countries through culturally significant brands. BAV is the worlds longest-running quantitative study of brands actively tracking 50,000 brands in hundreds of categories in 51 countries. VS. CHILE AUSTRALIA
  • 1 Scores are based on in-market data HOW WE DID IT First, we worked with our local offices to find leadership brands that shared the same persona similar attributes as their native countries. For instance, BAV data shows Spain is seen as Unique, Trustworthy, Friendly and Stylish. Attributes that are also shared by the popular clothing retailer Zara. Then, using our wealth of BAV brand data,1 we compared the hometown hero brands on various metrics in a head to head matchup. This matchup: SODIMAC (a home improvement retail chain) vs. Vegemite (a food spread). But enough talkits game on! 1 All scores shown are based on in-market data
  • 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% 350% 400% 450% PercentDifference Original Healthy Traditional Authentic GoodValue Unique Simple DowntoEarth Fun Reliable Straightforward Charming BestBrand WorthMore Distinctive HighQuality Friendly Independent Different Innovative CaresAboutCustomers HighPerformance Dynamic UpToDate SociallyResponsible Progressive Obliging Trendy Rugged Visionary UpperClass Stylish Prestigious Intelligent Helpful We looked at each brands personality strengths compared to the others, to review their starting lineup. For instance, Vegemite, when compared to SODIMAC, is seen as more different, fun and original in fact, its the No. 1 original brand (out of almost 1,400) in Australia. SODIMAC is seen as more innovative, dynamic and stylish. THE LINE UP is stronger on is stronger on
  • VS.99.6 97.5 The higher the Brand Asset score, the stronger the brand is in its cultural brand landscape. BRAND ASSET SCORE BRAND ASSET SCORE First we looked at a brands Brand Asset score their overall performance score based on four key pillars: DIFFERENTIATION: Examines a brands unique meaning, dynamism and energy what it is that enables it to stand out and capture the attention of consumers. RELEVANCE: Measures the connection brands have to peoplehow meaningful and relevant they are in the lives of consumers. ESTEEM: Captures how a brand lives up to its promisehow highly consumers respect and regard it. KNOWLEDGE: Measures the depth of understanding consumers have for a brand, and is the culmination of the brand-building process. Then we dug deeper to explore how the brands stacked up on each pillar: DIF REL EST KNO 100 80 60 40 20 0 87% 94% FIRST HALF 99% 96% 100% 97% 99% 99%
  • Vegemite is preferred 9.6% more, has 72% greater loyalty and commands 78% greater pricing power than SODIMAC. While a Brand Asset score can show a brands overall position in the marketplace, brand advocacy levels are also important for measuring a brands cultural relevance and strength. PREFERENCE PRICING POWER LOYALTY SECOND HALF
  • Not bad for a 92-year-old veteran of the game given that its difficult for a food brand to score high, and especially one made from leftover brewers yeast extract! BRAND ASSET DIFFERENTIATION RELEVANCE ESTEEM KNOWLEDGE PREFERENCE LOYALTY PRICING POWER Well, this matchup was a close one. SODIMAC has a higher Brand Asset score (driven by its greater Relevance, Esteem and Knowledge), showcasing its stature in the marketplace. Vegemite, on the other hand, has higher Differentiation the leading indicator of a brands future growth, giving it more momentum. The game turned in the second half with Vegemite pulling ahead with higher scores in preference, loyalty and pricing power. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL! AND THE WINNER IS... SODIMAC VEGEMITE
  • Like any good coach, BAV can help build your brands strength, resilience and stamina to get you to win big in the marketplace. BAV is a brand management tool with 72 universal metrics, the ability to not only be diagnostic but prescriptive, and provides insights about how to build stronger brands. BAV looks at brands beyond the confines of their categories to identify and understand the roles they play in our culture, in order to build a strategic framework that helps drive marketplace performance. If youd like to find out more about how BAV and Y&R can help your brand, visit or email HOW CAN BAV HELP YOU?