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Strategic brand management Article

Transcript of Brand Report Card- Brand Management

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Brandreport cardHarvard Business reviewKevin Lane KellerBuilding and managing brand equity- Priority

10 characteristics of worlds strongest brands

Report card- systematic way to grade performance

Strength and weaknessten traits1Brand excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desires Product, attributes, brand image, many other tangible and intangible factors

E.G . Starbucks

appeal to all senses

starbucks Indiaten traits2The brand stays relevantBrand equity = Quality + Intangible factors

Intangible factors : User imagery Brand personality Feeling

Example : Gillette The best a man Can get

ten traits3Pricing is based on consumers perception of valueExample : P&G

Too less


ten traits4The brand is properly positionedBlend POP and POD

Example: 1. Mercedes-Benz and SonyProduct superiority Vs Service

2. Calvin- Klein and Hardly DavidsonUser imagery Vs Performance

ten traits5Brand is consistentContinuity in marketing activities

Example: Michelbob1970: where are you going, its MichelbobWeekends are made for MichelbobPut a little weekend in your weekThe night belongs to MichelbobSome days are better than othersA special day requires a special beer

ten traits6The brand portfolio and hierarchy make senseBrand portfolio, Boundaries

Example : BMW- Well subbranded cars- 3,5,7 series

GM- struggle with protfolio A car for every purse and purposeCandillac, Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac

ten traitsThe brand makes use of & coordinates a full repertoires of marketing activities to build brand equityWhy, how product can be used, by whom, where and when

Example : Coca Cola media advertisement Sponsorship Merchandise interactive media


Atlanta museumten traitsThe brands manager understand what brand means to consumerBrand and its core association

Example : GilletteRazors, blade- GilletteElectric razors- braunOral care Oral B

8ten traitsThe brand is given proper support and that support is sustained over the long runFoundation brand equity requires depth& breadth of awareness, strong, favorable association

Example : Shell Oil- cut back in advt .and marketing hit them badly

Coors Brewing- shift in focus

9ten traitsThe company monitors sources of brand equityBrand inventory- How brand has been marketedBrand exploratory- what does or could brand mean to consumerBrand equity management system

Example: Disney- Overexposure Reinforce fun, family, and entertainment

10Conclusion Power of brand lies in consumers mind what they have experience and learned over time

Brand equity- strategic bridge consumers beliefs and attitude grant permission to future marketing program and tactics

marketer who build strong brand have embrace the concept and use it to fullest to clarify, implement and communicate their marketing strategies