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  • What is brand Understanding brand management via coca cola Brand strategy Brand extension Brand entry Withdrawing products Brand loyalty Brand value Innovation and Brand
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  • The discipline of brand management was started at Procter & Gamble as a result of a famous CEO of P&G by Neil H. McElroy.
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  • Brand is the process by which firms distinguish their products from that of their competitors. A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color, combination or slogan. Brands are linked to perceptions It is well known that in blind product testing, consumers fail to distinguish between brands in each product category.
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  • Founded 1892 (1892) Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States Area served Worldwide Key people: Muhtar Kent (CEO) Revenue US$ 35.119 billion (2010) Operating Income US$8.449 billion (2010) Net income US$11.809 billion (2010) Total assets US$72.921 billion (2010) Total equity US$31.317 billion (2010) Employees 139,600 (2010)
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  • Always coca cola
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  • Coca cola is related to domestic, emotionalism Pepsi is associated with rebel
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  • Degree of branding Buyer perception and attitude Buyer behaviour Brand Performance Brand strategy
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  • A brand is a complex symbol that can convey up to six levels of meaning (Kotler, 2001). Attributes good engineering, quality, performance Benefits feeling of safety, savings, etc. Values the producers values e.g. prestige Culture the producers culture creativity or efficiency Personality projection of personality e.g fun or austere User can suggest the type of consumer who buys it
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  • Brand strategy is the spearhead of the organisations competitive intentions. How it is positioning itself to compete. There are more choices with the brand name itself: Having a single brand for all its products, e.g. Arelik, Sony, Beko Advertising cost of new product is low. A range of apparently unconnected brands such as Procter & Gamble. Seperataly at product group brand strategy Beymen ; Casa Club household goods. It needs more advertising in comprasion to integrative Individual brand name strategy When the product value reduce so that other products are damaged by this event. Turya, Tursil, Yayla, Persil, Vernel.
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  • A brand extension is the use of an established brand name on a new product in the same product field or in a related field. The brand name might also be stretched to an unrelated product field such as Cif Krem, Cif Aktif Krem, Coca Cola New Coke, Coca-Cola Classic
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  • External brand flow Finance deparment T.Brand Brand management Raw materials Product quality sourcing R&D function NPDR Production process Warehousing Distribution and information systems Packaging Customer facing Activities Complaints procedures Clubs After-sales Repairs Communications Activities Sponsorship Ads Direct marketing Database promotions Sales force Retailers/licen sees Dealers Point of sale price Internal brand flow
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  • Three kinds of carry-over effects may be relevant: 1. Expertise 2. Prestige 3. Access
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  • Deniz Feneri 1996 ehir ve Ramazan tv. series 1998 NGO Kimse Yok Mu 2002 Kimse Yok Mu tv. series 2004 NGO
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  • To influence in Visual image, Logo, symbol, Package, sales All others way
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  • Timing the entry to the market can make or break an innovation. Entry timming has received particular attention. Commonly it is assumed that early entry is desirable and there is evidence that pioneers accrue first mover advantages. Pioneers can set the standards, establish a distinctive quality position, take the lead in the technology Coming to the market early, after the pioneer, can be successful as a follower.
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  • Close and constant monitoring of the reactions of customers, distributors and competitors is required to inform the proceeding strategy.
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  • Thought about how the product and the market will evolve from the launch might give attention to three areas: 1- Product Platform Evolution and Brand Extension 2- Market evolution 3- Competitive evolution
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  • Sprite leman-lime flavored 1961 ""
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  • Dasani Turkuaz Perfect-Japan Bonaqua-Europe Ciel-Meksika
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  • Brand loyalty is that costumers have tend to same product any time. Brand loyalty is concious, not circumstatial. Behavioral reaction. It occurs during certain time. It develops after transaction of making decision and assessment.
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  • Coca-cola has strong brand loyalty not only in Turkey but also over the World. %94 of population World is informed of Coca-Cola. The product is most consumed secondly as a drink after the water. Amount of coca-cola in a tick about 8.000 bottles. (Krdar, 2003, s: 131). KIRDAR Yaln. letmelerde Mevcut rnlerin Pazarlama Stratejilerinin Oluturulmas, Yaynlanmam Yksek Lisans Tezi, Ege niversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstits, zmir, 2003
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  • The code by which the brand lives. The brand values act as a benchmark to measure behaviors and performance.
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  • 1- Google 44,2 ABD 2- Microsoft 42,8 ABD 3- Walmart 36,2 154.32 ABD 4- IBM 36,1 ABD 5- Vodafone 30,6 NGLTERE 6- Bank of America 30,6 ABD 7- GE 30,5 ABD 8- Apple 29,5 ABD 9- WELLS FARGO 28,9 136.06 ABD 10- AT&T 28,8 ABD 16- Coca Cola 25,8 ABD Coca Cola has dropped out of the top ten for the first time. This is underpinned by the consumer trend in developed markets to move towards healthier, non-carbonated drinksbrandfinance-
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  • 1. Coca-Cola 68.95 2. Microsoft 65.07 3. IBM 52.75 4. General Electric 42.40 5. Intel 34.67 6. Nokia 35.04 7. Disney 32.59 8. McDonalds 25.29 9. Marlboro 22.05 10. Mercedes 21.73 Kaynak: Interbrand Corp.; J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.; Business Week Dergisi; 5-12
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