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  • 8/6/2019 Boundary-Less Brand Management, Brand Management, Beyond Brand Management


    ! APRIL 2011_ _ . .. .. .. I .. I, ;l N u T . .J .: ,E j ,, (l .R . . .. . L L IS . :u C W J I u ;P . ,L I o . L I. IN ~ 4 , t 1 R D o . y .. L .. I. I. Ju . O . L II I .U ! R I l Io J N ~ 4 , t1 I a .. . . .s .O L l F I : .. C : ll o .< . l. O . IJ .N 1 . T u E I : < .J .. M I . L L .: P O L L D R . l; J 4 ,. .D R ~ Y . .. J R L l U O F , ,, ,, S l. F .l ; 1 4, ,D R . s . .C . L J H u l u ,; N I .. .B L & . L .J J I. .: I S w I N .1 I E I :< . I ,S : z .; S z .. .. _ V O L 2, No 12BOUNDARY-LESS BRAND MANAGEMENT

    Rizwan Ahmad Ch.MS Scholar, Riphah Int. University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

    Usman AsifKashif JavedMuhammad Nizam

    MS Scholars, Riphah Int. University, IslamabadAbstract20th Century Brand Management covers only those outlines, which have limited scope in this era& were driven at the pattern of old Sales & Marketing Concept. While the purpose right behindfor writing this article, were to study & look for the new dimension of Brand Management incompetitive "Single Click" World. The method, which we used, was focused Group Study onResearch Scholars. The results were briefly, which are mentioned in this paper that add newdimensions towards typical Brand Management & make old concept to BOUNDARY-LESS.Keywords: Boundaries-less Brand Management, Beyond the Brand Management, Dimensions ofBrand Management, 21st Century Brand Management, Societal Brand ManagementIntroductionUntil now, the Marketing Professionals, Brand the Products on identified steps, a trend set byMultinationals Companies in 1930-40. Just find the Needs & Wants of the entire SegmentedCustomers, then research to overcome the Competitor Products & launched the products undershade of old Brand Management Techniques (LM.C).This study renewed the old Concept to more diversified Brand Management approaches.Basically the purpose to write this Research Paper is to gives new directions to Old BM Concepts& set a trend under the shadow of previous Research Work, under which Scholars make newResearch. Concepts are presented in this Paper, are not Hard & Fast Rules to fallow. These needsmore research on it.

    Hopefully, Marketing Companies, Advertising Agencies &Multinational Organization willbenefit to this Research Paper.

    Method and MaterialsThe method, which we used were Literature Review & Focused Group Study includingmore then 30 MS Scholar, Marketing Professionals initiated & organized by a Moderator*.Richard Rawlinson** article "Beyond Brand Management" set the basics for us toresearch the new dimensions for Brand Management

    * Ph.D Scholar (Initiated &Organized the Research)** is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton in London. He focuses on the leadership agendafor consumer products, telecommunications, and public-sector clients.

    COpy RIGHT 2011 Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research 427

  • 8/6/2019 Boundary-Less Brand Management, Brand Management, Beyond Brand Management


    ! APRIL 2011~ .. ._~IuN~TuE~.R~D~I~S~C~IP~I~.IuNuA~R~y~J~O~I~!R~N~A~J.~O~F~C~OuN~T~E~MuP~O~R~A~R~y~R~E~SE~.~A~R~C~H~IuN~Bu_ VoL2,No12DiscussionAs explained by Rawlinson, R. (2006), mass communication medium gets broader in scope &attain as the adjacent United States Region. After Proctor & gamble (P&G) 1930s reorganizationof growth opportunities in newly established consumer market, marketing get introduced of brandmanagement. This innovative organizational formation enabled several brands from a solecompany to vie in the same product sort by given that each brand with a devoted team ofprofessionals specialist marketing strategies. With the invention of Television, masscommunication regarding mass products appealed with expressively compelling poignantpictures In 1950s.For the finest part of the after that half century, television and (B.M) brand management detainedbend over marketing opinions, practices & theories. The base of that practice was a cautiousblending of direct mail, trade promotion, Print advertisement and television, supervised by brandmanagers skilled to examine measurements of degree. These managers were trained in science ofart of marketing. To this recognizable recipe, modem marketers supplementary a squeeze of theInternet, intersperse of product sampling, and a mix of public relations, although fundamentalmodel remained mostly unchanged.Until now,Now marketing profession is undergoing its most noteworthy revolution from last 50 years. Dueto substantial shifts in technology and civilization elderly marketing model outdated (Vollmer,C., Frelinghuysen, J., and Rothenberg, R. 2006). Capabilities of marketing professionals changedas the world changes. Numerous companies are experimenting with innovative approaches andtechniques, but these experiments leads to meager tinkering with the conventional marketingmodel. The alteration of media and markets has reflective implications in which marketing iscurrently organized, the skills and attitude obligatory of professional marketers and the types oftraining that marketer will need

    The new dimensions for Brand Management are as under:-i. More Diversified ApproachToday need is to be more diversified approached towards integrated market including clearlydefinition of Customers, Direct & indirect Competitors, including every medium of IntegratedMarketing Communication, Cross functional Teams, Product Life Extension Techniques andProduct Privacy during Development because a "Single Click" can fly your idea.ii : Drive your Products Image in Global ProspectiveWhen you are designing the Positioning or even Re-Positioning plans for your Products, take it inglobal prospective. The ultimate goal for all organization is to launch its products in whole worldafter success in a part. Therefore Brand strategies (Name, Identity, Cultural Issues and Packagingetc) should be carefully driven in prospect of Worldwide. Due to this a multinational companycan cut its huge cost.iii. Brands should manage by Cross Functional Teams not Brand Manager aloneBrands Plans should be managed by Cross Functional Teams involving Media Person, MarketingProfessional, Finance Officer and Young Professionals for generation of new ideas includingFresh Graduates for brain storming supervised by experienced Brand Manager, who will lead allteam in right direction. These teams will have great impact on marketing of Brands.iv. Focus on Societal Marketing with I.M.CYou need to be focus on Corporate Social Responsibility with integrated MarketingCommunication as Society will benefit by this & potentially more Customers will attracts

    COpy RIGHT 2011 Institutef Interdisciplin aryusinessRes earch 428

  • 8/6/2019 Boundary-Less Brand Management, Brand Management, Beyond Brand Management


    ! APRIL 2011~ .. ._~IuN~TuE~.R~D~I~S~C~IP~I~.IuNuA~R~y~J~O~I~!R~N~A~J.~O~F~C~OuN~T~E~MuP~O~R~A~R~y~R~E~SE~.~A~R~C~H~IuN~BuI~!_ VoL2,No12towards your brands. The ultimate goal for Societal Marketing is to create space in the mind ofcustomers to purchase these Brands. Some are the examples as under:-

    P&G "UNICEF & Pampers Helping to Provide Tetanus Vaccines" PSO & Green House Affect PTCL collaboration with L.U.M.S McDonalds late 1980 Campaign of reducing consumption of papers etc indomestic operations Body Shop; cosmetic Company founded by Anita Roddick. The company uses

    solitary vegetable based materials for its Body Shop products. Body Shop also inopposition to Animal testing, also supports community trade, trying to turn on SelfEsteem, protect Human Rights, and in general protection of the globe. Thus it iswholly following the notion of Societal Marketing.

    Ariel: Ariel is a detergent contrived by Procter and Gamble (P&G). Ariel runsexceptional fund raising campaigns for destitute classes of the world exclusivelythe developing countries. P&G also contributes its profits parts from each bag soldto the development of the social order.

    British American Tobacco Company (BAT): BAT was found in 1902. BAT isconcerned in operational for the society in every part of the humanity. It conductstree plantation also lead to of its societal marketing strategy.

    These all C.S.R (Corporate social Responsibility) campaigns had ever lasting effects oncustomers. With I.M.C these activities create a big gap in market for these companies &eventually gain more customers as compare to competitors.

    C.S.R / Societal

    ProfitableRelationshipwithCustomers & earningo f Val ue f ro m th em

    v. Involve intermediaries in Marketing PlansIntermediaries especially "Retailers" can playa vital role in Branding as explained by booz&co(2005) They Quote "In spite of the passion, excitement and multi-billion-dollar expenses, thegrimy secret of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) is that companies can't win with onlybranding" Some examples mentioned by them of Retailers effectiveness as fellows:-Frito Lay a famous Chip co. developed an exceedingly proficient direct-store-deliverycompetence for its markets of Com and potato chip. Frito Lay (FL) leveraged this distinctivelogistical expertise in amalgamation with its novelty capability to launch its new products forexample Low Fat Baked Lays, Salsa, Pretzels and also dipping sauces etc. Its adapted supply

    CO py RI GH T 2011 Instituteof Interdiscip linaryusiness Research 429

  • 8/6/2019 Boundary-Less Brand Management, Brand Management, Beyond Brand Management


    ! APRIL 2011~ .. ._~IuN~TuE~.R~D~I~S~C~IP~I~.IuNuA~R~y~J~O~I~!R~N~A~J.~O~F~C~OuN~T~E~MuP~O~R~A~R~y~R~E~SE~.~A~R~C~H~IuN~Bu_ VoL2,No12chain enabled amazingly fast and extensive distribution. With such programs productivelydriving sales, retailers are