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  1. 1. Due to our production being independent film, we are going to use posters to help promote Go with Flo. This would appeal to our target audience of teenagers and older. We also think using Web 2.0 would be most appropriate to use for marketing our film. Gauntletts making and doing culture is applied with this, he believes that Web 2.0 empowers the audience to make their own products. As we are targeting to a audience at 15-25, this age use this modern way of communicating and finding out information. We want to use social networking sites like Facebook, which would be perfect for our target audience as they regularly go onto these sites so they would see updates of the production. These are all technological convergences and these technologies work together.
  2. 2. Working Title is a production company whose films are distributed through Universal who are there parent company. Working Title is an independent company even with Universal there to distribute. They are 67% backed by their conglomerate which gives us access to more mainstream methods. This is very helpful as we are wanting to have a soundtrack for Go With Flo and due to Universal being horizontally integrated we are able to produce this and help it sell the film.
  3. 3. We have designed a website for our production Go with Flo. The website includes the making and producing of the film. It will have regular updates and will advertise.
  4. 4. We have made a twitter account for Go With Flo so our audience is able to get to know the characters so they can relate to them. This will help with personal identity.