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this is a discussion document i used to walk my team through positioning. it explains why positioning is necessary, the key components of a positioning statement, and a quiz at the end to see how people leverage identity to position themselves differently

Transcript of Brand And Brand Identity

  • 1. brand and brand identity
  • 2. what is a brand?
  • 3. it depends on whose perspective you look at it from
  • 4. to CEOs, CMOs, and the likes, it represents a unique, timeless, idea
  • 5. For the consumer, a brand is a set of perceptions, associations, and the likes
  • 6. That creates a inside the consumer
  • 7. That ultimately leads to some expectation of value
  • 8. What is brand identity?
  • 9. all of the pieces of the puzzle that define the uniqueness and value of a brand
  • 10. brand identity prism -according to kapferer
  • 11. Physique is what it does and what it looks like; its the core product features that make up the brand and enable the brand to add value
  • 12. Personality is its character; what happens to this brand when it becomes a person?
  • 13. Culture is the set of values feeding the brands inspiration
  • 14. Relationship is the mode of conduct that best identifies how the brand interacts with its customers
  • 15. Reflection is the image of the buyer and should reflect how the consumer wishes to be seen when they interact with the brand
  • 16. Self-Image is how the brand makes the buyer feel when they interact with it
  • 17. brand identity prism -according to kapferer
  • 18. web site: twitter: @detavio