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1. Brand IdentityWebsite, digi pack & music video. 2. Duffys official website . The page is all in black and white with rarely any colour even in the images. This could represent the personality of Duffy which may be straight to the point, either love me or hate me. Or could just be an interesting brand identity for her which is everything in black and white.On this website the audience can by Duffys digi packs. Here on the home page it has a big link to buy Duffys Endlessly and Rockferry albums which you can click on to buy. The shopping basket at the top of the page symbolises that the audience can buy lots of merchandise from this website. This represents how well-known Duffy is to have lots of merchandise for the audience to buy.There are lots of pages on this website to view about Duffy. I like the news, gallery and store pages because they are personal to the artist so I may use these for my website. On the discography page there are links to hmv and iTunes which go direct to Duffys music for the audience to download/buy. 3. All of the images from the Rockferry digi pack symbolize a journey, as four out of five images are set at a train station.The outside of the digi pack (top) when opened up like this looks like Duffy is looking back at the place called Rockferry which could mean that she is trying to get away from that place. And the track list in the middle of those two images mean that the tracks are about the journey Duffy is on.The inside of the digi pack (bottom) has images of railway tracks and a close up of Duffy in the centre with a setting of a train station. These images put together in this order as shown can represent that the journey she is on is a long one as she is travelling by train then getting off at the station then getting on another train. Also as the left and the right image are the same it could mean that the journey seems the same every time she catches the next train or maybe she keeps going round in circles.The whole of this digi pack is in black and white so it has a timeless quality, which is the brand identity of Duffy.Duffys digi pack. 4. This video is Rockferry by Duffys album Rockferry.It is all in black and white and is linked with the digi pack as you can see from this still shot of the video, Duffy is on a platformwith railway tracks in the background. This emphasizes the possibility of this track being about a journey. The black and white editing is a timeless quality which makes Duffy stand up.This mid shot of Duffy carrying her suitcaserepresents that it is Duffys journey that her lyrics are about.This shot concludes that she is going somewhere away from home, however her suitcase is quite small so she may be only going a way for a shortperiod of time, or she might be starting a new wherever she is travelling to. Duffys Rockferry music video. 5. This sequence (above) is from the track Rockferry by the album Rockferry from 2:02 to 2:25. This sequence of shots emphasize that the journey she is on is taking a long time as each shot is slightly different or from a slightly different angle or zoom. This may mean that she wants to be very far away from where she was initially at. 6. The brand identity with Duffy is the black and white effect on all her texts. From the music video, digi pack and website I have found that black and white is the link between each of them. Not only that but the aspect of a journey is a message within the 3 texts which can represent her journey of life or an experience she has been through.