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  • 1. SNF entertainment
    • Succeed Never Fail

2. brand name

  • SNF Entertainment (Succeed Never Fail)
  • The company name was chosen to reflect the core values of the company.The main goal of the company is to inspire others to believe in self and strive for greatness.

3. Strengths

  • Everyone want to be successful.
  • SNF has a very broad appeal and the brand name connects with the universal desire to be successful.
  • The name is protectable.
  • *One concern is that, sonically, the name sounds close to S&F.This could possibly lead to slight confusion.

4. Trademark type

  • According to the Strong brands article, our trademark falls into thesuggestivecategory.
    • The mark makes no direct reference to the product.However, upon further analysis, a connection to the product can be made.
    • *Although the trademark is protectable, its suggestive nature means that it is entitled to less protection than if it were either Fanciful or Arbitrary.


  • The SNF logo is an emblem that was designed with the intention of representing more of the companys values visually.

6. ShaPE and Color

  • Shape:
    • The shape of the logo is Horizontal (roughly 1.5 x 1) and symmetric.This provides the maximum viewing impact for the Logo.
  • Color:
      • The logo was designed in black and white. According to the law of color, black is the color of luxury.The color of the logo reflects the image of superior quality that we want to project.

7. Effectiveness

  • The logo reflects the unique brand in that all of the logo elements were selected to represent qualities that the company embodies.
  • The logo is comprised of familiar images that have been widely used and evoke the desired emotions.
  • The unique combination of size, color and symmetry inspire confidence in the brand and its image.

8. Competitor logo

  • Jay-Z is possibly the most successful hip hop artist/ entrepreneur ever.


  • The Roc Nation Logo is unique and effective.
  • The red diamond logo captures the essence of the diamond sign that Jay-Z made so famous over the years.
  • The laws of shape and color are both supported.
    • Shape - Typeface is unique and the design is horizontal.
    • Color - The use of red inspires energy and excitement.

10. An effective logo

  • Famous Stars & Straps
  • The logo for Travis Barkers (Blink 182 drummer) clothing line has allowed the clothing line to crossover from the rock crowd into the fashion mainstream.


  • The world famous letterform logo has been used in many successful designs and advertisements.
  • Defies the laws of color and shape.
    • No bright or exciting colors.
    • Non-horizontal, tilted orientation.
  • Intricate design within the letter of the logo.
  • Serves as both a logo and a universally recognized symbol for the brand

12. Logo ElementsCrown Heraldic Lion Wreath of Laurel leaves Star Company Trademark Sword Shield 13. Logo Symbolism

  • Crown- Royal or seigniorial authority
  • Star- Excellence; Celestial goodness
  • Heraldic Lion- Bravery, Strength and Courage
  • Swords- Justice and Honor
  • Shield- Family honor
  • Wreath of laurel leaves- Triumph

14. Corporate Culture

  • The companys main objective is to spread the message that, despite adverse circumstances, you can accomplish anything through hard work and perseverance.
  • The companys independent nature allow us to be a shining example of success from the ground up.
  • To develop a strong culture, the company employees will share in the struggles and the successes of the company.This will ensure that we all enjoy the fruits of our labor.

15. Mission statement

  • SNF is a company that is aimed at impacting the world through meaningful music.Being independent means that we are able to maintain integrity and control of the creative process while capturing the true essence of Hip Hop.We know that he only way to fail is to give up.Our goal is to inspire and motivate people toSucceed and Never Fail.

16. Mission statement (cont.)

  • The mission statement is aimed at the employees as well as consumers and will be communicated through the corporate culture right down to the finished product.
  • The mission statement effectively tells the company story while incorporating the passion, direction and focus of the brand.
  • Unlike a lot of other hip hop brands, our message is one that a parent can pass on to their children.

17. Tagline

  • SNF Entertainment . Failure is not an option.
  • The tagline reinforces the message of perseverance and the relentless will to succeed that the company lives by.
  • We believe that our clients and customers share the desire to be a part of something real and substantial.The fact that the message is positive (but not watered down) differentiates our brand from others in the industry.
  • The tagline is short, concise, easy to say and remember.


  • SNF has created a strong brand through a the selection of a relevant brand name, creative logo and clever tagline.These elements contribute to the overall culture of the brand by appealing to consumers and clients while keeping the core values of the company consistent in all aspects of the company branding.