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  • 1. Brand identityLewis

2. My chemical romance

  • My chemical romances last album the black paradehas one of the most iconic rock images.
  • They have a unique look, that
  • Follows the theme of there
  • Album title the black parade.

3. My chemical romance

  • We can see they have a simple but effective look. Using black and white as contrast they stand out very bold.
  • They all wear military jackets, pants and boots to give them there look.
  • The theme of there image fits the style of the album as it reflects death, as we see in there video black parade
  • the same style is kept through out the album
  • And there music videos

4. Three days grace

  • Three days grace change there brand identity from each album, but keep there Iconic logo and sound.
  • The album one x had the theme of black through out reflecting the style and tone of there music

5. Three days grace

  • Through out the album they kept the same style
  • The X was the logo for this album along with there usual font and band logo

6. Three days grace

  • For there new album they have taken a whole new life
  • There last album used black and red as there primary colour, now they are using white and purple to reflect the tone and feel of there new album

7. Three days grace

  • Although they have a new look, features such as there logo and font have stayed the same so the audience know its there brand image
  • As you can see the font and logo are the same just in different colours to reflect the new albums look.

8. Three days grace

  • As we can see from there album one x to there latest life starts now, there image has changed but they keep a strong brand identity with each album.

9. Linkin park

  • This is linkin parks newlogo, it has a simple design with the letter L and P integrated within the design, compared to the old logo

10. Linkin parks old logo We can see a change in style, this logo looks more chaotic and angry unlike the new logo. Although the differences we can still see there brand identity 11. Linkin parkAs we can see the photo on the left was taken a few years ago, and there style looks very punk with brightly coloured hair and big baggy cloths. As we see now on the right there style is different but keeping to the dark clothes etc. 12.