Boy, Interrupted

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a photographic collaboration of a girl and a boy. she shoots, he tries to be himself. this is book #1. there is no concept. we are open for print requests, by the book or selected prints. email: jmichellardi (at)

Transcript of Boy, Interrupted

  • boy, interrupted

  • the boy is ijoh. he is the muse. i am jan, i take the photographs. this is the first of many series to come. yes, this is a collaboration.

  • and so it begins

  • on overcast afternoons wearingripped rock shirts

  • sportingstoner eyesand smokingcigarettes

  • in empty lots by the roadside,he contemplates

  • what to dowho to bewhat to saythis or thatchoices and decisions

  • too much to think about; he will just spend the rest of the afternoon burning his lungs as he puffs on his cigarettes continuously. he will talk about his desire to watch im not there. we will have a discussion on films about discussion on films about music and music, in general.

  • light was running out, hands are dirty with gravel and sand and dirt;

    then my casette charm broke.

  • then night fell

  • the light is limited yet he flipped through books. the wind is too strong yet he lit another cigarette. cars are passing, he didnt care. in the darkness he was still him-self--he smoked, he looked ouout, he talked. he was sleepy.