Bouncing bonanza

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Bouncing Bonanza! The latest game to hit your kitchen - literally! For ages 2-5 years old

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Fish Tray Ball

Bouncing Bonanza!The latest game to hit your kitchen - literally!For ages 2-5 years old10

What do you get provided?

a rolling pina baking traya bouncy ballJust 10!

What do you need to provide?at least two excitable kids (the cuter the better!)a kitchen (with hard floor)

a stopwatchHow do you win?To achieve a Bouncing Bonanza before the other competitor does.

With one throw, make the bouncy ball bounce (unaided) for at least (childs age x 5) seconds in the kitchen.

For example, if the childs age is 3, the ball has to bounce for 15 seconds.

Sounds easy?The other competitors can place the baking tray anywhere on the kitchen floor before the bouncy ball is released. If the ball hits the tray, the Bouncing Bonanza attempt is stoppedDuring the Bouncing Bonanza attempt, one other competitor stands with their feet together holding the rolling pin. If they manage to hit the ball with the rolling pin, without moving their feet or falling over, the Bouncing Bonanza attempt is stopped.Still so sure of success?

Hours of fun!Keep the kids entertained before you have even had breakfast!

Only 10!BenefitsEntertains for hours and hoursTeaches counting and basic arithmeticTeaches hand-eye co-ordinationTeaches how to tell the timeTeaches geometry and angles

Buy now!DisclaimersThe inventors of Bouncing Bonanza take no responsibility for:Trashing your kitchen due to accidental release of rolling pinsInability to use baking tray and rolling pin for cooking and baking purposes ever againChildren never ever leaving the kitchen