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THE BOUNCING BALLS Nyla Calloway Orbeso

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THE BOUNCING BALLS. Nyla Calloway Orbeso. Table of contents. Title Table of contents Question Hypothesis Materials Variables Procedures conclusion. QUESTION. Which ball will bounce higher the large one the small one or the medium one. material. 1 super bounce ball (either size) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



THE BOUNCING BALLSNyla Calloway Orbeso

Table of contentsTitleTable of contentsQuestionHypothesisMaterialsVariablesProceduresconclusion

QUESTIONWhich ball will bounce higher the large one the small one or the medium one.

material1 super bounce ball (either size)1 other ball(different from each other)Bounce basic chart (p.13)YardstickHelperPencilHard floor

hypothesisMy hypothesis is that the smallest ball will bounce the highest because it has less weight than the other balls.

VARILBELS IndependentI would like to change what ball I would be using I would like to use 2 super bounce balls and one random ball.DependentI think the smaller ball will bounce height than the other balls because it has less weight.Controlled Im still using bouncing balls.

The chart for bouncing ballsconclusionAs you can see from my chart ,the smallest ball bounced higher than the bigger and medium ball. When the ball hits the floor ,its molecules get stretched apart in some places and pushed together in others. The part of the ball that hits the floor get squished against the floor, and then springs back into its shape. The more a ball is able to do this , the more elastic it is. The energy produced when an elastic material returns to its original shape is called elastic force. The more elastic force , the higher the ball bounces.