Bookbinding Adhesives Challenges

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This presentation by Tom Rolando, Chief Technical Officer at Wisdom Adhesives, covers challenges with bookbinding adhesives. It includes information on different types of adhesives used in bookbinding as well as outlines challenges and solutions for warping, adhesion including coated stock adhesion, case making and set time.

Transcript of Bookbinding Adhesives Challenges

  • 1. Bookbinding Adhesives Challenges

2. Presented by Tom Rolando
Wisdom Adhesives
HBI/LBI 2010 Fall Conference Springfield, IL
October 23-26, 2010
3. Everybody Hates Their Glue
I dont like my salesperson
The adhesive smells
The labels arent on correctly
Pricing is too high
The product isnt running like the last batch
The truck-driver was rude
We dont pay on time
4. Everybody Hates Their Glue
The adhesive isnt melting
The adhesive is drying too slow or too fast
Im not getting the adhesion I need
The adhesives is too thin or too thick
Can I get this in a different container
Can the adhesive be made a different color
5. Most Common Adhesives Challenges
Use of the Adhesive
Protein Adhesive
Waterbased PVAc
Hot Melt
Coated Stock Adhesion
Case Making
Adhesion in General
Set Time
6. Use of the Adhesive (Simple as)
Main Adhesive Technologies
Protein Adhesives
Finicky to run, susceptible to swings in the environment (summer/winter versions), moderate adhesion capabilities.
Waterborne PVAc Adhesives
Removal of water, set times.
Hot Melt Adhesives
Runnability (degradation, charring), adhesion to difficult surfaces, brittleness.
PUR Adhesives
Runnability, Reaction to moisture.
7. Use of the Adhesive (Simple as)
Main Attributes
Main Properties
Handling of the Adhesive
Determining Success of the Adhesive
Main Goal
Zero Defects
8. Likely the single biggest issue for binders involving the use of adhesives.
Many factors involved including:
9. Warping

  • Much written, comparisons are general, specifics are limited.

10. Warping can be very costly involved re-working and/or re-binding of product.