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  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools


    Bookbinding tools - Herramientas para encuadernar

    This post is dedicated to those tools I consider essential for bookbinding: cuttingmat, cutter, scissors, press, paper folder, awl, needle, ruler, wax and pliers.

    Esta entrada va a estar dedicada a aquellas herramientas que considero bsicas paraencuadernar: base de corte, ctter, tijeras, premsa, plegadera, picahielo, aguja, regla,

    cera y pinzas.

    Cutting mat: this is a very elemental tool. Where are you going to cut thecard or the fabric without damaging the surface !nly on a cutting mat."sually, you can find a small mat of #$x%& cm and a bigger one of '&x#$cm. Which one you choose, is up to you. I have a big one and it(s verycomfortable, but if you have a small table I recommend the small one.

    Base de corte: ste elemento es bsico. !"nde vas a cortar el cart"n o la tela sinda#ar la super$icie% &"lo en una base de corte. 'ormalmente, puedes encontrar

    bases peque#as de ()*+ cm y bases un poco ms grandes de -*() cm. a que

    escojas depende de ti. /o tengo la grande y es muy c"moda, pero si dispones de

    una mesa peque#a, es ms recomendable la chica.

    Cutter: your cutter blade is going to lose sharpness )*+ -uickly. That(swhy you need to get a cutter that allows you to replace the blade. Irecommend a apanese brand named !lfa. /lso, mine has a little wheelthat keeps it fixed.

    0tter: la hoja de tu ctter dejar de estar a$ilada 12/ pronto. Es por esa raz"n

    que necesitas un ctter que te permita reemplazar la hoja. /o recomiendo algun

    ctter de la marca japonesa 3l$a. 4dems, el m5o tiene una ruedecita que

    permite que se quede $ijado.
  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools


    0cissors: they need to be sharp, forget about scholar scissors. I also useones from the brand !lfa and they have worked very well for me.

    6ijeras: necesitan ser a$iladas, as5 que mejor olv5date de las tijeras escolares. /o

    utilizo unas de la marca 3l$a que me han sido muy tiles.

    1ress: that(s a tricky one. ou will need a press to press the signatures ofpaper. I bought it from my binding teacher, but if you are self taught myadvice is to make it yourself or ask a carpenter to make you one. If youneed more pictures, ask me in the comments and I will provide them :2

    7remsa: esta es complicada. 'ecesitars una premsa para poder premsar los

    cuadernillos de papel. /o compr la m5a a mi maestra de encuadernaci"n, pero

    si eres autodidacta, mi consejo es que te la hagas tu mismo8misma o que le pidasa un carpintero que te la haga. &i necesitas ms $otos de mi premsa para usar de

    modelo, d5melo en los comentarios :9

    1aper folder: paper folders are a basic tool, even if they don(t seem so inthe beginning. The best material for a paper folder is teflon3 however,they can be a little hard to find and a little bit expensive if you are starting456&72. The most common material for paper folders is bone.

    7legadera: la plegadera es una herramienta bsica, aunque puede no parecerlo en

    un principio. El mejor material para una plegadera es el te$l"n sin embargo,

    pueden ser di$5ciles de encontrar y un poco caras si ests empezando ;9. El

    material ms comn para las plegaderas es el hueso.
  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools


    /wl: any awl is allowed. ust be careful not to punch your cutting mat8 Itwould ruin it8

    7icahielo: cualquier picahielo sirve. &"lo ten cuidado de no picar tu base decorte, porque eso la arruinar5a?

    9eedle: a common needle is not very useful usually 4depending on thebinding2. That(s because the thread you are going to use is thicker thanthe sewing thread. ou need to get a needle with a bigger loop. /lso,and that(s optional, you may want to get a pointless needle to avoidhurting your fingers. 0ome type of bindings 4like the elgian or theCoptic2 are easier using a curved needle.

    4guja: una aguja de coser comn no es muy til ;dependiendo de la

    encuadernaci"n9. Eso es porque el hilo que vas a usar es ms grueso que el hilo

    de coser comn. 'ecesitas una aguja con un agujero ms grande. 6ambin,

    aunque es opcional, quiz quieras considerar comprarte una aguja sin punta para

    evitar lastimarte los dedos. 4lgunos tipos de encuadernaci"n ;como la belga o la

    copta9 resultan ms sencillos utilizando una aguja curva.

    +uler: metal rulers are the best ones you can get. They are more

    precise, they last longer and they usually start measuring right from the
  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools


    start. /lso, you might want to stick a rubber pad on the back of the rulerto prevent it from moving.

    @egla: las reglas de metal son las mejores que puedes tener. &on ms precisas,

    aguantan ms y normalmente empiezan a medir desde el inicio. 6ambin puedes

    considerar pegar una base de goma a tu regla para que sea ms $irme y no semueva cuando cortes.

    Wax: sometimes, you can find waxed thread on shops and sometimesyou can(t. That really depends on where you are living. If you can(t findwaxed thread, you are going to need bee wax.

    0era: algunas veces, puedes encontrar hilo encerado en las tiendas y otras veces

    no. Eso depende mucho de d"nde vivas. &i no puedes encontrar hilo encerado,

    necesitars cera de abeja.

    1liers: sometimes it(s a little bit hard to pass the needle through a hole,specially in apanese bookbinding. If you stretch the needle with yourbare fingers, they will eventually hurt you. That(s why I recommend usingpliers.
  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools


    7inzas: algunas veces es complicado pasar la aguja por el agujero, especialmente

    en la encuadernaci"n japonesa, y, si las estiras con tus dedos, acabars

    lastimndote. 7or eso recomiendo el uso de pinzas.

    This are some of the most basic tools you are going to need. 0ome types ofbinding won(t re-uire all of them or will re-uire others 4e.g, for the apanesebinding you won(t need neither wax nor awl, but you will do need a drill2. ut wewill see this later. 9ext post will be about basic materials and where to find them4both in physical shops from ;exico City, arcelona and

  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools


    Airona: you can $ind the paper called Aalgo in &tein, ne*t to the

    public library.

    1*ico !I: F recommend a shop called 7apel &4 that has many

    shops around the city.

    1apel blanco: cual-uier papel sirve, pero me gustar@a recomentar el -ueutili?o. 0e llama Aimberly cl=sico, es de color marfil y tiene un poco detextura.

    arcelona: me gusta un papel llamado

  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools


    /ou can see both sides o$ the $abric: the $abric properly and the paper side.

    &e pueden ver ambos lados de la tela: la tela propiamente y el lado del papel.

    Endpaper: again, this can be any paper you lie.

    Barcelona: once more, @aima has a great collection o$ handmadepapers $rom Fndia. F love it?

    1*ico !I: in the shop chain noDn as umen you can $ind a

    cheap paper noDn as guardas $rancesas that imitates Kenetian

    paper. 4lso, some o$ their papel de china para regalo is pretty


    1apel para guardas: de nuevo, Bste puede ser cual-uier papel -ue teguste.

    arcelona: otra ve?, +aima tiene una gran colecci>n depapeles hechos a mano procedentes de la India. J;eencanta8

    ;Bxico DE: en la cadena de tiendas conocida como umenpuedes encontrar un papel econ>mico llamado guardasfrancesas -ue imita el papel veneciano. TambiBn, algunosde sus papeles de china para regalo pueden servir, Jsonbastante bonitos8

    4n e*ample o$ three papers that can be used as end papers or as covers. 6hey are $rom

    umen.2n ejemplo de tres papeles que pueden ser usados como guardas o como tapas. &on del
  • 8/12/2019 Bookbinding Tools



    6hread: you need a resistant thread to seD most o$ the times.

    Barcelona: in c8Cospital, JL you Dill $ind 0urtidMs 7inMs. Ft is a

    very small shop that has a huge variety o$ threads. 4s $or the

    linen thread or as a dependant: they already noD Dhich threaduse the boobinders. /ou can buy the Dhole roll o$ N m $or

    N> or only some meters. 6his shop opens $rom O am to + pm and

    is located close to metro iceu. 4lso, note that they donGt tae

    credit cards. 6heir Debsite is http:88curtidospinos.com8en.

    Airona: i$ you donGt Dant to go to Barcelona, you can go to 6raPa.

    6here, they sell the same product you Dould buy in 0urtidMs

    7inMs Q but itGs more e*pensive. 6he same roll Dill cost you +)>.

    4lso, they have less variety. 6raPa is located in @onda &ant

    4ntoni 1aria 0laret, N(.

    1*ico !I: